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How to Beat Arch Tempered Kushala Daora - Tips and Recommended Gear
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How to Beat Arch Tempered Kushala Daora - Tips and Recommended Gear

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Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to defeat Arch Tempered Kushala Daora. Learn AT Kushala Daora's weaknesses, recommended loadout, hunting tips, its moves & how to counter them!!!

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Arch Tempered Kushala Daora - Tips and Tricks

Flash Pods Won't Drop Kushala Daora

Flash Pods Won

Unlike the regular Kushala Daora, the Arch Tempered version will NOT DROP when a Flash Pod is used on it. It will stay in the air for a few seconds then drop to the ground. Use this only when you want to keep the Kushala Daora in the area & away from its nest.

Charged Breath Shot Can Instantly Kill You

Charged Breath Shot Can Instantly Kill You

The AT Kushala Daora has a charged breath attack that can instantly take down your HP bar. When it lifts both its wings and seems to be holding its breath, move away from the area in front of its face.

Use Wind Negate Skills To Avoid Wind Pressure Stuns

Use Wind Negate Skills To Avoid Wind Pressure Stuns

Kushala Daora is known for its wind pressure aura, making it hard for melee weapon users to come close and deal damage to it. It's best to use Wind Negate skills or a Rocksteady Mantle to negate wind pressure.

Elderseal Will Lessen Wind Pressure When Activated

If you have a Dragon-based weapon that has Elderseal, make sure to bring it to this fight. Elderseal will stagger the AT Kushala Daora and lessen its wind pressure aura, allowing for more chances of attack.

Utilize Turf War With Other Elder Dragons

Utilize Turf War With Other Elder Dragons

When you fight the Arch Tempered Kushala Daora, it may come across another Elder Dragon and will initiate a Turf War. Exploit this moment as it can deal really big damage to your target monster.

Learn About Turf War

Use Blast Or Weapons With Status Effects

The Kushala's armor is very tough so Blast weapons will be effective in dealing bigger damage to its body. Make use of Paralysis & Sleep status effects so you can plant bombs or inflict more hits on the monster.

Arch Tempered Kushala Daora - Weak Spots & Effective Damage Type

Kushala Daora Weakness
Kushala Daora's head is a weak spot
Kushaola Daora's wings can be broken but are not weak spots
A small part of Kushaola Daora's tail can be severed

Kushala Daora's main weak spots are its head, forelegs, and tail. Its tail, if subjected to sufficient damage, can be severed.

Effective Damage Type Per Weak Spot


Arch Tempered Kushala Daora - Element & Item Weaknesses

Elemental Affinity Reference Chart


Status Effect Resistance Chart


Item Weakness & Resistance Chart

Effective: ✓, Not Effective: ✕!!!

Flash Pod×
Shock Trap×
Pitfall Trap×
Vine Trap×
Dung Pod×
Screamer Pod×
Tinged Meat×
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Arch Tempered Kushala Daora - Recommended Loadout

Recommended Elemental Weapons

The AT Kushala Daora's body is made up of metal & is weak against Thunder-based weapons
Bring Dragon weapons to exploit the monster's Elder Dragon status
Water or Ice weapons will not deal big damage to an Arch Tempered Kushala Daora

Recommended Skills

SkillRecommendation Criteria
Nullify Wind Pressure[Best For Melee Weapon Users]
Negates wind pressure from Kushala Daora's aura
Health Boost [Best For Ranged Weapon Users]
Increases HP bar for better survivability
Stun Resistance (Lvl 2)Reduces stun duration
EarplugsReduces stun duration when Kushala Daora does its long roars

Recommended Items

MHW Lifepowder Lifepowder Recovers your & your teammates' health
MHW FLASH POD Flash PodStuns monster for a few seconds with flash of light
MHW Mega Barrel Bomb Mega Barrel BombDeals explosive damage to monster when triggered

Focus On You & Your Team's Survival

Having the items in the above loadout will focus on keeping yourself and your teammates alive, which is crucial in completing the Arch Tempered Kushala Daora quest.

Best Specialized Tools

ToolTool Effect
Temporal Mantle Temporal Mantle Automatically avoids fatal monster moves
Rocksteady Mantle Rocksteady Mantle Reduces damage from attacks. Negates scream, wind, & tremor effects to an extent.

Arch Tempered Kushala Daora - Moves & Counters

Swipes Does claw swipes with forelegs
Bites Does frontal bites while moving forward
Forward Rush Rushes & jumps forward to run you over
Breath Shot Attack Expels heavy wind attack twice from its mouth
Charged Breath Attack Raises wings and releases charged breath shot
Summons Tornado Summons wind tornadoes as it flies up
Airborne Claw Attack Dives and attacks you with its claws while in midair
Airborne Breath Attack Shoots wind breath attacks while flying

Charged Breath Attack Deals Very Heavy Damage

Charged Breath Attack Deals Very Heavy Damage

The Kushala Daora's charged breath attack has very heavy damage and can instantly kill you if you're not careful. When you see it raising its wings, make sure to stay away from its face to avoid taking damage.

Tornadoes Will Stagger You

Tornadoes Will Stagger You

Any tornadoes in the field will stagger you and cause you to drop when you get too near them. Avoid running into them so you won't accidentally be vulnerable when the Kushala Daora focuses its attention on you.

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