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Welcome to the Final Fantasy 16 guide & walkthrough! Find out more about FF16, gameplay info, release date, editions of Final Fantasy XVI, Awakening Trailer, and story details!

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Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI) Latest News

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Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI) - Release Date & Platforms

FFXVI Awakening Trailer

On September 17th, 2020, Square Enix officially released a trailer for next entry in their massively successful Final Fantasy Series. We got to see a wonderful 4 minutes of content from FFXVI, including the setting, new characters, and appropriately fantastical monsters.

Final Fantasy XVI Release Date

Release DateUnknown
PlatformsPS5 Only
Official PageFinal Fantasy XVI

Standard Edition Only

FF16 Console

Final Fantasy XVI will be a Playstation 5 console exclusive - at least for the time being. The fine print at the bottom states "for a limited time", which suggests that the game will be coming to other consoles eventually. PC and Xbox Series X are the likely candidates here.

Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI) Gameplay

Fluid Action Combat

FF16 Combat

Final Fantasy 16's combat seems to have inherited a lot from its predecessor, 15, in that the gameplay seems to be real-time action focused. From what we've seen so far, the battle system seems to be both fluid and flashy, with the player exchanging sword blows with opponents and teleporting a short distance to deliver a deadly finishing move.

Classes And Other Details Yet Unknown

FF16 Combat

Although we got a glimpse at several characters in the trailer, with the exception of the Dragoon class namedrop, not very much is certain so far. It is unclear in what capacity other traditional Final Fantasy classes will be featured, if at all.

Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI) Story Info

A More Traditional Fantasy Setting

FF16 Combat

Gone are the technologically advanced societies of previous titles - at least for now. It seems that this iteration will feature a low-tech, medieval-inspired setting. Structures seem to be made of wood and stone, and characters are dressed like knights and nobility. Though still interspersed with the titanic clashes of familiar series monsters (such as Shiva and Ifrit), it seems Final Fantasy XVI will be going in a slightly different direction than its predecessor.

Joshua - The Phoenix?

FF16 Combat

The main story of the game seems to concern rivaling factions and the influence of crystals on the world. One young boy seems to be at the center of all this commotion, as a rival faction is targeting him. The boy, "Joshua", seems to harbor within him a devastatingly powerful force known as Phoenix.

A Spreading Blight?

FF16 Story

In one scene, characters are congregated in a room and discussing how the "Mother Crystal" is necessary to "prevent the spread of the blight", which leads to several questions about what that might mean for the world and consequently the story. Some parties might have a vested interested in keeping the Mother Crystal in tact, while others might seek to destroy it.

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