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Ability Points Farming & Grinding Guide

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Ability Points Farming & Grinding Guide for Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). See how to get Ability Point fast, farming locations, upgrade skill points, upgrade ability, & grind abilities

Table of Contents

Best Equipment And Settings For AP Farming

1Equip accessories that increase AP Gain
2Equip the Ring of Timely Evasion
3Set the difficulty to story focuses

Equip Accessories That Increase AP Gain

AccesoryHow To Get / Effect
 The Wages of WarcraftAP gained in battle increased by 20%
Purchased at Charon's Toll (15,000 Gil)
*Added after clearing the main story Home, Sweet Home

When you progress in the main story up to the Home, Sweet Home (approximately halfway through the entire story) you will be able to purchase accessories that increase the amount of AP gained at Charon's Toll. You will need 15,000 Gil, so save your money until then.

Charon's Toll Location

The Hideaway
MapDetailed Location

Equip The Ring of Timely Evasion

AccesoryHow To Get / Effect
 Ring of Timely EvasionAutomatically evade enemy attacks
Obtained from the start

By equipping the Ring of Timely Evasion, it becomes easier to evade enemy attacks, making battles easier and more enjoyable. While it may require more effort, it's worth using if you only consider the efficiency of AP farming.

Timely Accessories Guide

Set The Difficulty To Story Focused

When you set the difficulty (play mode) to Story Focused, the damage you receive from enemies will be reduced, and the enemies' HP will be slightly lower. You'll be able to finish the battle with ease, making your AP earning more efficient.

How To Change Difficulty Guide

Best Way To Earn AP (Ability Points)

Hunt Bluebirds Early To Mid Game To Earn AP

World Map
Detailed MapLocal Image
Acquired AP60 AP x1
72 AP x1
(+AP 20% When equipped with accessories)
Location Hawk's Cry Cliff
Story ProgressBloodlines

It is recommended to earn AP by killing bluebirds at Hawk's Cry Cliff, which is visited in the early to mid part of the story. Once defeated, the bluebird will reappear once it warps, so it can continue circling between warps.

Check Your Story Progress

May Stop Appearing As The Story Progresses

The appearance of monsters in each area will change as you progress the story after the Fire In The Sky and the bluebirds will no longer appear in the mentioned location. Be careful not to advance the story too much if you want to earn AP at this point.

Fire In The Sky Guide

Repeatedly Visit The Free Cities Of Kanver At The Late Game

*Note that once you clear it, you won't be able to revisit it, so be careful.
**Make sure to save frequently to avoid missing any important details.

Acquired AP1,112 AP
*When equipped with accessories that increase AP gain by 20%.
Time RequiredAbout 4 to 5 minutes
*Measured by the data when the story is reached.
Story ProgressEvenfall

It is recommended to earn AP in Free Cities of Kanver during the story. You won't be able to go there again once you clear it however you can do repeat runs or loop around by going back to the World Map and then going back again. Replay Mode is not recommended because it is less efficient as you will earn less AP.

Check Your Story Progress

Kanver Farming Walkthrough Procedure

PrepCheck Eikon and Abilities
Flames of Rebirth
Wicked Wheel
・Free Slot
Go to the Free Cities of Kanver on the World Map.
Defeat the first 3 orcs
(Wipe them out with Ignition)
Defeat the next four enemies immediately.
Go a little further and defeat the enemies in the square.
Warp to nearby location on the World Map
* Options Button → Warp from World Map
6Go back to 1 and repeat.

Hunt Hyenas In The Late Game To Earn AP

World Map
AP Earned5 Animals 480 AP
(AP20% ↑ when accessory is equipped)
LocationRavenwit Walls → Kritten Hollow
Story ProgressionBrotherhood

If you have already cleared Free Cities of Kanver, it is recommended that you hunt the Hyena at Kriten Hollow in the final parts of the game (right before the last boss) to earn AP. There are 5 of them in one place so defeat them all and warp to the nearest warp point, and they will soon revive.

Check Your Story Progress

Final Fantasy Mode Recommended After Clearing

After clearing, you can play through the second playthrough in New Game +, which adds the Final Fantasy Mode the highest difficulty level, which significantly increases Experience Points earned in battle. Enemies will be stronger, but you can greatly increase your earning efficiency.

Final Fantasy Mode Guide

AP Accessories Can Also Be Synthesized (Effect Doubling)

In Final Fantasy Mode, you can synthesize accessories with the same name, allowing you to combine two The Wages of Warcraft items to increase the AP acquisition effect from 20% to 40%. Furthermore, a + sign will be added in the the accessory name when you perform the synthesis and it will not be considered as the same item as before. This means you can equip both the basic and upgraded version to achieve a total of 60% AP acquisition increase.

Final Fantasy Mode Guide

How To Use Ability Points (AP)

Used To Learn And Strengthen Abilities

After progressing to the early story Lost in a Fog, the Abilities screen is released, and Abilities can be learned from the Abilities screen in the menu. Abilities have three stages: Learning, Enhancement plus Mastery, and each stage requires the consumption of Ability Points when performing them.

Points Are Returned When Abilities Is Reset

Each Rest All Resets
Reset by pressing and holding the □ button
Reset by long press on touchpad

Abilities or feats learned and enhanced can be reset at any time. When you reset, you get back the Ability Points you used.

Requires In Unlocking Trophies

  1. Yes, Eikon
    Master all of a single Eikon's abilities and feats.
  2. Masterclass
    Master all Feat and Abilities.

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