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New Game+ Transferable Elements & what do you keep in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). Guide includes what and what does not transfer, what do you keep, what to do before the second playthrough, what is New Game+, and more!

Table Of Contents

New Game+ (Second Playthrough) - What Do You Keep?

List Of Transferable Elements

Gil (Money)
Recovery Items
■ Some Elements (Potion enhancements, Medal Of Valor, Orchestrion)
Torgal Guide
The Thousand Tomes

List Of Elements That Do Not Transfer

Quest Progress
Information on Notorious Mark
■ Map Status (Treasure Chests, Obelisk, etc.)
■ Other important items/quest items not listed above

"Cannot Be Transferred" = Can Be Obtained Again

The above non-transferable element means, in other words, they can be obtained again as you play through the New Game+. If you want more Gear/Equipment or Materials, which are available in limited numbers in one round, farm them in your second playthrough.

Things To Do Before The Second Playthrough

1▼ Obtain the following Accessories
2▼ Complete the +quest for medicine enhancements
3▼ Obtain and stock 3 Orichalcum
4▼ Get the strongest Gear/Equipment from the first playthrough
5▼ Collect Medal of Valor & Orchestrion Roll

Obtain The Following Accessories

  1. The Golden Testament
    Purchase at Charon's Toll (5,000 gil)Increase Gil collection by 35%
  2. On Fortune and the Heavens
    Purchase at Charon's Toll (5,500 gil)Gain 15% more Experience Points
  3. The Wages of Warcraft
    Buy at Charon's Toll (15,000 gil)
    But at Lostwing (15,000 Gil)
    20% more Ability Points after normal combat
  4. Berserker Ring
    Renown 85 Achievement RewardWhen Precision Dodge succeeds, attack performance is enhanced for about 5 seconds
  5. Genji Gloves
    Renown 2365 Achievement RewardsIncrease damage dealt to enemies by 5%

The Accessories listed above are particularly useful, nut only a limited number of them can be obtained in a single round. In the second playthrough, Final Fantasy Mode, two of the same Accessories can be used as materials to create enhanced Accessories with twice the effect. It is recommended to collect them in the first playthrough as materials for the enhanced accessories.

Best Accessories & How To Get

Accessory Rewards From Chronolith Trial Are Also Candidates

Accessories that can enhance each Eikon's major skills can be obtained by completing the Chronolith Trial, which are scattered throughout the region. Since only one of those can also be obtained per lap, you will want to obtain them in the first playthrough in order to enhance them in the second playthough.

Chronolith Trial Guide & All Locations

Complete +Quest For Medicine Enhancements

The Root of the ProblemIncreased item effects
・HP Recovery of Potion/High Potion increased by 1.2x
・Tonic/Stoneskin Tonic/Lionheart Tonic effect is increased by 1.1x
Please Sir, Can I Have Some MorbolIncreased item effects
・HP recovery of Potion/High Potion increased by 1.2x
・Tonic/Stoneskin Tonic/Lionheart Tonic effect is increased by 1.1x
Weird ScienceIncrease the maximum number of items you can have in your inventory
・Potion +2/High Potion +1
・Strength Tonic +1/Stoneskin Tonic +1
Even Weirder ScienceIncrease the maximum number of items you can have in your inventory
・Potion +2/High Potion +1
・Strength Tonic +1/Stoneskine Tonic +1

There are +quests to strengthen medicine items, such as Potions, which will continue to be strengthened after your second playthrough. It is recommended to do this in the first playthrough to avoid struggling in the Final Fantasy Mode of the second playthrough.

Potion Limit Guide - How To Increase Limit & Potency?

Collect & Save 2 Orichalcum

Orichalcum is a valuable material with only 6 of them available per playthrough. Three Orichalcum is needed in order to craft the "Ultima Weapon", the most powerful weapon in the second playthrough. Since one Orichalcum can be obtained in the process of obtaining other materials, it will be easier to make the Ultima Weapon in the second playthrough if the remaining two Orichalcum are obtained in the first playthrough.

Ultima Weapon - Stats & How To Get

Get The Strongest Gear/Equipment From The First Playthrough

  1. Gotterdammerung
    Can be created by completing the quest "Blacksmith's Blues IV"
  2. Ouroboros
    Can be created after the quest "Blacksmith's Blues III"
  3. The Founder's Grasp
    Obtained by progressing the quest "Where There's a Will"

If you make the strongest Gear/Equipment that can be made in the first playthrough, you can easily proceed to the beginning of Final Fantasy Mode in the second playthrough. However, once you reach Cid's Hideaway, you will be able to create stronger Gear/Equipment than the strongest weapon in the first playthrough. It should be considered as a starting spring only in the early stages.

Collect Medal Of Valor & Ochestrion Roll

Medal of Valor and Orchestrion Roll are both challening comp elements that can be carried over to the second playthrough. The Medal of Valor in particular can be collected in the first playthrough before enemies becomes stronger in Final Fantasy Mode.

What Is New Game+?

Play Through The Story Again With The Same Save

When you clear the story, New Game+ will be added to the title menu and you can take over the cleared save file of the first playthrough to be able to play through the story again.

Main Quests Story Walkthrough

Final Fantasy Mode Will Be Added

The New Game+ adds a new "Final Fantasy Mode" with a higher difficulty leve. This mode will also include elements that can only be played in this mode, such as an increase in Clive's level limit and through here, you can create the best weapon in the game Ultima Weapon.

Ultima Weapon - Stats & How To Get

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