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Final boss guide for Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). Learn how to defeat Ultima the final boss, walkthrough, weakness, how to defeat it, map locations, strategy and more tips for FFXVI!

Table of Contents

▶All Bosses List

Final Boss Walkthrough Strategy

BossWalkthrough Strategy
 ▼1. Ultima Prime・QTE of approx. 3 minutes
・Just press the button at the right time.
・Finally, press the □ button repeatedly.
 ▼2. Ultima・Clive vs Ultima's 1 on 1
・Take the opportunity to counterattack after evading a melee attack.
・Cutting down 30% or so makes attack more intense.
・Strong Magic dedicated to Evade
 ▼3. Ultima Risen・Control Ifrit in Eikon Battle
・Prioritize unleashing firepower once it enter its Inferno Flame Form
・Need to cut down HP in time.
・Priority is to generate firepower while Evade.
 ▼4. Ultimalius・Clive vs Ultima's 1 on 1
・They use various Eikon techniques.
・Attacks are wide-ranging with few gaps.
・Be caution of the Flame Of Genesis

Ultima Prime Walkthrough

About 3 Minutes QTE

1Just press the button at the right time.
2Finally, press the □ button repeatedly.

The Ultima Prime battle is a quick time event. When prompted, press the R1 button and the □ button in sequence, and finally rapidly tap the □ button to finish. Be careful not to miss the timing to press the buttons if you get too engrossed in the visuals.

You Don't Have To Press Any Buttons Along The Way To Progress

If you fail to press the QTE buttons, you will take more damage, but you can still progress without pressing them. Just make sure to perform the final rapid □ button input, and you can even do it slowly.

Ultima Walkthrough

Clive And Ultima's 1vs1

Walkthrough Point
1After evading a close-range attack, take the opportunity to counterattack.
2Powerful Magic dedicated to Evade

Regular battle while controlling Clive. When you deplete around 30% of the enemy's HP and then the boss' attacks become more intense after movie cutscenes.

Take The Opportunity To Counter Attack After Evading A Melee Attack

Ultima's actions can be roughly divided into two types of attacks: Melee attacks and Magic attacks. Evading a Melee attack will create an attack opportunity, so if possible, aim for a Precision Dodge. For long-range Magic Attacks, Evade is the preferred fighting style.

Focus On Evading Powerful Magic Attacks

Ultima uses numerous powerful magic spells, which are familiar in the Final Fantasy series. Since you can mainly only evade them, it's best to focus on evading until the magic barrage subsides.


After activating Flare, first go through between the fireballs, and if they are close, Evade at the moment they explode.

Light Attack

A crystal appears and a wide area Magic that reaches a small circle + radial area. move away from the circle and then move out of the radial area to avoid it.


This Magic Attack has multiple circular areas within its range where meteorites rain down and cause damage. Since numerous circular areas appear on the ground, find a safe spot outside of those circles and dodge them to avoid getting hit.


Warp near Clive and unleash a massive magic beam. When Ultima vanishes, keep an eye out for its reappearance and swiftly evade sideways to dodge its attack.


Ultima's magic causes explosions centered around its own body. If you are near the center, you will be caught in the explosion. Therefore, when you see it being cast, quickly move away from the center to escape.

Ultima Risen Walkthrough

Control Ifrit In Eikon Battle

1Determine its attack motion and evade at the right time.
2Prioritize unleashing firepower once it enters its Inferno Flame Form.

The enemy's attacks are hard to predict, and it's challenging to judge their distance accurately. Be careful because it's different from normal battles. When their HP is reduced to around half, they enter the "Inferno Flame Stance," and their actions change.

Determine Its Attack Motion And Evade At The Right Time

Fight using the basic strategy of evade → attack, similar to regular combat. However, be aware that attack motions can be hard to understand, so focus on observing and dodging them accurately. Once you get the hang of the enemy's close-range attacks, you'll be able to chain evasions together.

Prioritize Unleashing Firepower Once It Enter Its Inferno Flame Form

As the battle progresses, at some point, Ultima Risen will enter the "Inferno Flame Form." If you fail to deplete their HP within a certain time, you will lose the battle. Therefore, when they assume the form, prioritize both evading and dealing damage.

Use The Rotating Beam To Activate Dodge And Increase Firepower

You can increase your firepower by skillfully evading Ultima Risen's Rotating Beam and activating Precision Dodge. Make sure to seize even the smallest chances to boost your damage.

Ultimalius Walkthrough

Engage In A 1vs1 Battle Using The Power Of The Eikon

1Kiting from a distance then flanking it is the basic strategy
2Study and learn the enemy's attack patterns
┗There are 3 phase in total, and the enemy's behavior changes with each phase.
3[1st Phase]
・Always be aware of the follow-up attacks after wide-range attacks.
・Take advantage of the opponent's vulnerability right after using a move to launch your attack
4[2nd Phase]
・Prioritize evading all long-range attacks
・Try to counter attack when faced with Ravage, punches or Smite
5[3rd Phase]
・Evading is more difficult with its increased attack range and speed.
・You need to watch the boss's moves while avoiding the technique.
・You can counterattack after evading Ash's Ravage.

During regular battles as Clive, you'll encounter QTE (Quick Time Event) moments with movie scenes that blend into the combat, advancing the story. Pay attention because the enemy's behavior changes with each movie scene.

Attack & Run From A Distance Then Flanking It Is The Basic Strategy

The main idea is to dodge the enemy's attacks and wait for a chance to attack back. Stay at a safe distance, be ready to move quickly if they attack suddenly. And remember, when you attack, focus on defending yourself rather than being too aggressive.

Phase 1 Walkthrough Strategy And Attack Patterns

In the first phase, there is a relatively long recovery time after using a move that makes it possible to approach and attack using abilities like Phoenix Shift. While evading, try to actively launch attacks whenever there is an opportunity.


A gigantic hand pounds the ground, triggering three consecutive rock attacks that spread radially. As soon as the hand appears, immediately move away from that spot.

Barrage Of Melee Attacks

It unleashes a rapid barrage of attacks that expand from close range, followed by a Ravage. Evade the flurry of attacks by keeping your distance, and for the Ravage, you can aim for a Precision Dodge using Evade.

Lightning Strikes

An attack that strikes lightning onto multiple circular areas. Since it's sufficient to be outside the circle, evading isn't difficult, but be cautious at all times as there is a possibility of a follow-up attack.

Dash Attacks

The hand flies straight at you, and if you are caught, you will be drawn to the boss. It is difficult to aim and Evade, but you can avoid it by moving left and right, so always be aware to dodge at the right time.

Phase 2 Walkthrough Strategy And Attack Patterns

When you successfully perform a Precision Dodge against close-range Attacks or Smite, it opens up a chance to launch a counter-Attack. Prioritize Evade to defend yourself and use a wait patiently for the right moment to ambush it.

Flare Attack

It fires beam-like attacks twice, flowing from left to right. The spot where it was fired will explode after a short while, so after avoiding it, make sure not to get too close.

Laser Beams

It creates numerous laser beams that cause damage over a wide area. Generally, it's not difficult to avoid, but there are situations where you can be led into a dead end depending on your positioning, so be careful.

Boreal Rhapsody

An attack that drops multiple blocks of ice in several locations. Evading this move itself is easy, but it's important to keep an eye on the boss's actions due to the possibility of a follow-up attack.

Phase 3 Walkthrough Strategy And Attack Patterns

In addition to introducing new attack patterns, it will unleash powerful magic. The range and added effects of its moves have expanded. Therefore, it is crucial to remain vigilant and employ evasive maneuvers until the very end, without lowering our guard.


It's a two-phase attack that combines multiple missile volleys with a Ravage Attack. The missile attacks start off slow but gradually accelerate, so pay close attention to the timing of your dodge moves. Take note that after you avoid Ravage you will have an opportunity to attack.


After gathering flames and creating a pillar of fire, it unleashes an attack where flames spread out in a radial pattern. Immediately after its activation, move away from the center of the attack move and evade towards the inside of the spreading flames to avoid it.

Flame Of Genesis

It's an attack where a large sphere is dropped. Wait until the sphere starts moving, then proceed straight towards the boss. When the sphere appears to be about to collide, perform consecutive evades forward to avoid it. After the move is activated, the ground remains aflame for a while, so it is advisable to focus on evading until it subsides.

If You Get No Damage In 3 Consecutive Battles, Then Special Reward

With No Damage, Then Get Medal Of Valor

Medal Of Valor

When you complete the Ultima, Ultima Risen, and Ultimalius with no damage, then you will receive Medal of Valor. You can get it in any difficulty, and you can use Timely Accessories.

▶Medal Of Valor - How To Get & Use

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