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Torgal Command & Heal Guide for Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). See what is Torgal, how to command Torgal, Torgal heal, combat guide for torgal, sic, heal & ravage, & dog action guide!

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How To Level Up & Upgrade Torgal

Levels Up At The Same Time With Clive


The growth of Torgal increases with Clive's level (upper gauge). In addition, the more Torgal grows, the stronger Sic (⬆ directional key) and Ravage (⬇ directional key) attacks become.

Battle & Combat System Guide

Acquire Abilities As You Progress In The Story

Story ProgressCapital Punishment

In Capital Punishment quest in the main story, Torgal awakens as a Fenrir (Ice Wolf) and learns new abilities. Its abilities cannot be used by themselves, but are used automatically by Torgal according to the situation.

Check Your Story Progress

Acquired Abilities

Millenial DecayMultiple Magic attacks on the enemy from a distance.
Ecliptic HowlGenerate healing waves and give a recovery effect to allies.
Howling MoonMove at high speed into the enemy and attack with a shockwave caused by the roar.
Smite of Rage Creates a wide-area explosion of light that blasts away enemies in the surrounding area.
BanishLight up airborne enemies and knock them to the ground.

How To Control & Command Torgal

Torgal Basic Controls

 Attack (Sic)
Deals normal attacks to inflict damage
Recovers Clive's HP (only white part of HP)
Ravage attack the launched the target while dealing damage.

* Press the ⬅ arrow button to open command and press the corresponding command while the Torgal Menu is open.

By giving instructions with the use of the commands above during battle, you will be able to control Torgal actions to your desire. This will enhance the strategic nature of the battle.

Attack (Sic)

Torgal will attack, dealing 20 damage to the target.


Over a period of about 10 seconds, Torgal will heal Clive's HP by around 50.


During Ravage, you will deal an initial 25 damage, then another 51 damage when the target is launched. Bosses and other large enemies cannot be launched.

Battle & Combat System Guide

Automated Controls Are Possible When Auto Accessory Is Equipped

 Ring of Timely AssistanceInstructions for Torgal through the commands are now automatically executed according to Clive's Attack. (Ring of Timely Strikes has the same effect)
 Ring of Timely StrikesBy simply pressing the □ button, you will be able to produce a variety of Attacks by making full use of Abilities and Feats through the accessories.

When the above Timely Accessory is equipped to Torgal, he will act according to Clive's Attack without having to give instructions with the Torgal command. Those who want to enjoy battles with easy controls can take advantage of this feature.

Timely Accessories Guide

How To Use Precision Sic

Method 1▼Press directional key (⬆ or ⬇) after launching enemy.
Method 2▼Press directional key (⬆ or ⬇) after performing a Precision Dodge.

Press Directional Key (⬆ Or ⬇) After Launching Enemy

ControlsWhen you land an attack that launches away an enemy, press either the up  or down  directional key on the d-pad.

When you successfully land an attack that blows away an enemy, by timing it right, you can command Torgal to attack by pressing the up directional key (⬆) or a dash by pressing the down directional key (⬇). This will trigger the Precision Sic move. You can deal significantly more damage while also causing the opponent to stagger for a longer duration, creating an opening opportunity for attacks.

Press The Directional Key (⬆ Or ⬇) After Performing A Precision Dodge

ControlsImmediately after a successful Precision Dodge, press the up cross key  or down cross key

After successfully performing a Precision Dodge, you can trigger Precision Sic by issuing the command to attack with the up directional key (⬆) or dash with the down directional key (⬇) immediately afterwards.

Precision Dodge Guide

Torgal Related Trophy

Earned After 5 Consecutive Successful Torgal Precision Sic

  1. A Fine Hound
    A Fine Hound
    Use Torgal's Sic command to perform Precision Sics on enemies (a total of five times excluding battles in Hall of Virtue)

Five consecutive successful Precision Sic will earn you the trophy "A Fine Hound". Equipping the Ring of Timely Evasion or Ring of Timely Focus makes it easier to achieve success with Torgal's Precision Sic.

▲How to do Torgal's Precision Sic

Pet Torgal Five Times To Acquire

  1. You Can Pet the Dog
    Pet Torgal (a total of 5 times)

After petting Torgal a total of five times, the trophy "You Can Pet the Dog" will be awarded. Petting Torgal is quite simple, just approach Torgal and hold down the 'X button ideally outside in an open area.

How To Pet Torgal Video Sample

Torgal Profile & Classification

Clive's Travel Companion

Similar to Jill, Torgal is a wolf native to the northern part of the continent. Clive and Joshua's father, Elwin, brought Torgal home to the Rosfield family after finding him separated from his pack during a northern expedition. Having escaped hardship from a major tragedy during his early years, Torgal eventually becomes a steadfast companion to Clive and Black Light Burns, accompanying them on their arduous journey.

An Ice Wolf (Fenrir) Inhabiting The Northern Regions


In the middle of the story, Torgal awakens a new power in Jill's dire situation, transforming into a form resembling a pale and radiant Eikon. He fought fiercely, emitting intense Aether.

Its true nature is that of an Ice Wolf (also known as Fenrir) inhabiting the northern region of Valisthea. Ancient texts describe it as a beast accompanying the Ice Queen.

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Diz 1

I think heal upgrades as you use it, just like sic and Ravage. Using it over and over slowly increase the amount it heals per click, as I’ve seen it do 12-13 at the moment.

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