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All hunt locations & map for FF16 (Final Fantasy 16). Includes Notorious Mark locations, unlock conditions, how to use Hunt Board, and where is Nektar.

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Hunt Locations Map

*Tap the name on the lower left corner to switch the map.
*Obtained/Unobtained will be linked with checker from the list.

All Hunts List Or Notorious Marks

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  1. Ahriman Lv25
    Ahriman Location
    South of Sorrowise, RosariaDefault10 Renown / 5,000 GilMagicked Ash x10 / Meteorite x1
  2. The Angel of Death (Aruna)
    The Angel of Death (Aruna) Location
    Claireview, SanbrequeDefault10 Renown / 6.200 GilClouded Eye x1
  3. Belphegor
    Belphegor Location
    The Broken Hilt, RosariaDefault20 Renown / 8,000 GilDragon Talon x2
  4. Dozmare Lv28
    Dozmare Location
    Caer Norvent River Gate, SanbrequeAccept "Blacksmith's Blues"20 Renown / 11,475 GilScarletite x1 / Meteorite x1
  5. Sekhret Lv31
    Sekhret Location
    West of Rhiannon's Ride, Rosaria20 Renown / 8,200 GilMinotaur Mane x1
  6. Severian
    Severian Location
    North of Sorrowise, Rosaria20 Renown / 8,500 GilElectrum x1
  7. Muddy Murder (Flan Prince)
    Muddy Murder (Flan Prince) Location
    Hawk's Cry Cliff, Rosaria30 Renown / 12,000 GilGelatinous Mass x1
  8. A Hill to Die On (Fastitocalon)
    A Hill to Die On (Fastitocalon) Location
    Velkroy Desert, Dhalmekian20 Renown / 10,000 GilScarletite x2
  9. Soul Stingers
    Soul Stingers Location
    Near Empty Hovel, Dhalmekian10 Renown / 5,500 GilSharp Fang x50 / Bloody Hide x20 / Magicked Ash x10
  10. Grimalkin
    Grimalkin Location
    The Cattery, Dhalmekian10 Renown / 6,100 GilGrimalkin Hide x1
  11. The Nine of Knives
    The Nine of Knives Location
    The Jaw, Dhalmekian30 Renown / 10,500 GilWyrrite x25 / Meteorite x2
  12. The Breaker of Worlds (Atlas)
    The Breaker of Worlds (Atlas) Location
    East of Cressida, Rosaria50 Renown / 20,000 GilFallen Iron x1 / Orichalcum x1
  13. Bomb King
    Bomb King Location
    The Crock, SanbrequeAccept "Weird Science"20 Renown / 9,000 GilBomb Ember x1
  14. The Ten of Clubs
    The Ten of Clubs Location
    Vamare, Dhalmekian20 Renown / 9,200 GilScarletite x1 / Meteorite x1
  15. The Mageth Brothers
    The Mageth Brothers Location
    Quietsands, Rosaria30 Renown / 13,000 GilMeteorite x2
  16. Ruin Reawakened (Svarog)
    Ruin Reawakened (Svarog) Location
    The southeast corner of Mornebrume, Sanbreque60 Renown / 30,000 GilOrichalcum x1 / Fallen Enigma x1 / Amber x1 / Empty Shard x1
  17. Tha Pack
    Tha Pack Location
    South of Tabor, Dhalmekian10 Renown / 5,800 GilSharp Fang x20 / Bloody Hide x50 / Magicked Ash x10
  18. Dread Comet
    Dread Comet Location
    The Sickle, Dhalmekian30 Renown / 13,000 GilComet Feather
  19. Pandemonium
    Pandemonium Location
    In front of Wolfdarr, Waloed50 Renown / 20,000 GilStained Loincloth x1
  20. The Tricephalic Terror (Gorgimera)
    The Tricephalic Terror (Gorgimera) Location
    West of Velkroy Desert, Dhalmekian50 Renown / 20,000 GilOrichalcum x1
  21. Gobermouch
    Gobermouch Location
    Eistla, Waloed30 Renown / 15,000 GilPrimitive Battlehorn x1
  22. Bygul Lv40
    Bygul Location
    Kritten Hollow, Waloed35 Renown / 16,000 GilCoeurl Whisker x1 / Meteorite x1
  23. Agni Lv40
    Agni Location
    Halfcombe, Waloed35 Renown / 15,500 GilStone Tongue x1
  24. Usher to the Underworld (Thanatos)
    Usher to the Underworld (Thanatos) Location
    Titan's Wake, Dhalmekian45 Renown / 17,000 GilDarksteel x1
  25. The Grim Reaper (Prince of Death)
    The Grim Reaper (Prince of Death) Location
    Cape Orsiere, SanbrequeComplete "Under New Management II"45 Renown / 15,000 GilDarksteel x1
  26. Knight of the Splendent Heart
    Knight of the Splendent Heart Location
    The Penitent's Gate, SanbrequeComplete "Under New Management II"35 Renown / 17,000 GilMeteorite x2
  27. The Man in Black (Holy Trumpitour)
    The Man in Black (Holy Trumpitour) Location
    Lostwing, SanbrequeComplete "For Great Justice II"20 Renown / 9,800 GilScarletite x1 / Meteorite x1
  28. Carrot Lv35
    Carrot Location
    The Whispering Waters, RosariaAccept "Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol"20 Renown / 10,000 GilMorbol Tendril x1 / Morbol Flower x1
  29. The Blood Moon (Terminus)
    The Blood Moon (Terminus) Location
    The Crock, Sanbreque35 Renown / 9,800 GilMeteorite x2
  30. Kuza Beast
    Kuza Beast Location
    Balmung Dark, WaloedAccept and progress "Nobody's Tool"35 Renown / 15,000 GilBehemoth Shackle x1 / Meteorite x2
  31. The Masterless Marauder (Behemoth King)
    The Masterless Marauder (Behemoth King) Location
    Vidargraes, WaloedComplete "Nobody's Tool"55 Renown / 20,000 GilBehemoth Shackle x1 / Orichalcum x1
  32. The Wailing Banshee (Gizamaluk)
    The Wailing Banshee (Gizamaluk) Location
    Garnick, WaloedComplete "An Inconvenient Truth"45 Renown / 9,700 GilClouded Eye x1 / Sharp Fang x20 / Magicked Ash x10

Is It Possible To Fight Again?

You Cannot Fight Again During Same Playthrough

Notorious Mob does not respawn once defeated. Because of this, a rematch is not possible during the same playthrough. If you want to fight the boss again, save before fighting it.

Move On To 2nd Run To Fight

You will be able to fight the boss again if you start New Game + and move to 2nd playthrough. However, even in the 2nd playthrough you will only be able to fight the same Notorious Marks once, and if you want to fight again you will have to move on to the 3rd playthrough.

▶New Game Plus & Things To Do Post Game

Location of Hunt Board

Check Nektar At The Hideaway


You can find the bounty hunt for Notorious Marks on the Hunt Board in Clive's Hideaway. Just talk to Nectar the Moogle.

Cid's Hideaway - Features & What To Do

What Is Notorious Marks

Powerful Enemy That Spawns All Over The Map


Notorious Marks are vicious monsters and beastmen that will spawn in various locations. It will spawn at a fixed location, so defeat them for rewards and valuable materials.

Unlocked By Talking to Gav In "The Gathering Storm"

The Hunt Board is unlocked by talking to Gav during the Main Story Quest "The Gathering Storm". And the tutorial for Notorious Marks will be shown when Ahriman is defeated in "The Gathering Storm".

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Agni not on here, A rank in Halfcombe, Waloed

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