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This is list of controls for Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). Includes battle system, how to attack, combat moves, control button, battle tips, & more about controls in Final Fantasy XVI.

Table of Contents

Battle Guide System

Controls Summary

Controls Summary

※ Describing the controller operation for Type A.

ButtonSystem Action
Left StickMovement
Right StickCamera Movement
◯ ButtonFeat
△ ButtonMagic Attack
□ ButtonSword Attack
× ButtonJump
R1 ButtonEvade
R2 ButtonAbilities Display
R3 ButtonCamera Reset
Target Change (When Locked On)
L1 ButtonLock On
L2 ButtonEikon Switch
L3 ButtonAnimal Instinct (Hold)
R3+L3Limit Break
Directional Buttons (other than ←)Items Shortcut
Command Torgal
Directional Button ←Switch between Items & Torgal

How To Do Basic Attack

Sword Attack With □ Button

To perform a basic attack with a sword, press the □ button. This is the most used basic attack in combat.

Magic Attack With △ Button

To perform a magic attack, press the △ button. This allows you to deal damage even when the enemies are far.

How To Evade

Evade Incoming Attack With R1 Button

To avoid enemy attacks, press R1 button. Combat is generally a repetition of evasion → attack → evasion, and so on. Avoid enemy attacks and find an opening to attack.

Becomes Precision Dodge When Timing Is Good

When you perform a well-timed evasion in response to an enemy attack, you execute a Precision Dodge that slows down time for a certain period. During a Precision Dodge, you can press the □ or △ button to follow up with an attack.

How To Use Feat/Abilities

Feat Is Activated With ◯ Button

Feats are abilities that can be activated with ◯ button. The ability varies depending on Eikon.

Feat List

We are currently adding weapons in the below list. We will update this soon! Thank you for your patience.

  1. Phoenix Shift
    Swiftly approach a distant enemy. □ & △ can be used to attack while shifting.The distance you can travel is extended.
  2. Deadly Embrace
    Send a grappling claw out to grab an enemy and pull it toward Clive. Grappling heavier enemies will launch Clive into the air.Allows assignment to any Eikon.
  3. Titanic Block
    Block enemy attack. When a guard is timed perfectly, □ can be used to launch up to three counterattack.Increases the value of the Limit Break gauge when guarding an attack.
  4. Blind Justice
    Launch a barrage of ball lightning at one or more enemies. Targets are determined by locking onto them before executing the ability. Ball lightning will affix itself to a target and can be caused to discharge, dealing additional damage, if the target is attacked.Increases the maximum number of targets.
  5. Wings of Light
    Begin casting Megaflare. Press 〇 to execute. The length of the casting determines the potency of the spell.Megaflare gauge increases.
  6. Cold Snap
    Slide effortlessly across the ground in any direction. Attacking with 〇 while sliding can temporarily freeze enemies.Increases Permafrost duration.
  7. Arm of Darkness
    Replace Clive's current weapon with Odin's blade. Landing abilities with the Arm of Darkness fills the Zantetsuken gauge. Hold □ to execute Zantetsuken.Increases maximum Zantetsuken level to 5.

How To Use Abilities?

Abilities are activated using different commands, such as R2 + □ or long press △. Since there are many abilities, it is important to understand their effects and how to use them.

How To 100% Stagger

Exhaust Will Gauge

Exhaust Will Gauge

When fighting bosses, a yellow gauge may appear below the HP gauge. This yellow gauge is the Will gauge and depleting it entirely allows you to 100% stagger the enemy.

Enemies Become Staggered When Will Gauge Falls Below 50%

Enemies Become Staggered When HP falls below 50%

When an enemy's Will Gauge is reduced to 50%, it will become staggered and its action will be canceled. Even if the enemy is in the middle of an attack animation when the Will Gauge is about to drop below 50%, you can continue to attack to stagger it.

Exhaust Will Gauge Using Magic Burst

Exhaust Will Gauge Using Magic Burst

To perform a Magic Burst, hit an enemy with a sword attack using □ button, then immediately hit them with a magic attack using △ button. This technique is especially useful in boss battles because it depletes the Will Gauge more quickly than basic attacks.

Pros Of 100% Stagger

Restricts The Enemy To Attack

When you make an enemy 100% staggered, the enemy falls and cannot attack for a period of time. During this time, you can attack them freely so keep attacking while the enemy is staggered. The stagger will persist until the enemy's Will Gauge has recovered.

Amplified Damage Output

When an enemy is 100% staggered, you can inflict more damage the more you attack (up to 1.5 times the normal damage). Since the damage multiplier is at its highest, the use of high-damage abilities is highly recommended so make the most out of it before the enemy recovers.

How To Use Items

Access From The Menu Screen

How To Use Items

To use an item, press and hold the × button to open the menu screen, then select the item you want to use. The effect of each item is displayed in yellow text in the window on the right side.

Access From Shortcuts

Access From Shortcuts

Use shortcuts to quickly access the frequently used healing items during combat. By pressing the D-Pad, you can use the corresponding item immediately.

How To Limit Break

Simultaneously Press L3 & R3 Buttons

Simultaneously Press L3 & R3 Buttons

When you have one or more Limit Break gauges filled, you can activate Limit Break by pressing L3+R3 buttons at the same time. During Limit Break, your attack speed increases, and your HP automatically recovers.

Battle Tips

Command Torgal

Command Torgal

If Torgal is in the party, you can command him which is similar when using item shortcuts. You can choose from three actions for Torgal: Sic, Heal, and Ravage.

Parry An Enemy's Attack

When the enemy is about to attack, perform a parry by pressing □ button to attack with your sword. The attack can be deflected if done correctly. However, parrying is more difficult than Precision Dodging, which has a similar effect. It is recommended to use Precision Dodging to avoid enemy attacks until you get used to combat.

Parry Guide - How To Parry & Tips

Deal With Enemy Guards

Some enemies will guard against your attacks to protect themselves. To break through their guard, you can attack them from behind or use certain abilities.

Do Quick-Time Event (QTE)


During battles with specific enemies, a cutscene may appear and you may be prompted to input a command. There are two types of events: attack & evasion. For attack QTE, you need to press the □ button within a certain time frame. For evasion QTE, you need to press the R1 button within a certain time frame.

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