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Early Game guide for beginners in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16 ). This guide includes early game tips & tricks, best abilities, recommended accessories, weapon, gears and other elements.

Table of Contents

Early Game Walkthrough Tips

Make The Setting Suitable For You

You can adjust various aspects of the game, including controls, brightness, mode and camera sensitivity, to suit your personal preferences. Since the settings can be changed at any time it's not a problem to start with the default settings.

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Progress The Story During The Early Stages

During Clive's childhood, the story primarily follows a linear path with tutorial-like elements. There are few elements of leveling up, development and item collection, so the main focus should be on progressing through the story.

Main Story
1. A Flame Summoned2. To Kill A Dominant3. Pride
4. Sunrise, Sunset5. Lost in a Fog6. Flight of the Fledgling

Main Quests List - Story Walkthrough

Press And Hold The Left Stick When You Are Stuck

If you ever get lost and unsure where to go next in the main story, you can press and hold the L3 button to be guided to the next objective.

Main Quests List

Tips For Boss Fights & Hard Battles

How To Ease Difficulty Countermeasures
Change Difficulty Settings
・Make the game difficulty to Story Focused
Equip Accessories With Auto Function
[Equip For Medium Difficulty]
Timely Focus
・Timely Healing
[Equip For High Difficulty]
Timely Strikes
Timely Evasion
Battle & Combat System
Learn How To Evade & Precision Dodge
Learn Melee Attacks
Check Boss Fight Guide
Knight of the Blinding Dawn
Eikon of Fire

When dealing with difficult battles, there are generally two main approaches: lowering the game difficulty or honing player skills. If the difficulty becomes too challenging, equipping auto accessories allows for a significant ease in performing action commands.

Best Weapons & Gear For Early Game

What To Do As A Beginner

Progress The Story Until Cid's Hideaway

After entering Clive's childhood in the story and making some progress in the main quests, you will reach a hideout called Cid's Hideaway. In the Hideaway, you will have access to features such as weapon crafting, enhancement, and side quests.

Cid's Hideaway - Features & What To Do

What To Do In Cid's Hideaway

<Facility>The Black Hammer
・You can create and enhance equipment.
・You will visit multiple times to strengthen Clive.
・Check before making purchases at the shop.
<Facility>None → Receive orders from people
・You can get money and materials in the rewards.
・In the beginning, it's easy, so just go ahead and do it.
・The later in the day, the more valuable the item.
<Facility>Charon's Toll
・If there are weapons stronger than those in the Forge, purchase them.
・You can also buy healing items like potions.
・The assortment of items expands as the story progresses.
<Facility>Arete Stone
・Practice battles with enemies fought in the past
・More can be done in the story progression
The Thousand Tomes
<Facility>Harpocrates' The Thousand Tomes
・You can view of character information and terms explanations.
Change BGM 【Priority】☆☆☆
・Possible to change background music in The Hideaway
・More background music when "Orchestrion Roll" is obtained

The options available at The Hideaway expand as the story progresses. It is generally recommended to make use of the Forge and Shop while also considering accepting quests if they are available.

Notorious Marks Is Unlocked As The Story Progresses

Mob Hunts are a crucial element in FF16, requiring players to defeat formidable foes across different locations to create the strongest equipment. The Hunt Board, where players can undertake Notorious Marks, becomes accessible during the progress of Chapter 25. The Gathering Storm.

Hunt Board & Notorious Marks

Other Additional Elements

The State of the Realm
Can check the grand cast and situation map
Alliant Reports
You can check the list of unaccepted quests
The Patron’s Whisper
Receive support items with Renown
The Wall of Memories
You can check curiosities
Reading Table
Check and read letters

Final Fantasy Mode Guide & Tips

Recommended Early Game Gear & Equipment

Recommended Early Game Weapons

WeaponATKHow To Get
130Obtained in the pre-order bonus rewards
135Craft it at the Forge after completing Chapter 14. Awakening

If you want to level up fast, it is recommended to equip the Lucky Charm and Scholar's Spectacles obtained in the rewards bonus, and for the rest, choose equipment that can further enhance Clive. If you find the combat battles are quite difficult, prioritize equipping auto-attack accessories.

All Accessories List

Recommended Early Game Abilities

Phoenix Abilities

Recommended Use
Flames of RebirthFlames of Rebirth[Priority]★★★
・Learn with 1695 AP
・Wide AoE & HP gauge recovery
 ┗ Has a break effect with its High offensive and defensive synergy
・Slow learning curve due to high AP gain.
Rising FlamesRising Flames[Priority]★★★
・Can be learned at the start
・Launch lighter enemies into the air
・May be used frequently due to its short cooldown
 ┗ Easy to follow up on melee attacks combos
Prioritize using it during boss battles
Scarlet CycloneScarlet Cyclone[Priority]★★★
・Can be learned at the start
・An area attack that easily depletes the Will Gauge.
・ Its power is strengthened while being attacked
 ┗ Increase firepower and reduced cooldown time.
Recommended to use against normal enemies
・Learn with 120 AP
・Emits a nearby shockwave while creating a wall of flame
・Wave force is amplified upon dispelling magic.
 ┗ May be quite difficult to master to some

At the start, it is recommended to use the default abilities of Rising Flames and Scarlet Cyclone. As more Eikons are obtained and as your AP increases, a wider range of options becomes available later on. Adjust your choices according to your preferences as you advance through the game.

Other Abilities

AbilityRecommended Use
Swift RecoverySwift Recovery[Priority]★★★
・Learn with 10 AP
・You can quickly reposition in battle
Prioritize learning
Burning BladeBurning Blade[Priority]★★★
・Learn with 25 AP
・Charged melee attack can break guards.
・Can evade while charging
Charged MagicCharged Magic[Priority]★★★
・Learn with 20 AP
・Deal long-distance attack that can break enemy guard
・Can evade while charging
・Learn with 25 AP
・A follow-up move used after a melee attack in the air
・Learn with 30 AP
・Airborne attack that hits while descending.
・Learn with 15 AP
・Aerial moves can be connected to melee attacks
・Learn with 40 AP
・Draw enemies in before performing an area attack.

Learn Swift Recovery First

Swift Recovery is an excellent ability that allows you to perform what is commonly known as a "recovery" move. Since it requires only 10 AP to learn, it is recommended to learn it first before any of the abilities.

Swift Recovery - How To Get Passive & Use

Also Try To Get Abilities That You Can Use In Battle

For those who struggle with the combat battles, it can be challenging to handle complex controls when attempting to use various abilities. Learn only the abilities that you can use and reset the abilities that you can't to get your AP back.

Best Abilities - Recommend Priority To Learn

Early Game Leveling & Farming

Recommended Quests To Do Frequently

By engaging in quests, it is possible to efficiently progress in both leveling up and earning Gil. There are no extraordinary shortcuts for quickly accumulating resources, so it is recommended to steadily accumulate quest rewards over time.

All Side Quests List - Locations & Reward

Defeat Enemies Along The Way In The Story

It is possible to pass by some of the enemies encountered along the way, but defeating them instead allows for gradual accumulation of rewards especially money. Defeated enemies respawn when re-entering an area, so it is also possible to repeatedly defeat the same enemies in the same location.

How To Punish Enemies And Knock Them Down

Proceed If You Can Beat The Enemy In The Area

As you progress the story, more elements such as quests and Notorious Marks become available to earn Experience Points and Gil. It is recommended to advance the main story until you reach the challenging parts rather than continuously farming in the same location.

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