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Fire In The Sky Walkthrough Guide for FF16 (Final Fantasy 16). Includes Walkthrough Chart, how to beat the boss, and tips!

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OnwardThings Fall Apart

Fire In The Sky Walkthrough

Follow The Road

Fire In The Sky 1

Combat With Enemies

Fire In The Sky 2

At the end of the road, there is a battle with the Dragoon Knight and others. Be careful, as the formidable foes Dragoon Lancer also appear along the way.

Defeat Enemies Along The Way

Fire In The Sky 3

Megaloclubs appear along the way, so proceed ahead while defeating them.

Proceeding With The Elevator

Fire In The Sky 4

Advancing Through The Battle

Fire In The Sky 5

After the ascent by the elevator, there are a total of two battles with Dragoon Knights, etc. Note that during the second battle, the formidable foes Imperial War Aevis of the Dragoons also appear.

Proceed Through The Door On The Left

Fire In The Sky 6

The front path is blocked, so open the door on the left and proceed.

Proceed Along The Road While Battling

Fire In The Sky 7

Proceed along the path while fighting dragoon knights and other enemies. The formidable foes Dragoon Lancer also appear along the way.

The Battle of White Dragon

Fire In The Sky 8

When the door is opened, the boss battle with White Dragon begins.

Talk to Jill

There is also a traveling Shop and Forge for Goetz

Fire In The Sky 9

When you talk to Jill, she asks if you want to go on. Talking to Goetz, you can purchase Items and strengthen Gear/Equipment(Menu UI)/Gear & Eikons(Menu UI).

Proceed Along The Path While Defeating Enemies

Fire In The Sky 10

If you follow the path, you will have a battle with the Akashic Captains and others. Be careful, as the formidable foes Lich and The Undertaker also appear.

Battle Of Necrophobe

Fire In The Sky 11

Proceeding ahead, the boss battle with Necrophobe begins.

Eikon Battle With Bahamut

Fire In The Sky 12

If you proceed ahead after the Necrophobe battle, you will begin the Eikon battle with Bahamut. Note that you will have to fight Bahamut twice in a row.

Go To The Hideaway

Fire In The Sky 13

The quest is clear when you move from the World Map to Clive and his family's The Hideaway.

How To Beat White Dragon

Emanation can be evaded when headed through the laser.When it looks down and exhales then move out of range. When it sticks its wings in the ground, evade to left and right.Make sure to evade Dragon Dance.

For Emanation, Dodge By Facing The Lasers

To easily Dodge the lateral lasers during the Emanation move, just pass through it and Evade. The lasers descending from above are not very fast, so observe their trajectory and move accordingly.

If The Dragon Starts Breathing Towards The Ground, Move Outside Its Range

When it spits its breath on the ground, check the effect on the ground and move to the outside. While the dragon is attacking, you can Charged Magic and follow up with attacks that gets you close like Lunge to approach the enemy once there is space for attacks.

Evade To The Right After Thrusts Its Wing Into The Ground

When the White Dragon thrusts its wings into the ground, it will unleash a swinging attack in a clockwise pattern. To dodge it effortlessly, just pass through it similar to the way you have done during the Emanation.

Focus On Evading During The Dragon Dance

Attack Patterns During Dragon Dance
1 Cross Laser
2 Homing Laser
3 Shockwave
4 Charge Dash

It is difficult to avoid all of them, but since its attack pattern is fixed, focus on Evade to reduce the damage. Since Dragon Dance is used towards the end, if you're not good at it, another option in the mid battle is to save up Limit Break and forcefully break through the situation.

▶ How To Beat White Dragon

How To Beat Necrophobe

Judge attack by the colored light and evade.After Elemental Dissonance, Magic is main. Before 50%, it will start charging for Death so save for Abilities.After 50% it will change to Dualcast.Focus on evading 3 consecutive magic slashes.

Avoid Attack Base On The Color Of The Glow

SignCounter Attacks
Blue Glow3 Magic Attacks
┗ Evade sideways
Purple GlowRavage Attack
┗ Try to dodge and counter
White Glow SwordCleave Attack
┗ Dodge and counter
Rotating White GlowingFast Magic Attacks
Evade sideways

In the early stages, you can distinguish the enemy attacks by the color of the glowing light orbs as they fly around. Be aware that it will launch an attack after they glow white. The attacks can be easily dodged and countered so put it in your mind as you fight the boss.

Boss Mainly Use Magic After Elemental Dissonance.

FiragaTake a step back, dodge frontwards then attack.
BlizzagaTurn sideways and attack

After activating Elemental Dissonance, the boss will focus on using Magic attacks as its primary combat strategy. Both types of Magic attacks can be easily evaded and allows counterattacks. Stay calm and handle the situation with composure.

Necrophobe Starts To Charge Up Death Chant Around 60%

When its HP reaches 50%, the Death chant starts, which you'll be instantly killed if you fail to deal a certain amount of damage within the specific time limit. To prepare for this, try to conserve your abilities and use Limit Break starting from around 60% of the HP, allowing you to swiftly deplete the enemy's health gauge.

Limit Break Guide

Dual Casts Attacks After The Death Chant

After the Death Chant is lifted, Necrophobe will start dual casting where the same Magic Attack to be used twice in a row. The overall strategy remains the same, so continue to evade and attack just as before.

Focus On Evading The 3 Consecutive Magic Swords

At the final moments of the battle, it will used magic attacks consecutively starting with Firaga which you can Evade sideways as you step in, followed by a Blizzaga and Thundaga Ravage that you can avoid by simply getting out of range while watching out for lightning strikes around you.

▶ How To Beat White Dragon

How To Beat Bahamut

Evade + Close range attacks will be OKWhen you get a Down, attack with Spitfire

Evade → Continuously Attack And OK

Bahamut's battle is mainly slashing attacks and fairly easy to evade. Evade each attack properly and counter attack.

When It Is Staggered, Attack With Spitflare

When you get 100% Staggered, then attack with the new move "Spitflare". Use it when you get close then you can get an increase and inflict great damage.

▶ How To Beat White Dragon
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OnwardThings Fall Apart

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