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All Materials List for Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). Listed here are different materials, what they are, how to get them, how to sell and purchase and more for Final Fantasy XVI!

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List of Materials

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  1. Dragon Talon
    Obtained in the quest 'Blacksmith's Blues III'
    Defeat Belphegor of Notorious Marks
    Longsword / Steel Crowns / Drakeslayer's Belt / Drakeslayer's BraceletsLongsword / Platinum Sword / Steel Crowns / Rune Crescents
  2. Minotaur Mane
    Defeat Minotaur (Kingsfall)
    Defeat Sekhret of Notorious Marks
    Gaia BladeGaia Blade
  3. Imperial Link
    Defeat Knight of the Dying Sun (Kingsfall)Diamond Sword / BattlechainsGaia Blade / Diamond Sword / Battlechains
  4. Bone Necklace
    Obtained from the quest 'Needs of the Many'Enhancer
  5. Fallen Iron
    Defeat Iron Giant (Ruins of Phoenix Gate)
    Defeat The Breaker of Worlds (Atlas) of Notorious Marks
  6. Grimalkin Hide
    Defeat Grimalkin of Notorious MarksExcalibur
  7. Comet Feather
    Defeat the Dread Comet of Notorious MarksOuroboros
  8. Bomb Ember
    Defeat the Bomb King of Notorious MarksExcalibur
  9. Morbol Flower
    Obtained from the quest 'Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol'
    Defeat Carrot of Notorious Marks
    The Sons of Ouroboros
  10. Stone Tongue
    Defeat Agni of Notorious MarksOuroboros
  11. Darksteel
    Defeat 'Usher to the Underworld (Thanatos)' of Notorious Marks
    Defeat 'The Grim Reaper (Prince of Death)'
  12. Frozen Tear
    Defeat the Dominant of Shiva (The Nysa Defile)Iron BracersBroadsword / Iron Belt / Iron Bracers
  13. Gnarled Scale
    Defeat Fafnir (The Greatwood)
    Defeat Flame Lizard (Mt. Drustanus)
    Traveler's BandsLongsword / Traveler's Bands
  14. Clouded Eye
    Defeat Chirada & Suparna (Caer Norvent)
    Defeat The Angel of Death (Aruna) of Notorious Marks
    Defeat The Wailing Banshee (Gizamaluk) of Notorious Marks
    Bastard Sword
  15. Liquid Flame
    Defeat Liquid Flame (Drake's Breath)Platinum Sword / Platinum Belt
  16. Whitewyrm Bone
    Defeat White Dragon (Crystalline Dominion)Diamond ArmletsDiamond Sword / Silken Sash / Diamond Armlets
  17. Sanguine Insignia
    Defeat Sleipnir (Free Cities of Kanver)Rune CrescentsRune Blade / Rune Crescents
  18. Behemoth Shackle
    Defeat Behemoth (Drake's Spine)
    Defeat Kuza Beast of Notorious Marks
    Defeat The Masterless Marauder (Behemoth King) of Notorious Marks
    Sun BraceletsDefender / Sun Bracelets
  19. Wind Shard
    Defeat Garuda (Dragon's Aery)Stormcry
  20. Fire Shard
    ☓Defeat Infernal Shadow (Phoenix Gate)Flametongue
  21. Lightning Shard
    Beat Ruin Reawakened (Svarog) of Notorious Marks
    Beat The Breaker of Worlds (Atlas) of Notorious Marks
    Beat The Tricephalic Terror (Gorgimera)
    Complete 'Under New Management II'
    Defeat The Masterless Marauder (Behemoth King) of Notorious Marks
  22. Earth Shard
    Defeat Hugo Kupka (Rosalith)Grindstone
  23. Light Shard
    Defeat Bahamut (The Remnants)Brightburn
  24. Ice Shard
    Complete Story Quest 'Through the Maelstrom'Icebrand
  25. Dark Shard
    Defeat Barnabas (Tower of Illusion)Everdark
  26. Scarletite
    Obtained through the quest 'Hot Water'
    Defeat Dozmare of Notorious Marks at Blacksmith's Blues
    Defeat A Hill to Die On (Fastitocalon) of Notorious Marks
    Defeat The Ten of Clubs of Notorious Marks
    Defeat The Man in Black (Holy Trumpitour) at Notorious Marks
    Excalibur / Drakeslayer's Belt / Drakeslayer's Bracelets
  27. Orichalcum
    Complete the quest 'Under New Management II'
    Defeat Ruin Reawakened (Svarog) of Notorious Marks
    Defeat 'The Breaker of Worlds' of Notorious Marks
    Defeat 'The Tricephalic Terror (Gorgimera)' of Notorious Marks
    Defeat The Masterless Marauder (Behemoth King) of the Notorious Marks
    Gotterdammerung / Ouroboros / The Sons of Ouroboros
  28. Gil Bug
    Obtained through the quest 'On Balance'
  29. Black Blood
    Defeat Akashic Dragon
    Get it from the quest 'The Root of the Problem'
    Get from the quest 'Weird Science'
    Get from the quest 'On Balance'
    Get from the quest 'For Great Justice'
    Get from the quest 'Trading Places'
  30. Goblin Coin
    Obtained in the quest "Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol"
    Obtained in the quest "Use Your Loaf"
    Obtained in the quest "The Thorny Conundrum"
  31. Empty Shard
    Defeat Ruin Reawakened (Svarog) of Notorious Marks
  32. Amber
    Defeat Ruin Reawakened (Svarog) of Notorious Marks
  33. Fallen Enigma
    Defeat Ruin Reawakened (Svarog) of Notorious Marks
  34. Utterance Of Creation
    Obtained from the beginning when Final Fantasy Mode is selected in New Game Plus.

Material Description & How To Use

What Are Materials?


Materials Don't Have Power By Just Having Them

Materials do not have power or effects by just having them in your hand. They are used mainly for weapons and gear.

Price Changes By Color

Materials are divided by color, black and white are easy to get and by color they are going to be harder. There is also certain amounts that you can get.

How To Get Materials

Enemies Drop Items

drop item

You can get materials from enemies' drop items after defeating them in battle. When you defeat powerful enemies or bosses, there are more chances to get materials that are colored.
(Materials that are common have more amounts)

Pick Up Items On The Map

While exploring the map, there are items that are on the ground that are materials. The amount is also low.

Quest Rewards


You can also get materials as rewards from quests. The number and the type differentiates.

How To Use Materials

Materials For Gears


When creating weapons and gear, upgrading them you will need Materials for the ingredients. There are some items that you will only need materials.

Sell And Redeem Gil


Materials can be sold at Charon's Toll and other locations. There are also materials like "Gil Bug" that are meant to sell for Gils. But materials with a purple icon can not be sold.

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