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Fire and Ice Walkthrough Guide for FF16 (Final Fantasy 16). Includes Walkthrough Chart, how to beat the boss, and tips!

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Here Be MonstersAfter the Storm

Fire and Ice Walkthrough

Follow The Path While Defeating Enemies


Just follow the single road in a straight line. The formidable foes, Akashic Taurus, appear along the way.

Defeat Akashic Morbol

Akashic Morbol

When you open the door to the hall with the treasure chest, a battle with Akashic Morbol begins.

Follow The Path Again


After defeating Akashic Morbol, follow the path again.

Defeating Flame Lizard

Flame Lizard

When you reach the hall at the end of the hall, the battle with Flame Lizard begins.

Climb The Ladder At The Back


After defeating Flame Lizard, climb the ladder in the back.

Proceed To The Back Of The Cathedral


Proceed to the innermost part of The Crystalline Orthodox and Cathedral.

Defeat Liquid Flame

Liquid Flame

When the door at the far end is opened, a battle with Liquid Flame begins. Defeat Liquid Flame and the game is cleared.

How To Beat Akashic Morbol

Akashic Morbol
Always be beside Morbol and attackWhen the move name shows up then sides, when it starts to charge then get a distance and evadeWhen the tentacles fall to the back, then evade

Always Be Beside Morbol And Attack

Like normal Morbols, if you stay to the sides, then you will be able to avoid the attacks. If you are in the front, then evade and then go to the sides and attack.

When The Move Name Shows Up Then Sides, When It Starts To Charge Then Get A Distance And Evade

When the move names show, then head to the sides. Then when it starts to charge then get a distance and you will be able to evade almost all attacks. Take the sides and the back to fight, when Morbol shows signs to charge then keep a distance and you will not have any problems.

When The Tentacles All To The Back, Then Evade

When the tentacles fall to the back, it is a sign of attack, so watch the timing and evade and get ready to counter attack.

▶ How To Beat Akashic Morbol

How To Beat Flame Lizard

Flame Lizard
Until the last press, focus on evading OverdriveHead around to the sides to evade Firewater

For Overdrive, Be Careful Until The Final Body Slam

When facing Overdrive, which includes a fire beam and a body slam, exercise caution until the final attack. After Overdrive, there will be an opening for attack, you can use this opportunity to approach with Phoenix Shift or similar abilities and launch counter attack.

Best Abilities Guide

Firewater Shoots A Fiery Beam Sideways

You can safely avoid the Flame Lizard's Firewater attack by staying beside it. By positioning yourself to the side, you create an opportunity to launch a counter attack while it is exhaling fire.

▶ How To Beat Akashic Morbol

How To Beat Liquid Flame

Liquid Flame
Basic Strategy Is To Dodge → Attack.For Spells like Firaga, it is easier to avoid by keeping your distance.When the enemy is surrounded by fireballs, it is a sign that it will attack.
┗ Three Attack Patterns / Dragon Transform / Beast TransformLearn the pattern for the Fiery Impact. Use Flagrant Type of Moves, maintain distance to dodge.

Basic Strategy Is To Dodge → Attack.

Liquid Flame’s normal attack consist of 2 ground punch between swings. If you are distant from the enemy, a charging attack will happen which is pretty difficult to dodge so it is better to stay close to the enemy and make the enemy punch similar to the video above. This makes it easier to dodge.

How To Precision Dodge

Normal Attack Of Enemy Follows A Fiery Impact

If you get hit by the enemy's regular attack, they will follow up with a Fiery Impact. The Fiery Impact involves a swing followed by a punch and shockwave attack. There is a significant opening after the attack, creating an opportunity for a counterattack.

Melee Attack Guide

Attacks Like Firaga Are Easier To Avoid If You Keep Your Distance

If the enemy uses attacks like Firaga or Eruption, it's relatively easy to Evade them by anticipating the moves that might appear and then keeping a safe distance.

How To Dodge Attacks

Use Evade When Surrounded By A Fireballs

1Transforms to a Dragon → Fire Attack
2Transform into a beast → Sweeping Attack
3Firaga or Eruption

When Liquid Flame is surrounded by fireballs, it will transform and attack after moving. To defend yourself better, it is important to take note the different points where you should Evade in each transformation.

Its Transformation Into Dragon Provides An Opportunity For A Counterattack

When transformed into Dragon, it will attack Clive from the air with fire while getting closer. It is relatively easy to avoid, so it's an opportunity to counterattack by approaching with moves like Phoenix Shift.

Aerial Attack Guide

Evade Towards The Front When It Transforms Into A Beast

When it changes into a beast, it will cleave and attack near Clive, and since the attack is fast, it is recommended to avoid it by moving to the front as soon as you see it change.

How To Use Precision Dodge

Take Note Of The Patterns For The Fiery Impact

Fiery Impact Attack Pattern
1Transformation into a Coeurl → Ravage x4
2Transform into Wyvern → Fire Attack x4
3Wide range of explosion attack

As the HP decreases, Liquid Flame unleashes Fiery Impact, a powerful move consisting of three consecutive attacks. To Evade the Beast's Ravage, perform lateral movements. When facing Dragon's fiery attacks, remain calm and dodge since they are not very fast. For the wide-area explosive attack, carefully observe the ground and maintain a safe distance.

Keep Your Distance And Evade For The Flagrant Attacks

After the Fiery Impact, Liquid Flame will follow up this up with Flagrant: Wyvern or Flagrant: Coeurl attack transformations, both dealing charging Attacks. For Wyvern, lure it in and then dodge. For Coeurl, dodge to the left or right at the right timing.

Liquid Flame Will Follow Up With Fiery Impact After The Flame Grant

After the Flagrant: Coeurl, it follows with a shot of Fiery Impact. The motion of Fiery Impact itself doesn't change, so make sure to evade it by timing the Dodge sideways and counterattack.

▶ How To Beat Akashic Morbol
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Here Be MonstersAfter the Storm

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