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All Bosses List for Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). Listed here are different bosses and monsters, how to defeat them, location, tips and more for Final Fantasy XVI (FF XVI)!

Table Of Contens

List Of All Bosses

BossStory Appearance/Tips
Lost in a Fog (Stillwind)
- Attack Morbol from the side.
- Once the ability name appears, evade while it is charging.
- Do the attack and evade cut scenes.
Lost in a Fog (Stillwind)
- When you see the enemy's attack motion, focus on evasion.
- Avoid big swings by moving away
Eikon Of Fire
Flight of the Fledgling (Phoenix Gate)
- When the white circle becomes large, spam attacks.
- Dodge the moment the enemy flies towards you.
└ When they start to wear flames, it is a sign that it is going to attack you.
- Beat it before the Hellfire countdown.
Chirada & Suparna
Headwind (Caer Norvent)
- First, concentrate attack on one side and defeat it
└ It is recommended to defeat Chirada first, who is mainly a melee attacker.
- Watch the location and trajectory of the wind magic and avoid it as soon as possible.
- When there is only one left, prioritize counter attacks after evading. Focus on dodging however.
Headwind (Caer Norvent)
- Learn how to avoid Wind Magic.
- Reduce distance with Phoenix Shift then attack.
Shiva's Dominant
A Chance Encounter (The Nysa Defile)
- Defeat the weaker enemies first.
- Learn the timing to counter various Attack patterns of enemies.
- Use Heatwave to repel Magic Attacks.
- Evade Blizzaga by looking at the shadow on the ground.
A Chance Encounter (The Nysa Defile)
- Basically Evade → Attack and aim for 100% Staggers.
- Be careful of Magic Attacks when using Phoenix Shift.
- Magic Attacks can be repelled by Heatwave.
- Prioritize evading the enemy's Magic Sword Ruin
Fanning Embers (The Greatwood)
- Basically Evade → Attack
┗ There are a lot of wide swinging motions.
- Make sure to dodge the whole side attack combo up to the rolling attack.
- Be careful of the shockwave at the end of the spinning attack.
Midnight Raven
Midnight Raven
Fanning Embers (The Greatwood)
- Evade the Boss's Attacks while Defeating the Soldiers Around You!
- Evade → Attack is the main strategy for this boss.
- In clashes, press the □ button repeatedly.
- Beware of the Fuuton → Assassinate!
Louder than Words (The Holy Empire of Sanbreque)
- Fight at a safe distance.
- After evading and use Phoenix Shift to close the gap.
- Aim to activate Precision Dodge if possible.
Awakening (The Eye of the Tempest)
- It is easy to fight it when you are below the enemy.
- Try to down with Feat techniques once the reduced Will Gauge by half
- Dodge the Aerial Blast by heading to the edge of the Map
Knight of the Dying Sun
Knight of the Dying Sun
The Hunter and the Hunted (Kingsfall)
- Let Cid defeat the Sanbreque Soldiers.
- For the Dragoon, dodge its attack then counter.
- Dodge the Jump attack by dodging and attack with Shift Strike.
Iron Giant
Buried Memories (Ruins of Phoenix Gate)
- Dodge the sword swing then attack.
- Make sure to stop the Atomic Ray
Infernal Eikon
Infernal Eikon
Buried Memories (Ruins of Phoenix Gate)
- Avoid the Crimson Rush attack at the start by running.
- When behind, watch out for tail attacks.
- Make sure to immediately stay far away when Vulcan Burst is happening.
Imperial Cannonier
Imperial Cannonier
The Crystals' Curse (Mothercrystal Drake's Head)
- Fight and win safely by dodging → attacking.
- Stand back when it attacks with a flamethrower.
- During the rocketeer attack, move back on the third attack and aim for a precision dodge.
Akashic Dragon
Akashic Dragon
The Crystals' Curse (Mothercrystal Drake's Head)
- Fight from a far place while dodging.
- Dodge sideways during Cauterize.
- Once it starts using Dragon Dance, focus on dodging.
Republic War Panther
Cid the Outlaw (Kostnice)
- Evade → Aim for counter attack
- If there is a distance, use Phoenix Shift and close in the gap and attack
Akashic Morbol
Akashic Morbol
Fire and Ice (Drake's Breath)
- Always be beside Morbol and attack
- When the move name shows up then sides, when it starts to charge then get a distance and evade
- When the tentacles fall to the back, then evade
Flame Lizard
Flame Lizard
Fire and Ice (Drake's Breath)
- Until the last press, focus on evading Overdrive
- Head around to the sides to evade Firewater
Capital Punishment (Rosalith)
- Evade During Jump → Counter Attack
- During Whipcrack, backout and dodge to the side.
- While Electrocharge is happening, focus on dealing damage.
- During Wild charge, make sure to focus on dodging for the 3 jump and magic spam.
Capital Punishment (Rosalith)
- Dodge the Melee Attack then Counter.
- Sledgehammer should also be dodged then counter.
- Remember the attack patterns and how to dodge them.
- You will receive an attack when you attack the enemy during its guard.
- For Torment → Earthen Fury, do your best to evade all of them.
The Undertaker
The Undertaker
Into the Darkness (Drake's Fang)
- Repeat Dodge → Attack
- Dodge Spirits Within By Moving To The Side
- For Exhume, dodge while keeping an eye on the enemy's movements.
Into the Darkness (Drake's Fang)
- Evade → Repeat The Attack
- Use Brimstone to block Stone Throw.
White Dragon
Fire In The Sky (Crystalline Dominion)
- Emanation can be evaded when headed through the laser.
- When it looks down and exhales then move out of range.
- When it sticks its wings in the ground, evade to left and right.
- Make sure to evade Dragon Dance.
Fire In The Sky (Crystalline Dominion)
- Judge attack by the colored light and evade.
- After Elemental Dissonance, Magic is main.
- Before 50%, it will start charging for Death so save for Abilities.
- After 50% it will change to Dualcast.
- Focus on evading 3 consecutive magic slashes.
Evenfall (Free Cities of Kanver)
- Get accustomed to the movements until HP is around 10% depleted.
- Dodge its Combos then attack.
- Understand how to avoid the basic attack patterns
- Evade the Creeping Darkness easily by passing through the gaps
- For the move Dead Man's Bier, focus on dodging.
Barnabas(1st Time)
Through the Maelstrom
- When it sets for Iron Flash, focus on evading.
- Basic attack patterns to evade → Connect to attacks.
- Keep a distance to evade Lord's Measures.
- Watch out for the combination of Gungnir and Lord's Measures.
Control Node
Control Node
The Last King (Reverie)
- After Rush Attack, chance to counter attack.
- Ball of lightning attack can be evaded by moving to the sides.
- Watch out for side moving beams.
- When you get close, blitz attack.
- Short Circuit can be evaded to the sides.
- Charging state can be released with attacks.
- After winning, straight to Aurum Giant Battle.
Aurum Giant
Aurum Giant
The Last King (Reverie)
- Slashing Attack is 3 consecutive
┗ When you evade, then counter attack chance.
- Attack waves from shield can be evaded to the sides.
- Rush attack is evaded to the sides.
- Golden Section needs to be watched out for till Ether Attacks.
- Sword attack, Aetherial Assault Cannon needs to be careful of.
Streets of Madness
- Evade with close range → Attack mainly.
- With Comet, watch for Behemoth's moves too.
- Evade Maelstorm when it is used right away and create a distance.
- Watch the ground with Meteorite and focus on evading.
- Make sure to evade out of range for Ecliptic Meteor.
Streets of Madness
- Keep a distance and evade → Try focus on attacking
- Confirm Neutron Flare's prediction lines and jump to evade
- Keep a distance for Graviga

Final Boss

BossStory Appearance/Tips
Final Boss
Final Boss
Back to Their Origin
- 4 series of battle.
- A huge Eikon Battle.
- You need to survive a series of difficult battles.

Boss Combat Tips Guide

1Until you can figure out the enemy's Attack pattern, dodge is the best
2Succeed Attack/Cinematic Evasion (qte)
3While it is staggered, then use Ability to inflict great damage

Dodge While Figuring Out Enemy's Attack Pattern

The Bosses has great Attack Power, so even with 1 blow, you will be inflicted with great damage. Until you get used to the enemy's Attack pattern, you will want to Dodge as much as possible.

▶Dodge Guide

Succeed Attack/Cinematic Evasion


Bosses, except for Morbol, there will be a short cutscene during battle and you will have an event (qte) where you will enter a command in a certain of time. When you succeed then you will have an Attack chance so make sure to complete it.

While Staggered, Inflict Great Damage

When you have decreased the Bosses' Will Gauge (yellow gauge under HP), then you will be able to get a 100% Staggered. When you inflict damage during this time, it will be increased by maximum 1.5 times. So if you are able to inflict damage at this time then you will be able to finish the Bosses' battle quicker.

▶Stagger Guide - How To Takedown

What To Do When You Can't Win?

Increase Your Level

Increase Your Level

Increasing your level will also increase your status making you less prone to damage and higher ATK. It is the easiest and most important way of getting stronger. If you cannot win the battle fight, try leveling up first!

Check Your Equipment & Abilities


Check if your abilities, accessories and such and see if they fit the moves of the boss. Especially abilities which can be reset anytime. Who knows, you might discover an ability combo that works great for the boss.

Best Abilities - Recommend To Learn

If It Is Still Hard, Then Change Difficulty

If you are really struggling to win, then you can change your difficulty level. You can adjust with you Support Accessory so make it best for your own level.

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