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FF16 | How To Beat Barnabas(2nd Time)& Eikon Odin | Final Fantasy 16

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Barnabas(2nd Time)& Eikon Odin guide for Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). Learn how to beat, strategy and tips, item, EXP and gil drops.

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How To Beat Barnabas(2nd Time)& Eikon Odin

Various different types of basic attack moves.
┗ Teleportation before attacking is a combo move. Long battle with a total of 4 forms.

Various Different Types Of Basic Attack Moves

When Teleported, Focus On Evading

1Slash Attack x2
2Shock Wave
3Thrust → Slash Attack
4Continuous Slash
5Rotary Slash

All of the forms has a various amounts of Basic attack moves. For the same move, it will teleport before attacking so when it disappears then get ready to evade.

Avoid Explosion After Thrusting Gungnir

Will Activate Basic Moves After Gungnir

After Gungnir's thrust attack, it will create a surrounding explosion attack. Not only evade the Thrust attack, but watch the ground so you can evade the explosion. Also after Gungnir, it will attack with Basic Attacks so don't let your guard down.

Evade Through The Gaps Of Lord's Measures Attacks

Pull Your Camera Forward And Easier To Evade

The Lord's Measures is a mesh attack. When the Attack name shows up move your camera so you can move to a location where you will not get hit.

When HP Is Decreased About 20%, Then Transforms To 2nd Form

When Barnabas' HP is decreased by 20%, a cutscene will start and it will transform to 2nd form. In the cutscene, there will be a QTE so make sure you don't miss it.

2nd Form Walkthrough

Walkthrough Guide
1The battle area is small, so be careful not turn your back to the edges
2Shock waves will increase in 2 times
3Evade Iron Flash by running around to the back
4Watch out for derivation after Gungnir
┗The Lord's Measures or Shock Waves x 2 occurs
5With 60% HP left, Turn to next Form

Don't Turn Your Back To The Edges Of Stage

The 2nd Form's stage, it is long and narrow. Compared to the 1st Form, he has more wide range attacks so they are very hard to avoid. Especially do NOT turn your back to the edges is the main battling point.

Shock Waves Will Increase Power 2 Consecutively

Be Careful On Evade Timing For 2nd Shockwave

During the 2nd Form, the basic attack's shock waves are increased by power in 2 rounds. The 2nd shock wave is to the side so evade at the right timing.

Evade Iron Flash By Running Around To Back

Iron Flash is a very wide range slashing attack. The attack will not reach behind Barnabas, so when the move name shows up then run around behind him.

During Iron Flash, Counter Chance

When he is attacking with Iron Flash, Barnabas will not move. Attack him with Abilities and increase damage. Also there will be an Attacking Judge at this time so you will have a Rook's Gambit counter effect take place.

Watch Out For Derivation After Gungnir

During the 2nd Form, after Gungnir it will derive to either Lord's Measures or shock waves. The battle field is narrow and there is a chance to get hit so take your time and evade.

With HP At 60%, Turns Into 3rd Form


When Barnabas' HP is about 60% left, then he will turn into his 3rd Form. During the cutscene, there will be a QTE, so watch carefully.

3rd Form Walkthrough

3rd From
Walkthrough Guide
1Inactivate Zantetsuken's set
┗ If you can't inactivate, then endure with Limit Break
2Can't evade Quieting
3Focus on evading Great Divide → The All-Wielder
4When HP is about 30% then transform to 4th Form

Inactivate Zantetsuken's Set

If You Can't Inactivate, Then Endure With Limit Break

After transforming to the 3rd Form, Barnabas will set for Zantetsuken. Before he attacks you with Zantetsuken, cut down the gauge. If you are unable to inactivate it, then endure with Limit Break. If you can't use Limit Break, then it will be Game Over.

No Damage With Quieting

After setting for Zantetsuken, he will use the attack Quieting, which you will not be able to evade. But there is actually no damage. If you are losing HP, then this is the time heal.

Focus On Evading Great Divide → The All-Wielder

The consecutive attack of Great Divide → The All-Wielder, is a powerful wide range attack. Great Divide's 2nd attack will reach to the edges so evade at the right timing. For All-Wielder, when he aims the sword at you, evade to the sides and get a distance.

When You Have Evaded Both Attacks, Counter Chance

During All-Wielder, Barnabas will not move so you will have a chance to attack with Abilities and gain damage. This is 1 of the limited counter chances so you want to evade properly.

When HP Is About 30%, Transform To 4th Form


When Barnabas' HP is about 30%, then he will change to its 4th Form. After attacking several times in the Odin form, Barnabas will return to his normal self and continue to attack.

4th Form Walkthrough

4th form
Walkthrough Guide
1Odin Appears
┗ Aim for timing and evade
2Circle of Malius is Rush Attack x2 → Slash Attack x2
3The Lord Measures → Iron Flash is Counter Chance

Evade Calmly For Attacks When Odin Appears

Attacks Will Not Reach, So Focus On Evading

1Side Swing → Thrust → Side Swing → Vertical Swing
2Left Hand Slamming Attack

When he transforms to Odin, he will attack in the order above. The attack range is fairly large so evade at the proper timing. The move is slow, and blow attacks will not reach so focusing on evading is the point.

Circle Of Malius Is Rush Attack 2x → Slash Attack 2x

The Slash Attack After Rush Attack, Get A Distance And Evade

Circle of Malius will have 2 Rush Attacks. Watch the moves and evade to the sides. After the rush attacks, there will be 2 SlashAttacks, so after evading the Rush, get a distance and avoid the attacks.

The Lord Measures → Iron Flash Pattern And Counter Attack

The Lord Measures in the 4th form has increased its density and it will shoot Iron Flash and Gungir afterwards. When Iron Flash comes then it is a chance to counter, so try to avoid being near Barnabas during Lord Measures and when Iron Flash comes then counter attack.

Barnabas(2nd Time)& Eikon Odin - Basic Information


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