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Main quests list & story walkthrough for Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). The guide includes main storyline or questline guide, story length, and more for Final Fantasy XVI (FFXVI).

Table of Contents

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Main Quests List

1. A Flame Summoned
2. To Kill A Dominant
3. Pride
4. Sunrise, SunsetCombat Tutorial
▶Combat System Guide
5. Lost in a Fog
6. Flight of the Fledgling
7. A Chance Encounter
8. Hide, HideawayCid's Hideaway
Craft and upgrade gear
The Thousand Tomes
Training (Arete Stone)
Change BGM (Orchestrion)
9. Fanning EmbersTorgal joins party
Arcade Mode
Replay Mode
10. Louder Than Words・Obelisk (Fast Travel)
11. The Dead of NightShop lineup updated
・Forge lineup updated
12. Headwind・Boss "Garuda"
13. Wings of Change
14. Awakening
15. The Wages of GuiltShop lineup updated
・Forge lineup updated
16. The Hunter and the HuntedShop lineup updated
・Forge lineup updated
17. Homecoming
18. Holding On
19. Buried MemoriesLimit Break
・Boss "Ifrit"
20. The Meaning of Life
21. Righting WrongsShop lineup updated
・Forge lineup updated
・"Alliant Reports" Unlocked
22. The Crystal Curse
23. Cid the Outlaw・Boss "Ramuh"
・Cid's Hideaway will change to Clive's Hideaway
24. Home, Sweet HomeShop lineup updated
・Forge lineup updated
Vivian's Report unlocked
・Reading Table unlocked
25. The Gathering Storm
26. Bloodlines
27. Black Light Burns
28. Here Be Monsters
29. Fire and Ice
30. After the Storm
31. Capital Punishment・Boss "Titan"
32. Bolts from the Blue
33. Riddle of the Sands
34. Into the Darkness
35. Out of the Shadow
36. Onward
37. Fire in the Sky・Boss "Bahamut"
38. Things Fall Apart
39. Clock and Dagger
40. Evenfall
41. A Song of HopeShop lineup updated
・Forge lineup updated
42. Full Steam
43. Through the Maelstrom・Boss "Shiva"
44. Across the Narrow
45. Footfalls in Ash
46. The Last King・Boss "Odin"
47. Brotherhood
48. Streets of Madness
49. Back to Their Origin・Scenario Complete
┗ ▶New Game Plus - After Completion

Main Quests Story Walkthrough

A Flame Summoned

1Watch cutscene
2Battle with Phoenix operation
▶A Flame Summoned Guide

To Kill A Dominant

1Watch the cutscenes and follow the path
▶To Kill A Dominant Guide


1Battle tutorial with Lord Murdoch
▶Battle & Combat System Guide
▶Pride Guide

Sunrise, Sunset

1From the back door, head to Throne Room
2Climb the stairs and head to your chamber
3Head to Stillwind
▶Sunrise, Sunset Guide

Lost in a Fog

1Progress down the road
2Battle with Goblin
3Pick up items and proceed down the road
4After battling, pick up items and proceed
5After searching, climb up the ladder and progress further
6Jump down and battle with Goblin
7Progress forward and battle with Gigas
8Chase the runaway Goblins, and battle with Morbol
9Head to Phoenix Gate
▶Lost in a Fog Guide

Flight of the Fledging

1Main character will change to Joshua
2Progress further and change to Clive
3At the courtyard, battle with Knight of the Blinding Dawn
4With Phoenix, battle with Eikon of Fire
▶Flight of the Fledging Guide

A Chance Encounter

1Progress down the path of Nysa Defile
2In the back courtyard, defeat Shiva's Dominant
3Continuous battle with Tiamat
4From the World Map, head to Cid's Hideaway
▶A Chance Encounter Guide

HIde, Hideaway

1Head to Cid's Chambers
2Head to the Great Hall
3Speak to the Craftsman and unlock the Workshop
▶Craft & Upgrade Gear Guide
4Speak to the man in the Great Hall
5Speak to Tarja and unlock Quest
List of Quests
6Speak to Charon and unlock Shop
▶Shop Guide
7Pick up sack and unlock Arete Stone
▶Arete Stone Guide
8From the World Map, head to Greatwood
▶Hide, Hideaway Guide

Fanning Embers

1Torgal will be added to party
▶Torgal Guide
2Defeat enemies and progress forward
3Dragon Aevis will appear on the road
4Defeat enemies and progress down the road
5At the open area, battle with Fafnir
6Defeat enemies and progress forward
7Battle with Midnight Raven
8Head to Orabelle Downs
▶Fanning Embers Guide

Louder than Words

1While defeating enemies and head to Lostwing
2Speak to the young girl
3Head to destination and battle with Chirada
▶Louder than Words Guide

The Dead of Night

1Receive the Seal from Quinten
2Speak to 2 of the Villagers
3Speak to Cid
4Head to the destination
5Head to Caer Norvent
▶The Dead of Night Guide


1Defeat enemies and proceed down the road
2Exit out of the window inside the room at the dead end
3Head to the courtyard where Tognvaldr appears
4Open the door and climb up the stairs on the right
5Battle with Chirada & Suparna
6Defeat enemies and proceed
7Battle with Benedikta
▶Headwind Guide

Wings of Change

1Head to destination in Dragon's Aery
▶Wings of Change


1Head through the storm
2Battle with Eikon Garuda (1st battle)
3Battle with Eikon Garuda (2nd battle)
▶Awakening Guide

The Wages of Guilt

1Speak to Cid
2Head to Kingsfall
▶The Wages of Guilt Guide

The Hunter and the Hunted

1Progress down the road
2Battle with Minotaur
3Proceed again down the road
4Battle with Knight of the Dying Sun
5Head to Cid's Hideaway
6Head to Infirmary
7Speak to Charon and Gav
8Head to Three Reeds
▶The Hunter and the Hunted Guide


1Head to Martha's Rest
2Save the man being attacked by monsters
3Report to Martha
4Head to Glaidemond Abbey
5Report to Martha
▶Homecoming Guide

Holding On

1Head to Eastpool
2Head to gate of destination
3Head to well
4Speak to the villagers
5Find the Old Bearer
6Defeat the Mub Dauber & Worgen
7Head to Phoenix Gate
▶Holding On Guide

Buried Memories

1Progress down the road, and head to the field
2Defeat Hunters and Defense Node
3Open the door and proceed forward
4Battle with Iron Giant
5Head down the road till the dead end
6Examine the stone pillars and create a path
7Get close to the door and battle with Infernal Eikon
8Battle with Infernal Shadow
▶Buried Memories Guide

The Meaning of Life

1Head to destination, and open door
2Defeat all Legionnaires
3Head to Cid's Hideaway
▶The Meaning of Life Guide

Righting Wrongs

1Speak to NPC at Cid7s Hideaway
2Head to Northreach
3Receive quest from Madame Isabelle
4Speak to NPC and report to Isabelle
5Head to Moore and speak to NPC
6Head to ruins and defeat all the enemies
7Head back to Moore and speak to Isabelle
8Head to church on top of hill
9Head to Drake's Head
* If you proceed, you can't go back so be careful!
▶Righting Wrongs Guide

The Crystal's Curse

1Progress down the road
2Defeat all the enemies
3Break the wall and follow the path
4Defeat all the enemies
5Battle with Imperial Cannonier
6Ride the cart and go down
7Defeat more enemies and proceed forward
8From the treasure chest, get the Coral Sword
9Progress through the cave and defeat the enemies
10Battle with Akashic Dragon
11Battle with Revenants
12Eikon battle with Typhon
▶The Crystal's Curse Guide

Cid the Outlaw

1Defeat all the enemies
2Battle with Republic War Panther
3From World Map, head to Clive's Hideaway
▶Cid the Outlaw Guide

Home, Sweet Home

1Speak to NPCs
2Read the letter in Clive's Chamber
▶Home, Sweet Home Guide

The Gathering Storm

1Head to Martha's Rest
2Head to Glaidemond Abbey
3Defeat all Black Shields
4Head to Riddock's Jump
5Return to Martha's Rest
6Speak to Gav at Clive's Hideaway
7Head to Hawk's Cry Cliff
▶The Gathering Storm Guide


1Head to Amber
2Speak to 2 + 1 Villagers
3Head to Port Isorde
4Defeat all Black Shields
5Head to Auldhyl Docks
▶Bloodlines Guide

Black Light Burns

1Head to Lazarus District
2Battle with Bandits at Lazarus District courtyard
3Speak to Wade
4Defeat Black Shields at Bewit Bridge
5Defeat Knight of the Lasting Dark
6Head to Clive's Hideaway
▶Black Light Burns Guide

Here Be Monsters

1Speak to Vivian
2Speak to Jill
3Head to Drake's Breath
▶Here Be Monsters Guide

Fire and Ice

1While defeating enemies, progress down the road
2Defeat Akashic Morbol
3Proceed down the road again
4Defeat Flame Lizard
5Climb up the back ladder
6Head to Oratory
7Defeat Liquid Flame
▶Fire and Ice Guide

After the Storm

1Head to Infirmary
2Speak to Otto
3Speak to Vivian
4Head to Rosalith
▶After the Storm Guide

Capital Punishment

1Defeat enemies and progress down the road
2Climb up the steps and progress
3Defeat enemies at Rosalith Castle
4Defeat Coeurl
5Follow the path and consecutive battles at garden
6Battle with Hugo
7From World Map, head to Clive's Hideaway
▶Capital Punishment Guide

Bolts from the Blue

1Speak to Otto
2Speak to Mido
3Speak to Charon/Blackthorne
4Speak to NPC at the pier
5Head to Martha's Rest
6Head to abandoned village
7Defeat all the enemies at the Abandoned Village
8Speak to Mid at the Hideaway
9Head to the Archive
10Speak to Vivian
11Speak to Byron at the Pier
12Speak to Otto
13Speak to Byron and head to Velkroy Desert
▶Bolts from the Blue Guide

Riddle of the Sands

1Head to Dalimil Inn
2Defeat all the enemies
3Speak to the civilians
4Speak to Ferda
5Head to the destination brothel and defeat all the enemies
6Receive the quest "Follow the Crystals"
7Speak to the civilians
8Speak to L'ubor
9Climb up the nearby stairs and speak to Byron
10Head to destination (East of South Velkroy Desert)
11Battle with Hugo's Soldiers
12Progress down the road
13Head to Drake's Fangs
▶Riddle of the Sands Guide

Into the Darkness

1Defeat enemies and head to the very back
2Defeat the Orchish Warlord
3Defeat Undertaker
4Head to the Inner Sanctum
5Go out of the room and follow the path
6Defeat Eikon Titan
7Defeat Titan Lost
8Defeat Eikon Titan again
9Go back to The Hideaway
▶Into the Darkness Guide

Out of the Shadow

1Speak to Otto
2Speak to Vivian
3Speak to Charon, Blackthorne, Harpocrates
4Speak to Otto
5Speak to Mid
6Speak to Blackthorne
7Gather materials for Leting Off Steam
8Head to desert near Dalimil Inn
9Speak to Blackthorne
10Speak to Mid
11Speak to Helena at Laubert's Pass
12Defeat wild ahriman
13Speak to Mid at Hideaway
14Speak to Harpocrates
15Gather materials
16Head to Northreach
17Speak to Harpocrates at Hideaway
18Speak to Mid twice
19Speak to Otto
20Go to the Old Hideaway and unlock Laetny's Cleft
▶Out of the Shadow Guide


1Head to Boklad Markets
2Speak to Goetz
3Head to Crimson Caravans Owner
4Speak around Boklad Markets
5Serach for Honza
6Speak to Theodore
7Head to the lair
8Defeat the Cast Stones
9Defeat the Chief of Cast Stones
10Speak to Eloise
11Speak to Goetz
▶Onward Guide

Fire in the Sky

1Progress down the road
2Battle with the enemies
3While defeating enemies proceed forward
4Progress with elevator
5While battling, progress forward
6After the battle, head through the left door
7While battling, progress down the road
8Battle with White Dragon
9Speak to Jill
10Defeat enemies and proceed
11Battle with Necrophobe
12Eikon battle with Bahamut
13Head to the Hideaway
▶Fire in the Sky

Things Fall Apart

1Speak to the NPC at Clive's Hideaway
2Speak to Otto
3Solve 3 problems in each location
Martha's Rest Quest
1Head to destination
2Receive quest
3Head to destination and battle
4Get off the elevator and proceed
5Defeat all the enemies
6Battle upon the hill
Northreach Quest
1Head to Garrison
2Get quest
3Speak to the injured
4Head to Moore and battle
Dalimil Inn Quest
1Speak to L'ubor
2Receive quests
3Speak to Viktor at the bar
4Return and speak to L'ubor
5Confirm the 2 understand
6Return and speak to Viktor
7Defeat enemies at the north gate
After Completing Quests
1Speak to Otto at the Hideaway
2Head to Krozjit Echoes

Clock and Dagger

1Defeat enemies and follow the road to the destination
2When you arrive to Tabor, enter the house that is on the right side
3Head to destination
4While battling, follow the road to the destination
5Head to Free Cities of Kanver


1While battling progress down the road
2Battle with Powerful Enemy Akashic Tognvaldr
3Battle with Powerful Enemy Akashic Osfreyr
4Battle with Powerful Enemy Orchish Warlord
5Battle with Sleipnir

A Song of Hope

1Speak to Otto and receive quest
2Get Cid's memento and speak to Otto
3Check the Orchestrion and quest complete
4Head to Ironworks

Full Steam

1Defeat all the enemies
2Battle with Powerful enemy Akashic Osfreyr
3Battle with Sleipnir
4Head to Naldia Narrow

Through the Maelstrom

1Defeat enemies
2Battle with powerful enemy Royal Tognvaldr
3Go inside and climb up the stairs
4Defeat enemies at the deck
5Battle with powerful enemy Warlord Osfreyr
6From the back stairs go down
7Battle with Barnabas
8Head to the Hideaway

Across The Narrow

1Head to Infirmary
2Speak to Vivian
3Head to shelves
4Head to lounge and speak to Otto
5Head to Shadow Coast

Footfalls in Ash

1While battling progress down the road
2Open the gate
3Head to destination
4Defeat all the enemies at the courtyard
5Battle with powerful enemy Akashic Osfreyr
6Enter the destination hut
7Go through the gate on the right side of hut
8While defeating enemies, proceed down the road
9Battle with powerful enemy Plague
10Enter the Tower

The Last King

1Defeat the enemy and head through the door
2Head to the middle of the room and head up to next level
3Defeat enemies and progress forward
4Defeat powerful enemy Guardian
5Head up to the next level
6Progress forward and battle with powerful enemy Purple Bavarois
7Head to the next level
8Defeat enemies and progress forward
9Battle with powerful enemy
10Defeat enemies and progress foward
11Battle with Defense Node
12Battle with Giant
13Battle with Barnabas


1Go down the road and head to destination
2Defeat all enemies
3Battle with powerful enemy Akashic Tognvaldr
4Battle with powerful enemy Orchish Warlord
5Head to destination
6Head to Drake's Spine

Streets of Madness

1Defeat enemies and progress
2Battle with Behemoth
3Defeat enemies and progress further
4Battle with powerful enemy Akashic Gunnvaldr
5Battle with powerful enemy Undertaker
6Defeat enemies and proceed down path
7Battle with powerful enemy Akashic Coeurl
8Defeat enemies and progress further
9Battle with powerful enemy Akashic Tognvaldr
10Defeat all enemies
11Battle with powerful enemy Akashic Warlord
12Speak to Joshua
13Battle with Ultima

Back to Their Origin

1Speak to NPC at Hideaway
2From World Map head to Origin
3Battle with Ultima Prime
4Progress down the road
5Battle Ultima (Last Boss))

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