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All Accessories List for Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). Listed here are effect of each accessories, how to obtain or get them and List of Accessory for Final Fantasy XVI (FF XVI).

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All Accessories List

  1. Ring of Timely Strikes
    DefaultCombos can be executed by □ button.
  2. Ring of Timely Evasion
    DefaultAutomatically evades attacks.
  3. Ring of Timely Focus
    DefaultTime slows before being attacked.
  4. Ring of Timely Healing
    DefaultAutomatically uses potions when HP is low.
  5. Ring of Timely Assistance
    Available from the start of Fanning EmbersTorgal automatically adapts to Clive's actions.
  6. Badge of Might
    Defeat Midnight Raven (The Greatwood)Increases Attack by 7.
  7. The Favor of Fire (Scarlet Cyclone)
    From the chest in Caer NorventIncreases Scarlet Cyclone damage by 8%.
  8. The Will of Fire (Rising Flames)
    Defeat Benedikta (Caer Norvent)Increases Rising Flames will damage by 10%.
  9. The Favor of Fire (Heatwave)
    From the chest in HeadwindIncreases Heatwave damage by 9%.
  10. Ketsy’s Lucky Charm
    Pre-Order BonusIncreases Gil earned by 25%.
  11. Cleric
    Defeat Chirada (The Holy Empire of Sanbreque)Increases healing potency of potions by 20%.
  12. Badge of Mettle
    From a nearby chest after completing the Side Quest Food For ThoughtIncreases Defense by 10.
  13. The Favor of Wind (Gouge)
    From the chest at Phoenix GateIncreases Gouge damage by 15%.
  14. The Will of Wind (Rook
    From the chest at Phoenix GateIncreases Rook’s Gambit will damage by 10%.
  15. The Favor of Wind (Wicked Wheel)
    From the chest at Phoenix GateIncreases Wicked Wheel damage by 10%.
  16. The Favor of the Inferno (Ignition)
    Defeat Imperial Cannonier(Mothercrystal Drake's Head)Increases Ignition damage by 12%.
  17. The Breath of Fire (Flame of Rebirth)
    Defeat Typhon (Mothercrystal Drake's Head)Reduces Flames of Rebirth cooldown time by 12.0 seconds.
  18. The Breath of Wind (Gouge)
    Available in the progress of story (Complete the Side Quest "Dark Clouds Gather")Reduces Gouge cooldown time by 3.0 seconds.
  19. The Golden Testament
    Can be purchased at Charon's Toll for 5,000 GilIncreases Gil earned by 35%.
  20. On Fortune and the Heavens
    Can be purchased at Charon's Toll for 5,500 GilIncreases EXP earned by 15%.
  21. The Wages of Warcraft
    Can be purchased for 15,000 Gil(The Hideaway)
    15,000 Gil(Lostwing)
    Increases ability points earned in normal encounters by 20%.
  22. Scholar’s Spectacles
    Pre-Order BonusIncreases EXP earned by 10%.
  23. The Breath of Wind (Aerial Blast)
    From the chest at Drake's BreathReduces Aerial Blast cooldown time by 11.0 seconds.
  24. The Grace of the Inferno (Will-o’-the-Wykes)
    From the chest at Drake's BreathIncreases Will-o’-the-Wykes duration by 5 seconds.
  25. The Will of Lightning (Pile Drive)
    From the chest in RosalithIncreases Pile Drive will damage by 10%.
  26. The Breath of Earth (Windup)
    Available in the progress of story (Complete the Side Quest "Getting to Work")Reduces Windup cooldown time by 3.0 seconds.
  27. The Favor of Lightning (Lightning Rod)
    From the chest at Drake's FangIncreases Lightning Rod damage by 9%.
  28. The Favor of Lightning (Thunderstorm)
    Defeat The Undertaker (Drake's Fang)Increases Thunderstorm damage by 10%.
  29. The Favor of Earth (Upheaval)
    From the chest in Castle DazbogIncreases Upheaval damage by 8%.
  30. The Eye of the Warrior
    Available in the progress of story (Complete the Side Quest "Letting Off Steam II")Increases strength tonic duration by 10 seconds.
  31. The Breath of Lightning (Thunderstorm)
    Available in the progress of story (Complete the Side Quest "Blood from the Stones")Reduces Thunderstorm cooldown time by 2.7 seconds.
  32. The Favor of Earth (Raging Fists)
    From the chest in Crystalline DominionIncreases Raging Fists damage by 10%.
  33. The Breath of Lightning (Judgment Bolt)
    From the chest in the RemnantsReduces Judgment Bolt cooldown time by 9.0 seconds.
  34. The Favor of Earth (Windup)
    Defeat Necrophobe (The Remnants)Increases Windup damage by 10%.
  35. The Will of Light (Impulse)
    Complete "Through the Maelstrom"Increases Impulse will damage by 10%.
  36. The Favor of Ice (Ice Age)
    From the chest in Reverie towerIncreases Ice Age damage by 12%.
  37. The Will of Ice (Mesmerize)
    From the chest in Reverie towerIncreases Mesmerize will damage by 10%.
  38. The Will of Light (Satellite)
    From the chest at Drake's SpineIncreases Satellite will damage by 10%.
  39. The Pull of Darkness (Dancing Steel)
    Defeat Ultima (The Interdimentional Rift)Increases rate at which Dancing Steel fills Zantetsuken gauge by 25%.
  40. Berserker Ring
    85 Renown RewardTemporarily increases attack proficiency with each Precision Dodge.
  41. Dire Wolf Jess
    295 Renown RewardIncreases combo damage by 5%.
  42. High Cleric
    715 Renown RewardIncreases healing potency of high potions by 25%.
  43. The Breath of the Inferno (Ignition)
    Available in the Side Ques "Hot Water"Reduces Ignition cooldown time by 2.2 seconds.
  44. Channeler
    Can be purchased for 20,000 Gil (The Hideaway)Automatically charges magic spells and maintains the charge until cast after the ability "Charged Magic" is learned.
  45. Crimson Tassels
    Can be purchased for 26,000 Gil (The Hideaway)Increases limit break generation amount by 3% when dealing damage.
  46. Cobalt Tassels
    Can be purchased for 24,000 Gil (The Hideaway)Increases limit break generation amount by 6% when taking damage.
  47. The Breath of Fire (Heatwave)
    Can be purchased for 10,000 Gil (The Hideaway)Reduces Heatwave cooldown time by 2.7 seconds.
  48. The Breath of Wind (Rook
    Can be purchased for 11,000 Gil (The Hideaway)Reduces Rook's Gambit cooldown time by 2.7 seconds.
  49. The Breath of Darkness (Heaven
    Can be purchased for 48,000 Gil (Boklad)Reduces Heaven's Cloud cooldown time by 2.5 seconds.
  50. The Breath of Lightning (Lightning Rod)
    Can be purchased for 12,200 Gil (Dalimil Inn)Reduces Lightning Rod cooldown time by 5.0 seconds.
  51. The Breath of Darkness (Rift Slip)
    Can be purchased for 45,000 Gil (Dalimil Inn)Reduces Rift Slip cooldown time by 0.5 seconds.
  52. The Breath of Darkness (Dancing Steel)
    Can be purchased for 85,000 GilReduces Dancing Steel cooldown time by 4.5 seconds.
  53. The Will of Darkness (Gungnir)
    Can be purchased for 50,000 Gil (Tabor)Increases Gungnir will damage by 30%.
  54. Stoneskin Cuffs
    Can be purchased for 1,900 Gil (Martha's Rest)Increases Stoneskin Tonic duration by 30 seconds.
  55. The Breath of Light (Satellite)
    Can be purchased for 20,000 Gil (Martha's Rest)Reduces Satellite cooldown time by 4.0 seconds.
  56. The Breath of Ice (Rime)
    Can be purchased for 35,000 Gil (Martha's Rest)Reduces Rime cooldown time by 2.0 seconds.
  57. The Breath of Earth (Raging Fists)
    Can be purchased for 15,300 Gil (Northreach)Reduces Raging Fists cooldown time by 3.5 seconds.
  58. Favor of Darkness (Heaven’s Cloud)
    Can be purchased for 52,000 Gil (Northreach)Increases Heaven’s Cloud damage by 15%.
  59. The Will of Wind (Aerial Blast)
    Complete "The Hand of Dione" (Drakos Deep, Dhalmekian)Increases Aerial Blast will damage by 12%.
  60. The Favor of Lightning (Judgment Bolt)
    Complete "The Hand of Iapetus" (Norvent Valley, Sanbreque)Increases Judgment Bolt damage by 6%.
  61. The Favor of Earth (Earthen Fury)
    Complete "The Hand of Titan" (The Northern Velkroy Desert, Dhalmekian)Increases Earthen Fury damage by 7%.
  62. The Favor of Light (Gigaflare)
    Complete "The Hand of Mimas" (Cape Orsiere, Sanbreque)Increases Gigaflare damage by 5%.
  63. The Will of Ice (Diamond Dust)
    Complete "The Hand of Rhea" (The Angry Gap, Waloed)Increases Diamond Dust will damage by 10%.
  64. The Will of Darkness (Dancing Steel)
    Complete "The Hand of Enceladus" (Southeast of Vidargraes, Waloed)Increases Dancing Steel will damage by 20%.
  65. Shiva's Kiss
    Complete "Priceless" And GetThe reuse time for Diamond Dust shortens 7.5 seconds
  66. The Breath of Light (Flare Breath)
    The Breath of Light (Flare Breath)
    Complete Quest "Smooth Like Butler"The reuse time for Flare Breath shortens 2.7 seconds
  67. Cavall’s Fang
    Cavall’s Fang
    Complete "A Bone to Pick"Torgal's attack power increases a little
  68. Bahamut's Mercy
    Complete Quest "A Tail to Tell"The reuse time for Gigaflare shortens 6.0 seconds
  69. Genji Gloves
    Genji Gloves
    Complete 2365 Renown and receive RewardThe damage inflicted to the enemy increases 5%
  70. The Breath of Darkness (Gungnir)
    The Breath of Darkness (Gungnir)
    Complete quest "Nobody's Tool"The reuse time for Gungnir shortens 2.0 seconds
  71. The Breath of Wind (Wicked Wheel)
    The Breath of Wind (Wicked Wheel)
    Complete quest "For Great Justice II"The reuse time for Wicked Wheel shortens 2.7 seconds
  72. The Will of Ice (Rime)
    The Will of Ice (Rime)
    Get from treasure chest in Drake's SpineRime's power to cut down Will Gauge increase 30%
  73. The Breath of Ice (Ice Age)
    The Breath of Ice (Ice Age)
    Complete quest "Duty Undying"The reuse time for Ice Age shortens 1.5 seconds
  74. The Favor of Light (Flare Breath)
    The Favor of Light (Flare Breath)
    Get from treasure chest at Free Cities of KanverFlare Breath's damage increases by 12%
  75. The Breath of Fire (Scarlet Cyclone)
    The Breath of Fire (Scarlet Cyclone)
    Complete quest "Trading Places II"The reuse time for Scarlet Cyclone shortens 3.3 seconds
  76. The Breath of Fire (Rising Flames)
    The Breath of Fire (Rising Flames)
    Complete quest "The Weight of Command"The reuse time for Rising Flames shortens 2.0 seconds
  77. The Breath of Lightning (Pile Driver)
    The Breath of Lightning (Pile Driver)
    Complete quest "Trial and Error"The reuse time for Pile Driver shortens 4.2 seconds
  78. Adamantite Gauntlet
    Adamantite Gauntlet
    Obtained from a chest. The Kingdom of Waloed - The Edge Of InfinityHP increases 500
  79. Talisman of Priming
    Talisman of Priming
    Complete 1360 Renown and receive RewardLionheart Tonic's duration extends 30 sec
  80. The Breath of Light (Impulse)
    The Breath of Light (Impulse)
    Complete quest "Lines in the Sand II"The reuse time for Impulse shortens 2.0 seconds
  81. The Breath of Earth (Upheaval)
    The Breath of Earth (Upheaval)
    Complete quest "Onward to Discovery"The reuse time for Tumult shortens 3.5 seconds
  82. The Breath of Ice (Mesmerize)
    The Breath of Ice (Mesmerize)
    Complete quest "Litany of Errors"The reuse time for Mesmerize shortens 1.2 seconds
  83. The Breath of Earth (Earthen Fury)
    The Breath of Earth (Earthen Fury)
    Get from treasure chest at Naldia NarrowThe reuse time for Earthen Fury shortens 13.5 seconds

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