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Capital Punishment Walkthrough Guide for FF16 (Final Fantasy 16). Includes Walkthrough Chart, how to beat the boss, and tips!

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After the StormBolts From The Blue

Capital Punishment Walkthrough

Defeat Enemies As You Go

Capital Punishment 1

Proceed along the path, defeating enemies as you go. You will battle with enemies 5 times in total, so it is recommended to heal yourself frequently. Magic is ineffective to enemies in a state of Protect so be careful.

Climb The Steps To The Next Level

Capital Punishment 2

After the 5th battle, climb the steps on the side to proceed.

Defeat The Enemy At Rosalith Castle

Capital Punishment 3
p:Once you enter Rosalith Castle, you will start fighting with the enemy. Reinforcements are also coming, so be careful.

Battle With Coeurl

Capital Punishment 4

After defeating all the enemies, the boss battle with Coeurl begins.

Follow The Path And Fight A Series Of Battles In The Garden

Capital Punishment 5

There is a series of battles against formidable foes in the gardens. After the Stone Jailer fight, you will fight two Stone Headmen.

Hugo Battle

Capital Punishment 6

When you proceed through the front door, you will start a boss fight with Hugo.

World Map To Clive's The Hideaway

Capital Punishment 7

When you return to Clive's Hideaway from the World Map, you will proceed to the next storyline. When you return, the Eikon "Titan" will be released.

How To Beat Coeurl

Evade During Jump → Counter AttackDuring Whipcrack, backout and dodge to the side.While Electrocharge is happening, focus on dealing damage.During Wild charge, make sure to focus on dodging for the 3 jump and magic spam.

Evade During Jump → Counter Attack

During Jump, you can do precision dodge from the side and counter attack. If there is distance between you and the opponent dodge diagonally to front then attack.

During Whipcrack, Backout And Dodge To The Side.

The Whip Crack is consists of two consecutive moves starting with a whip strike using its tendrils then followed by a jumping attack. To effectively deal with this attack, it is recommended to create distance and evade the tendrils strike. When the enemy jumps towards you, dodge the attack and seize the opportunity to counterattack.

While Electrocharge Is Happening, Focus On Dealing Damage.

When the Electrocharge is being done, lightning strikes over a wide area. Coeurl doesn't move on the spot, you will lose if you don't cut down its HP within the time limit. While evading the lightning, use your abilities to deal maximum damage.

Focus On Evading Throughout The Entire Duration Of Wild Charge

Wild Charge includes leaping and performing a charging attack with lightning strikes, repeating three times and ending with a barrage of magical projectiles. Since the Coeurl only uses this action once when it is on the brink of death, it is best to completely Evade it until the end before transitioning to attacks.

▶ How To Beat Coeurl

How To Beat Hugo

Dodge the Melee Attack then Counter.Sledgehammer should also be dodged then counter.Remember the attack patterns and how to dodge them.You will receive an attack when you attack the enemy during its guard.For Torment → Earthen Fury, do your best to evade all of them.

Dodge Close Range Attacks → Attacks Are Basic

Hugo has several different patterns of close range attacks. Aim for the attack to finish and dodge → then attack away.

[One Shot] Crosses Arms → Charge Attack

[2 Consecutive] Swings Right Arm → Punch → Kick

[1,3,4 Consecutive] Spread Arms → Punch 3x → Slams Down

In the first half of battle, it is one shot punches, but the 2nd half will become 3 punches and in the final part he will start slam down. Keep in mind the battle's progress and counter attack properly.

1st HalfUntil QTE is entered
2nd HalfUntil it uses Torment
Final PartAfterwards

Sledgehammer Is Also Single Dodge → Attack OK

Sledgehammers are the same as close range attacks, and they are a straight forward attack. It is a one shot pattern, so Dodge to evade → and aim for attack.

Remember The Different Patterns To Evade

Hugo has many different patterns, so it is needed to remember the different types of evading ways.

Evade Landslide And Watch The Enemy's Moves

Landslide is an attack where boulders will come out from the ground and head straight to a range attack. You can evade them by moving aside, but you must watch Hugo to see what his next moves are to evade them as well.

During Stripmine, Move Next To Your Enemy

Stripmine is a straight surrounding attack. Move next to the enemy and evade the attack. If it is hard for you evade, then try to evade it when it is released.

When Dived, Jump On The 3rd Quake

After Hugo dives underground, 3 quakes → range attack (Geocrush) will be released. If you are hit by the 3rd quake, you will not be able to move and make it hard for you to evade Geocrush so make sure you jump on the 3rd quake to evade it.

Weight Of The Land, Get Out Of Area And Watch The Enemy

Weight of the Land creates several ring like range attacks. They are not hard to evade, but Hugo might come after you so be careful.

Evade Shockwaves Of Tumult By Jumping

Tumult is when you have a consecutive (3-4 times) shockwaves that attack. If you want to safely evade them, it is recommended to jump. Watch out for the Tumult & Weight of the Land combined move. Watch closely to the ground and run to a safe zone.

Jump On Right Timing To Evade Force of the Land

Force of the Land, is a range attack that spreads over the entire area. There is no safety area so properly at the timing and evade. When Hugo touches the ground and the light gets stronger, then jump and it will be easier to evade.

During Guard, Basic Attacks Are Ineffective


When Hugo crosses his arms, he is in guard form, so when you attack with basic attacks you will be hit by counter damage. Use Abilities and Charged Magic to break away the guard.

Evade Torment → Earthen Fury At All Costs

Torment Walkthrough
1Jump Attack
2Forward aim wide range attack
3Arm Swing ×2 → Get close and Back Blow
4Rocket Punch ×3
5Arm Swing ×2
6Earthquake after jumping up (If hit, then unable to move for a period of time)
7Hugo in the middle and circle range attack (Earthen Fury)

After evading the jump attack, move to the sides and evade the range attacks. From here watch Hugo's next moves to evade and you will be okay even if you get hit by quakes. Earthen Gury is a wide range attack, but if you have a distance between Hugo then you will be able to evade.

▶ How To Beat Coeurl
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After the StormBolts From The Blue

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