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Palworld News

April 29: Palworld Announced New Pals And More!

Summer 2024

During the ID@Xbox Digital Showcase, it has been revealed there will be an addition of new Pal and weapons in an update coming Summer of 2024.

4 New Pals Has Been Revealed!

4 New Pals

The trailer started out in a cherry blossom field filled with new looking Pals. In writing it stated New Pals, and the trailer teased us with 4 new Pals and some action of their attack moves.

Check Out All New Pals!

New Map And Weapons

Cherry Blossom Shrine

The trailer first started in a cherry blossom field which is something new and not seen in the current Palworld map. There were also a few cutscenes with new like weapons that makes us anticipate what is waiting for us in the future. Check out the article below for more update news!

Latest Update & Patch Notes

April 10: Palworld Arena Coming 2024! *Not In Summer As Trailer States

[Official Announcement from Palworld] In the arena teaser, it stated that the arena would release in summer 2024. This was a mistake and should have stated 2024. We are very sorry for this mistake. We are working hard to prepare the arena for you all as soon as possible.

Summer Arena

It has been announced from the Triple-i Initiative live viewing that Palworld will be coming out with Arena Mode in 2024.

The official X has read that you will be battling against other Players with your Pals and yourself. It looks like it is a 4 vs 4 battle and you will be choosing 3 Pals of your choice. There are some Pals that are mountable, but in the trailer we can not confirm if we can ride them during combat or not.

PvP Mode (The Pal Arena) Release

New Pal Might Be Released?


In the trailer, there is a Quivern type Pal shown, but the color is Green! The latest X post does say we will be having a major update that will add a new island with a new species of Pals, new buildings, weapons, so this is something to look forward to!

Latest Update & Patch Notes

April 3: New Pal & Raid Battle Bellanoir Has Appeared

Raid Boss List - Best Base for Raid Battle

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Palworld Pal Tier list
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IV Calculator - Stats Checker

IV Calculator - Stats Checker

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Palworld Map Guides
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Palworld Item & Armor

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Base Pal Work Related Guides

▶How to AssignSolving Why Pals Not Working
▶How to Recover SANHow To Prevent Hunger?
▶How to Heal Pals▶How To Get Rid Of Extra Pals

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How To Increase Stamina-

Structure Techniques

▶Base Building▶ How To Move Storage Chest
How to Make Platform▶How to Build Stairs
▶How to Build Stairway To Heaven▶Base Raid - Defense Guide
▶Not Enough Support - How To Fix How To Prevent Structure Deterioration & Building Decay?
▶Building And Disassemble▶How To Build Second Floor: Base Guide
▶Monitoring Stand - How To Assign Specific Tasks-

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Palworld Beginner Guide

▶Early Game Guide - Beginner Tips & Tricks

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▶Latest Updates & News - Roadmap

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Palworld Game Information

Palworld Game
Official PagePalworld Official Page
GenreOpen World Survival Crafting Game
Available LanguagesJapanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chines (Traditional), French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean

More Than 100 Different Types Of Pals

More Than 100 Different Types Of Pals

In Palworld, there are more than 100 types of mysterious monsters called "Pal". Not only capture Pals or battle against them, you can have them work in your base. This game is a very free open world survival crafting game.

Survival Life In Open World

Survival Life In Open World

The main stage of this game is Open World. Players will work with Pals or other players and enjoy a survival mode in this special world.

Play Multiplayer To Help Each Other

Play Multiplayer To Help Each Other

When you play Multiplayer, there is a maximum of 32 people. Work together with other players and defeat powerful bosses.

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