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Bellanoir Libero Raid Battle Guide - How to Defeat

Bellanoir Libero Raid Battle Guide - How to Defeat

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How to defeat Bellanoir Libero in Palworld. See best Pals to beat the Raid Boss, equipment for the Raid Battle and strats to win and counter the fight against the boss.

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▶Raid Boss List - Best Base for Raid Battle

Bellanoir Libero Stats

Stats And Type

Bellanoir Libero


Weakness DragonDragon
Strength DarkDark
HP 134,548 TypeIceIce



Element Type Changes In 2nd Form

 Element Type Changes In 2nd Form

When Bellanoir Libero takes enough damage, its type changes from Dark to Ice. It starts charging right before it changes to Ice type like in the image above. Then it unleashes an explosive AoE attack that freezes all enemies around it so be warned.

The first form is weak against Dragon type, much like Bellanoir, but once it changes to its second form you won't be able to do much damage with Dragon and Ice. The first form is weak against Dragon type and the second is weak against Fire so its better to have both types in your party.

How To Defeat Bellanoir Libero

How to Start the Raid Battle

  1. Build a base for the Raid Battle
  2. Collect 4 Slab Fragments
  3. Craft the Raid Boss's Slab
  4. Assign Base Pals For Battle
  5. Prepare equipment and Pals
  6. Put Slabs in Summoning Altar
Details on How to Summon Raid Bosses

Summon In Area Suit For Battle

Best Suitable Place for battle

It's best to create a base for the Raid Battle in an open area with a flat surface. The Raid Boss can destroy your buildings using wide range attacks so DO NOT summon the boss in your main base.

Build The Palbox Directly On The Ground

If you put the Palbox on a foundation, it can both get destroyed if the boss destroys the foundation beneath it. This will make you lose the battle so make sure you place the Palbox directly on the ground.

Best Base For Raid Battle

Watch For AoE Attacks

downed Pals

The Raid Boss uses powerful wide-range attacks so having Pals with low defense won't give you much of a chance to win. Don't stay close to your Pal so the boss can't attack you both. Use Pal Souls and the Pal Essence Condenser to increase your Pal's defense.

Much Safer If You Can Fly With Flying Mount Pal

Much Safer If You Can Fly With Flying Mount Pal

Bellanoir Libero attacks with wide range attacks that comes out in rings. To avoid this attack you will need to jump to avoid, so if you fly with Flying Mount Pals then its attacks will be ineffective and much easier to escape the attack. By riding the Pal, you will also be able to avoid many of its attacks so it is recommended to combat while riding the Pal.

Best Flying Mounts

Change World Settings If You Can't Win

Change World Settings If You Lose

If you can't win you can change the "Damage from Player" and "Damage to Pal" multiplier to 5 to make it easier. This will make the battle a lot easier compared to the default setting so consider this as a last resort.

How To Change World Settings

Best Pals For Bellanoir Libero Raid Battle

Recommended Party

PalsPassive Skills
GobfinGobfin ×3
Stronghold Strategist

(First Form)
Stronghold Strategist


Burly Body

(Second Form)
Stronghold Strategist


Burly Body


To increase the Player's Attack power, you will want to carry with you 4 Gobfins that has been condensed, and 1 Pal that you can mount in your team. However, Bellanoir Libero will change its Element as a Second Form during combat, so keeping 3 Gobfins, 1 Chillet for the first formand then Ragnahawk for the 2nd form of combat is recommended.

If you have access to your Palbox during battle, then having 4 Gobfins in your Party and then switch out the Chillet to Ragnahawk midway is recommended.

How To Condense Pals

Best Base Pals

PalsPassive Skills
Jormuntide IgnisJormuntide Ignis 

Muscle Head

Burly Body


Bellanoir Libero's HP is very high at 450,000, so it is very hard to defeat within the 10 min time frame with just the Player and Pals in your party. So you should also place some of your strongest Pals in your base before summoning Bellanoir Libero.

If you make Jormuntide Ignis learn powerful Dragon and Fire skills, it will help you in combat with the Raid Boss.

Best Equipment For Bellanoir Libero Raid Battle

Best Weapons And Armor

WeaponsAssault RifleAssault RifleRocket LauncherRocket Launcher
Head ArmorPal Metal HelmPal Metal Helm
Body ArmorHeat Resistant Pal Metal ArmorHeat Resistant Pal Metal Armor
Cold Resistant Pal Metal ArmorCold Resistant Pal Metal Armor
AccessoriesAttack Pendant +2Attack Pendant +2Attack Pendant +2Attack Pendant +2

Use High Rarity Equipment

Use High Rarity Equipment

Equipment crafted using schematics are far more powerful than the ones from the Technology Tree so use equipment with the highest rarity that you have. Legendary Schematics (+4) are very rare so you can also use lower tier ones (1-3) if you don't have it.

Legendary Schematics Guide

Food With Buffs

Also use food that gives your buffs (increases stats). It will increase the player's attack and defense for a period of time and also works with Pals.

Best Food For Pals

Best Foods

Base PalPlayer

Mozzarina CheeseburgerMozzarina Cheeseburger

How To Capture Bellanoir Libero And Rewards


List of Rewards
- Huge Dark Egg (Bellanoir Libero hatches)
- Jewels (Sell item)
- Multiclimate Undershirt +2
- Training Manual (XL)
- Ancient Civilization Parts
- Ancient Civilization Core
- Fruit (Power, Life, or Stout)
- Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) Slab

All players that fought will obtain rewards. However you won't get any rewards if you let the other players do all the damage so make sure you join in the fight.

Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) Slab

Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) Slab

By defeating the Bellanoir Libero, you can obtain the Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) Slab. Offer this Slab at the Summoning Altar to battle Bellanoir Libero (Ultra).

Receive Bellanoir Libero Egg As A Reward

As a reward, you can get the Bellanoir Libero Egg and hatch it. It looks like a normal Huge Dark Egg so don't forget to put it in the incubator as soon as you get it.

Can Not Be Caught With Pal Sphere

Pal Spheres are not effective against Raid Bosses and you can not catch it. Even if you weaken it in battle, throwing a Sphere will not work.

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