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IV Calculator - Stats & Potential Checker

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IV Calculator and Potential Checker for Palworld. See what is IV, how it works, how to calculate and how to obtain Pals with the highest Potential.

Changes In V0.2.0.6 Update

IV (Potential) Calculator

New Pal System Mechanics

You Can Now Easily Check Pal's Potential (IV) With Ability Glasses

The Ability Glasses are a game-changer for Pal owners, as they provide instant access to stats for both Base and wild Pals. This item streamlines the process of making informed decisions based on Pal IVs in capturing, assigning tasks, and forming a Party. By evaluating strengths and weaknesses, you can create well-balanced teams that align with your strategy, making them more effective in battle.

Ability Glasses

Use IV Calculator If Below Level 34

The Ability Glasses are unlocked at Technology Level 34, so you won't be able to use them right away when starting the game. Until you can use the Ability Glasses, please make use of our IV Calculator below.

▼Click Here To Check IV Calculator

New Stat Boosting Fruit Items Have Been Added

Power Fruit Image

Defeating the raid boss Bellanoir Libero grants you access to a fruit that boosts Pal's stats. Using these fruits improves Pal that have low base stats initially.

Power FruitStrengthen Pal's attack power
Life FruitStrengthen Pal's HP
Stout FruitStrengthen Pal's Defense power
Bellanoir Libero Raid Battle Guide

The HP Of Legendary Pals Has Been Adjusted

Previously, Legendary Pals stood out for its significantly higher HP compared to other Pals. For instance, a wild-caught Jetragon often had over 10,000 HP. However, an update has balanced this gap, adjusting Legendary Pal's HP to match those of bred Pals.

Bug FixThe Ver Update includes adjustments to the HP of the Legendary Pal and addressed an issue where the difference in HP between the captured Legendary Pal and the bred Legendary Pal was too large.

How To Calculate IV

  • Use the Base Stats only
  • Don't forget to enter Pal Souls and Condenser values
  • Results not accurate with low level Pals

Use The Base Stats Only

enter base stats

Open the Pal Stats screen and move your cursor to the values under Stats. There you can check the Base Stats unaffected by any Passive Skills. You will need to enter the Base Stats on the left.

Enter Pal Souls And Condenser Values

times condensed and soul pals used

Don't forget to enter the number of stars (times Condensed) and Pal Souls used. If you want to check how many Pal Souls were used, put the Pal in your party and go to a Statue of Power.

Results Not Accurate At Low Level

The IV doesn't make much of a difference at a low level so the results won't be accurate. You can expect more accurate results starting from about level 10.

Use IV Calculator

How To Use Calculator

1▼Enter Pal stats in the IV Calculator
2▼Enter number of Condensed / Pal Souls used
3▼See IV results
4▼Check values again if it doesn't work
5▼Save and compare results

1. Enter Pal Stats In IV Calculator

enter values

Select the Pal you want to check and enter the Level and stats in the IV Calculator. If the stats are being affected by Passive Skills, be sure you enter the Base Stats which can be seen by moving your cursor to the values under Stats.

Level Up Your Pal To Level 10

The results will be more accurate with higher level Pals, so we recommend using this with Pals at Level 10 or higher.

2. Enter Number Of Condensed / Pal Souls Used

number of times condensed and pal souls used

If your Pal is Condensed or you used Pal Souls on them, you need to enter that as well. You can leave this empty if you haven't done so yet. You can reset these values to zero if you click on the X button.

Check Number At Statue Of Power

The number of Pal Souls shown in the Pal stats screen is the total number used for HP, ATK, DEF, and work speed. If you want to check the number used for each one, put the Pal in your party and go to a Statue of Power.

3. See IV results

IV calculator results

If you entered the values correctly, you should be able to see the Pal's IV value. You can also see the predicted stats at Level 50.

4. Check Values If It Doesn't Work

  • Check if you are using the Base Stats
  • Check if you entered the number of Condensed / Soul Pals used
  • Check the Level and selected Pal

5. Save And Compare Results

saved favorite results

You can save your results in your browser by clicking "Temporarily Save Results". You can switch between "All IV Stats" and "Saved Results" so you can compare multiple Pals.

What Is IV?

Each Pal Has A Set Value For Level Ups

comparing same level pals

IV, or Potential, is the value that determines how much the stats increase when Pals level up, and each Pal has a different set value. The IV is why each Pal has different HP, ATK and DEF stats even if they are the same species.

Makes Bigger Difference At Higher Levels

The IV makes a difference every time a Pal's level goes up, so even if it doesn't make a big difference at a low level, the difference will grow bigger and bigger as they level up.

No Need To Mind IV For Base Pals

IV doesn't affect stats for working at a base such as working speed, so you only need to check the IV for Pals that are needed for battle.

Max IV is 30%

The IV is between 0% and 30%. Whether you catch a Pal in the wild or you breed an Egg, the IV is always random.

Difference Caused By IV (Eg. Jormuntide Lvl 50)

IV 0%IV 30%
HP40004975 (+975)
ATK550685 (+135)
DEF425537 (+112)

Lucky And Alpha Pals Have Min. 15%

lucky and alpha pals

The IV for Lucky Pals and Alpha Pals is at least 15% for all 3 stat values. You will see an Icon above their name in the stats screen and their size is larger than normal.

Breeding Pals With High IV

Pals that were born in a Breeding Farm have a high chance of having the same IV as their Parents. It is nearly impossible to catch a Pal in the wild that has all 3 IVs maxed out, so if you find a Pal with one of the IVs maxed out, breed Pals from there to create one with all 3 max IVs.

Passive Skills Are Also Important

When you start Breeding, you don't just want high IV stats but also good passive skills that increases stats as well. You'll want skills like Legend or Musclehead that greatly increases ATK and DEF for Pals you will be using in battle.

IV Breeding Guide

Important Pal Stats

Core Stat Values

Basic ValueAll Pals have the same value, "HP 500 / ATK 100 / DEF 50" to begin with. Each time the level goes up by 1 (including Lvl 0 to Lvl 1) the stats increase according to the IV and Species Value.
IVAll Pals have a random value fixed to them. This affects how much the stats increase when they level up. The IV is the reason the same Pal species can have different HP, ATK and DEF stats.
Species ValueThere is a fixed value for every Pal species. This affects how much the stats increase when they level up. This value represents the strength of each species. For example, Jormuntide has higher stats than Lamball and this value shows that.

Other Factors

Pal CondenserEach time you Condense Pals, they get a 5% increase for HP, ATK and DEF. You can do this up to 4 times, making it a total of a 20% increase.
▶See How To Condense Pals
Pal SoulsYou can consume Pal Souls at a Statue of Power to increase HP, ATK, DEF and Work Speed. Each stat has 10 tiers and can provide an increase of up to 30%.
▶ Learn About Pal Souls
Passive SkillsSkills such as Legend and Musclehead also affect stats. There are also some Passive Skills that decrease stats.
▶ See Passive Skill List
Pal StatusIf a Pal is hungry / starving or are capped by a Level Sync (when a Pal's level is higher than the Player) the Pal's stats temporarily decrease.

IV Formula

This IV Formula Is Based On A Reddit Post

The formula used for this IV calculator is based on the information below posted on Reddit. The formula is below.

Pal Stat Mechanics: Hidden IVs, Level-Up Stats, and IV/Stat Calculator.
byu/blahable inPalworld

Stats Formula

HP Stats Formula

HP Actual Value = {500+[HP Species Value ×0.5×(1+HP IV%)×Level]+(5×Level)}
×(1+Passive Skill Bonus%)
×(1+Pal Soul Bonus%)
×(1+Pal Condense Bonus%)

Attack Stats Formula

Attack Actual Value ={100+[ATK Species Value ×0.075×(1+ATK IV%)×Level]}
×(1+Passive Skill Bonus%)
×(1+Pal Soul Bonus%)
×(1+Pal Condense Bonus%)

Defense Stats Formula

Defense Actual Value ={50+[DEF Species Value ×0.075×(1+DEF IV%)×Level]}
×(1+Passive Skill Bonus%)
×(1+Pal Soul Bonus%)
×(1+Pal Condense Bonus%)

IV(%) Formula

*Values are rounded up\down for calculation so the IV end results are not exact numbers.

IV(%): 30% → 0.3

HP IV Formula

HP IV% =({[HP Actual Value / (1 + Condense Bonus%) / (1 + Pal Soul Bonus%) / (1 + Passive Bonus%)] - 500 - (5 × Level)} / HP Species Value / 0.5 / Level) - 1

Attack IV Formula

Attack IV% =({[ATK Actual Value / (1 + Condense Bonus%) / (1 + Pal Soul Bonus%) / (1 + Passive Bonus%)] - 100} / ATK Species Value / 0.075 / Level) - 1

Defense IV Formula

Defense IV% =({[DEF Actual Value / (1 + Condense Bonus%) / (1 + Pal Soul Bonus%) / (1 + Passive Bonus%)] - 50} / DEF Species Value / 0.075 / Level) - 1

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