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Palworld Featured Articles

Recommended For Early Games

Early Game Guide - Beginner Tips

Recommended Pal Articles

Recommended Interactive Map

Full Interactive Map

Recommended Item & Equipment

All Sphere
All Sphere
Best Foods - How To Get & Farm and Feed Pals
Best Foods
All Equipment
Equipment List
Mass-producing Cakes
Farming Cakes
Legendary Schematics
Legendary Schematics
schematic guide
Pure Quartz Base
Pure Quartz Base
Coal Base
Coal Base
Sulfur Base
Sulfur Base
Ore Base
Ore Base
High Demand Materials
Paldium FragmentAncient Civilization PartsWheat Seeds
HoneyPal FluidsHigh Quality Pal Oil

Palworld Pals Tier List

Pal List

Pals List
Best Pals Tier List

Palworld Pals Data

List of All Pals - Paldeck

Pals List


Work Suitability

Pal Role List

All Mount PalsFlying PalsRiding Pals
Equipable PalsBest Base Pals-


Partner SkillsActive SkillsPassive Skills
Best Active SkillsBest Passive Skills

Palworld Map Information

Map Information
Full Interactive Map

All Interactive Map List

Boss Guides

Palworld Items and Materials

Item and Materials
All Items
All Items
All Technology
All Technology
All Buildings
Weapon Tier List

List By Category

SphereSphereMaterialsMaterialFoodsFoodconsumable ItemsConsumable Item
key Itemskey ItemsSaddleSaddle

Frequently Used Items

Paldium FragmentPaldium FragmentAncient Civilization PartsAncient Civilization PartsWheat SeedsWheat Seeds
OreOreCoalCoalPure QuartzPure Quartz
Electric OrganElectric OrganPal FluidsPal FluidsHigh Quality Pal OilHigh Quality Pal Oil

Palworld Beginner Tips

Early Game Guide

Articles Recommended Before Purchasing

Latest Updates & News - Roadmap

Palworld Useful Guide

Information You Should Know

Base Related Information

Pal Related Information

Best Pals For EarlyBreeding Calculator
▶Elemental CompatibilitySAN - How To Recover
How To Capture Pals▶Human Capture
How To Hatch EggsLucky Pals
▶How To Increase Movement SpeedHow To Condense
How To Heal Pals Injuries and Sickness▶How To Heal Bulimia
▶How to cure a Cold▶How To Cure a Sprain
▶How to Cure Gastric Ulcers▶How to Heal Fractures
▶How To Cure Debility▶How To Cure Depression
Disassembly Mode Guide▶How To Heal Hunger
How To Heal HP▶How To Ride Pal
How To Revive Pals

Item Related Information

▶How To Craft Sphere▶How To Craft Saddle
How to Farm & Use Raw FoodPal Soul - How To Get & Uses
▶Chest Movement and CapacityBest Foods & How to Feed Pal

System Related Articles

Character Creation▶Recommended Settings
Controller Settings GuideHow To Save
Carrying Capacity GuideDeath Penalty System
Multiplayer GuideCan Pals Evolve - Breeding System
Story Mode▶How To Change Name
How To Remove Wanted▶Difference Between Solo And Multiplayer
▶How To Create A Guild▶Does It Support VRM?
Points Of No ReturnBest Server Settings
Connection Timed Out

Palworld Game Information

Palworld Guide|Palworld picture
Official PagePalworld Official Site
GenreOpen World Survival Crafting Game
Available LanguagesJapanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chines (Traditional), French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean

More Than 100 Different Types Of Pals

More than 100 types of Mysterious Monsters

In Palworld, there are more than 100 types of mysterious monsters called "Pal". Not only capture Pals or battle against them, you can have them work in your base. This game is a very free open world survival crafting game.

Survival Life In Open World

Survival Life in Open World

The main stage of this game is Open World. Players will work with Pals or other players and enjoy a survival mode in this special world.

Play Multiplayer To Help Each Other

Can Play Multi-Player

When you play Multiplayer, there is a maximum of 32 people. Work together with other players and defeat powerful bosses.

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