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How To Assign Pal To Task

How To Assign Pal To Task

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How to Assign Pal to Task In Palworld. See how to assign to task and jobs, how to to fix Pals that can't be assigned, how to assign to structures, assigning priority level & more!

Table of Contents

How To Fix Pal That Can't Be Assigned

  • Check If Structure Meets Work Suitability Of The Pal
  • Check If Pal's Sanity Is Not Low
  • Build A Base Which Pals Can Move Around Smoothly
  • Directly Assisgn Pals
  • Restart The Game

Check If Structure Meets Work Suitability Of The Pal

Check If Structure Meets Work Suitability Of The Pal

First of all, check if the structure matches Pals' work suitability. Pal will not work if there is no building that matches with work suitability. It is the most important category, so make sure to check.

Some Ores Can't Be Mined Depending On Suitability Level

Level 1Level 2Level 3~
Pure Quartz××

Depending on the Mining suitability level Ores you can mine are different. Pals with Mining Suitability level above 3 can mine every type of Ores.

Check If Pal's Sanity Is Not Low

How To Fix Pals Not Assigned

If Pal's Sanity decreases to a certain point,they will start taking breaks and are more prone to injuries and sickness. This will reduce the assigned rate so make sure to check Pal's Sanity regularly and try to maintain high Sanity.

Utilise Pal Bed And Hotspring To Recover Sanity

Image of hotspring

Building Hotspring and Pal Bed in the base to recover Sanity automatically. If you're building a base, these should be a priority.

▶SAN - How To Recover & Increase Pal Sanity?

Build A Base Which Pals Can Move Around Smoothly


Location with a big bump or rough ground can affect Pals's work efficiency. Pals dropping or getting stuck might cause Pals, not workings, so check frequently if the base is built appropriately.

▶Pals Getting Stuck In Base - How To Fix

Directly Assisgn Pals


Pals with multiple work suitabilities might not do the work you want. In that case, pick up the Pal and throw them at the intended workplace to assign them there.

Each Work Has A Different Priority Level

Each workstation has a different priority, and Pals with multiple work suitability will do tasks with this priority If there is high priority work in the base work with low priority will be left, so you will have to work around it.

Restart Game

How To Fix Pals Not Assigned

The reason causing Pals to not assign might be a game glitch. Going back to the title of restarting the game might fix the problem.

How To Assign

Place Pals With Appropriate Work Suitability

How To Fix Pals Not Assigned

Check required work suitability for each workstation and place appropriate Pals. If the work suitability matches .

Type Of Work Suitability
Generating ElectricityGenerating ElectricityHandiworkHandiworkGatheringGathering
LumberingLumberingMiningMiningMedicine ProductionMedicine Production

Throw Pal To Manually Assign

How To Fix Pals not Assigned

Throwing Pal to structure (V key, △ button or Y button ) will manually assign work. Even if you're manually assigning the work, the Pal will need appropriate work Suitability, so be careful.

Check For Popup After Assigning


Whether you succeeded or failed in assigning Pal to work can be checked from the message that pops on the left side of the screen after throwing the Pal to structure. If this message does not show up, there is a chance Pal is not properly assigned so try again.

What Is To Assign?

Work At One Of The Structure

How To Fix Pals not Assigned

Assign is to let Pals do specific work in the base. Assigned Pals will be automatically working on work which follows their work suitability. Once you create a base, assign Pals to work.

Multiple Pals Can Be Assigned Together

How To Fix Pals not Assigned

When crafting items or other, if there are multiple Pals with appropriate work suitability then multiple of them will start working on it together. More Pals working together will shorten work time so utilize it.

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