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Lily and Lyleen Guide: How To Catch & Defeat

Lily and Lyleen Guide: How To Catch & Defeat

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Lily and Lyleen Guide in Palworld. Check for location, recommended level, how to defeat, best Pals to bring, how to capture Lily & Lyleen, and more!

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Lily's Location & Recommended Level To Defeat

Recommended Level And Status

Lily and Lyleen
RecommendedLvl 30
TypeGrass TypeGrass
WeaknessFire TypeFire

The recommended level of defeating Lily is around Lvl 30. Having Fire type Pals is a must and would greatly help the battle.

▶Best Way To Level Up Fast

Can Be Found At Free Pal Alliance Tower

MapImage of Location
Location of Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance
Image of Location

Lily appears at Free Pal Alliance Tower, which can be accessed by heading straight north from the Plateau of Beginnings at the top of the snow mountain. You will get damage from the cold even if you're equipped with Cold Resistance armors so make sure to unlock nearby fast travel during the daytime.

Tower Location Map

How To Defeat Lily & Recommended Pals

Recommended Pals List

PalsType / Characteristics
Fire PalsFireDark PalsDark
- Will take less damage being Fire Element
- Increase damage by dealing Super effective attack while riding.
 Fire Pals Fire
- Will take less damage being Fire Element
- Fighting together will apply Fire damage to Player's attack
Fire TypeFire
- Will take less damage being Fire Element
- Can be captured near Free Pal Alliance Tower
- Nocturnal Pal, catch during the night
Fire TypeFire
- Will take less damage being Fire Element
- Foxparks's Harness to turn into a flamethrower.
Gobfin IgnisGobfin Ignis
Fire PalsFire
- Will take less damage being Fire Element
- Increase attack while they are in the team
Fire PalsFire
- Will take less damage being Fire Element
- Enhances Fire type Pal attack while in team
Dark PalsDark
- Not Fire element, but recommended
- While in team, appears near the player. Follows up player attacks with magic bullets.
Will need Daedream's Necklace
- If you have an extra spot in the team, having Daedream would be useful.

Fight With Effective Fire Element Pals

Since Lily is a Grass element Pal, Fire element Pals is recommended as it will give you an advantage. This will reduce incoming damage and deal more damage against the boss.

Make Sure To Equip Shield

Make sure to have shield equipped

Lily will deal a lot of damage so if you have not leveled up HP, you can get one shot even if you're above level 30. It is recommended to challenge after unlocking and crafting a Shield from technology.

List of Shiled and How To Unlock

CraftHow To Unlock / Stats/ Material
Common ShieldCommon ShieldRequired Player Level 4
Shield Health:100
Paldium Fragment ×10
Wood ×20
Stone ×20
Fiber ×10
Mega ShieldMega ShieldRequired Player Level 16
Shield Health: 260
Ancient Civilization Parts ×5
Paldium Fragment ×30
Giga ShieldGiga ShieldRequired Player Level 28
Shield Health: 540
Ancient Civilization Parts ×15
Paldium Fragment ×50
Hyper ShieldHyper ShieldRequired Player Level 43
Shield Health: 1045
Ancient Civilization Parts ×30
Paldium Fragment ×100

Attack From Behind If You're Not The Target

Attack from Behind

You only have 10 minutes to defeat the boss so you will also have to attack to finish the battle within the time limit. If Lily is focusing on your Pal, you can attack them from behind with your own weapon.

Safer With Long Range Weapon

Lily will sometimes attack long range, so even if you're not targeted, you might get attacked. To be safe, you may want to use long-range weapons such as Bows to attack from a distance. Weapons with Fire-element will be very useful such as the Fire Bow and Fire Arrow Crossbow, as these weapons deal fire-element damage.

▶Best Weapons Tier List

Roll To Dodge If You're Being Attacked

Rolling Action
KeyboardCtrl Key
Xbox ControllerB Button
PlayStation Controller◯ Button

You're being targeted if Lily is facing towards you, so roll at the timing of attack to dodge. Get behind the pillar to block all-range attacks.

Wait Until Waterball Comes Near To Dodge

The water ball shot from the top of Lily's head deals a large amount of damage. Fortunately, the water ball is slow so you can time your roll to dodge it.

Root Attack From The Ground After Long Charge

Extra long charge means it will attack from the ground using roots. It has a long charge time, but it comes at you fast and deals lots of damage, so carefully run away from the roots.

Poison Mist If Lily Starts Chasing You

Lily will use Poison Mist if it gets close to the player. Poison Mist has a huge radius making it hard to dodge, and getting hit will cause poison status dealing damage over time. Lily will chase after the player, so wait until it starts its attack motion then get away as soon as possible.

Stepping On Seeds Will Cause Damage

Seed Bomb will spread small seeds on the floor which will damage upon stepping on it, so try not to get close until it disappears.

Adjust Damage Multiplier To Reduce Difficulty

Image of how to defeat lily
Damage From Player multiplierSet to 5 (Max)
Damage To Player multiplierSet to 0.1 (Min)

If you cannot defeat them or want to make it easier, you can adjust the damage in the Settings menu. It may feel less rewarding, but you can defeat Lily much easier.

How To Capture Lily

Impossible To Catch After Update Ver 1.5.0

An update released on Feb 27 fixed the bug that was making it possible to catch tower bosses. They stated that the fix was unintentional, but it is not certain if catching a tower boss will become an option again.

How To Capture Lily (Not Possible In Current Version)

  1. Unlock Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance Fast Travel
  2. Become Wanted then enter Free Pal Alliance Tower
  3. Lure PIDF to attack Lily
  4. Capture Boss after Lily stops moving
  5. Go back to title screen and log back in
Unlock Fast Travel At Tower Entrance
Location of Free Pal Alliance

First, head to Free Pal Alliance Tower, then unlock fast travel near the tower's entrance. You can get there by heading north from the Plateau of Beginnings at the top of the mountain.

Become Wanted Then Enter Free Pal Alliance Tower

Next step is to becomewantedby attacking an NPC. You cannot become wanted from your Pals attacking, so the Player needs to attack. Once you are wanted, quickly travel to Rayne Syndicate Tower and enter.

Small Settlement Is The Nearest
Small Settlement Is The Near

There is no PIDF near Free Pal Alliance. The nearest NPC is at the Small Settlement which is South West from the tower.

Lure PIDF To Attack Lily

If you followed the steps above to start the Boss Battle, the PIDF should spawn inside. Now have them attack Lily.

Capture Boss After Lily Stops Moving

After the PIDF attacks Lily, wait for a while and it will start walking outside the ring then stop moving. You can capture the Boss once this happens, so throw your Pal Sphere to catch it.

Go Back To Title Screen And Log Back In
Go Back To Title Scree

Once captured, open the menu and go back to the title screen. The Wanted Level will be gone once you enter the world again. You should see Lily & Lyleen in the Paldeck or team.

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