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Journey Walkthrough - How to Finish Tutorial

Journey Walkthrough - How to Finish Tutorial

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Journey guide for Palworld. See how to progress the tutorial, how to defeat the first tower boss, what to do after the tutorial, early game tips and more!

Early Game Guide

Table of Contents

Journey Walkthrough

Steps To Complete Journey

Pick up wood or gather them from trees
Pick upCut Trees
wood on the ground

Once you start the game, pick up wood from the ground or gather them by cutting down trees. It takes too much time punching trees, so it is easier to just pick them up in the area where you start the game

Check the Survival Guide from the menu
survival guide

Open the Survival Guide from the options screen and check the basic things you need to know about game. It also tells you the objective of the game and some terminology.

Build a Primitive Workbench from the building menu
primitive workbench
Primitive WorkbenchPrimitive Workbench- Wood ×2

Open the building menu and build a Primitive Workbench. You can craft a number of items using it, and you will have more options to build once you level up.

Craft a Pickaxe and Axe
Stone PickaxeStone Pickaxe- Stones ×5
- Wood ×5
Stone AxeStone Axe- Stones ×5
- Wood ×5

Once you have your workbench, craft a Stone Pickaxe and Stone Axe. Use the pickaxe to gather stones and the axe to gather wood from trees. You can obtain the materials for the equipment by picking up wood and punching rocks.

Unlock the Pal Sphere
technology tree pal sphere

Unlock the Pal Sphere from the Technology Tree. It shows you the necessary materials to craft it, but you only need to unlock the recipe at this point.

Craft a Pal Sphere
Use the workbench to make a Pal Sphere
Pal SpherePal Sphere- Paldium Fragment ×1
- Wood ×3
- Stones ×3

Pal Spheres can be crafted at the Primitive Workbench. You'll need 1 Paldium Fragment, 1 Wood and 3 Stones for each one you want to craft.

Finding Paldium Fragments
Paldium Fragment

You need Paldium Fragment to craft Pal Spheres and you can get them from the blue rocks you find on the ground. Use the pickaxe or punch them to obtain them. Sometimes you can just pick them up from the ground.

Attack the Pal before catching them
catching Pals

It will be difficult to catch high level Pals, so stick to catching Pals from level 1 to 3 for now. The capture rate will become a lot higher if you attack them with your axe or pickaxe and lower their HP down to half.

How To Capture Pals
Unlock Palbox
technology tree palbox

Unlock the Palbox from the Technology Tree. It shows you the necessary materials to craft it, but you only need to unlock the recipe at this point.

Build the Palbox to start your base
PalboxPalbox- Paldium Fragment ×1
- Wood ×8
- Stones ×3

Build the Palbox from the building menu. The Palbox will become the center of your base so keep that in mind when choosing where to place it.

Best Base Locations
Summon Pals in the base from the Palbox
summon pal in base

Choose "Palbox Management Menu" from the Palbox. Then it will appear in your base.

Use Food in your Inventory
hunger meter

To consume any food, select it from your inventory and choose whether to give it to your Pals or eat it yourself. Both the Player and Pals have a hunger meter. Staying hungry or having the starving state will weaken the Player or Pal. Always keep an eye on the hunger meter and make sure no one starves.

Best Food - How & What To Feed Pals
Increase Player Stats
increase stats

You receive Stat Points every time the player levels up and you can consume it to increase your stats. You can do this from the box on the bottom right of the inventory screen. We recommend you prioritize increasing Weight.

Best Stats To Upgrade First
Catch 5 Lamballs

Lamballs look like little round sheep. It's hard to catch them when they have full health so attack them before you throw a Pal Sphere.

Catch 30 Pals

You need to catch 30 Pals of any kind. You will get an XP bonus for catching 10 of the same kind so try to catch at least 10 for every kind you find.

Reach Base Level 7
level 7 base

You can raise the base level by completing certain missions. Some of these require unlocking specific structures from the Technology Tree. If you aren't able to unlock them because of your Player level, you need to level up first.

List of missions up to Base Level 7
- Build Wooden Chest
- Deploy a work Pal to the base
- Max Pals Working at Base 1→2
- Build Primitive Workbench
- Build Shoddy Bed
- Max Pals Working at Base 2→3
- Build Feed Box
- Build Straw Pal Bed ×3
- Max Pals Working at Base 3→4
- Build Campfire
- Build Berry Plantation
- Deploy a work Pal to the base ×4
- Max Pals Working at Base 4→5
- Build Pal Gear Workbench
- Build Statue of Power
- Max Pals Working at Base 5→6
- Build Crusher
- Build Stone Pit
- Build Logging Site
- Max Pals Working at Base 6→7
- Build Hot Spring
- Build Primitive Furnace
- Build Berry Plantation ×2
- Max Pals Working at Base 7→8
Defeat Rayne Syndicate Tower Boss
Recommended Lvl & Stats
Tower boss
Recommended LvlLvl 20
Zoe and Grizzbolt Guide

We recommend you wait until you are about level 20. You won't be able to defeat them at a low level so level up your Pals first.

Rayne Syndicate Tower
rayne syndicate tower map location
rayne syndicate tower image

Zoe can be found at the Rayne Syndicate Tower. You can enter the tower from the entrance at the bottom of the tower.

Recommended Pals

- Strong against boss element type, reduced incoming damage
- Learns Ground type skill at Lvl 7
- Learns more powerful Ground type skill at Lvl 30

GrassGrass GroundGround
- Strong against boss element type, reduced incoming damage
- Learns Ground type skill at Lvl 7
- Learns more powerful Ground type skill at Lvl 22

- Not Ground type but useful
- Performs follow up attacks when in party
*Daedream's Necklace required

Ground Type Pals Work Best

It's best to fight Zoe using Ground type Pals since they are strong against the Electric Type boss. You take less damage and can deal increased damage using Ground Type skills.

Tutorial Has Been Updated

There was an update on April 3rd and now the Tutorial is called Journey, which is an extended version with more missions to complete.

*List is currently being updated.

Journey Quests
Craft Common Shield
Once you capture Foxparks, unlock Foxpark's Harness in the Technology screen and craft it at Pal Gear Workbench.
Craft and equip the Normal Parachute, then press space again while jumping.
Capture or subdue Alpha Chillet to acquire Ancient Technology points.
Build Egg Incubator.
Visit Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings, and capture or subdue Penking to acquire Ancient Technology Points.
Craft Small Feed Bag.
Visit No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary and try to capture Eikthyrdeer Terra.
Head towards the Frostbound Mountains, and fight the boss at the Free Pal Alliance Tower.
Head towards the Dessicated Desert, and challenge the boss at the PIDF Tower.

How To Turn Off Journey Menu

turning Off Journey Menu

If you are not interested in proceeding the Journey, then you can hide it from your game display. Head to Game Settings and on the UI tab, you will see the button to not display the Journey menu.

No Special EXP

You do not receive any EXP for completing a Journey quest. You do receive EXP for normally completing the task itself like defeating an Alpha Pal.

Game After The Tutorial

Things To Do While Completing Journey

Here are some other things you can do while you complete the Journey missions.

1Catch a flying Pal to make travel easier
2Discover new areas in the map
3Move your base to a better location
4Defeat new bosses
5Get new Pals and skills by Breeding
6Catch Legendary Pals

Catch A Flying Pal To Make Travel Easier

RecommendedType/Work Suitability

KindlingKindling Lvl 1
TransportingTransporting Lvl 3

Be sure to get a Pal that can fly, you may want to do so even before you finish the tutorial. You won't have to worry about the terrain when exploring, and it will make travelling a lot easier. We recommend Vanwyrm with its decent speed.

Best Mount & Ride Pal List - Fastest Pals

Discover New Areas In The Map


Once you finish the tutorial, go explore the areas that are blacked out on the map. You can find new Pals, Fast Travel points, and Lifmunk Effigies which can be used to increase your Capture Rate and treasure chests.

Full Map Interactive - How To Open The Map?

Move Your Base To A Better Location

flat area for a base

You can consider moving your base once you get used to the game. Each area has different resources around them, so look for an area that has the resources you need.

Best Base Locations

Defeat New Bosses

all tower bosses

The boss in the Rayne Syndicate Tower is only one of the bosses in the game. There are Alpha Pals roaming on the map and also bosses inside dungeons.

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Get New Pals And Skills By Breeding

suzaku aqua breeding combo

You can also get new Pals by breeding. In fact, some Pals can only be obtained by breeding so you should try many combinations. The parents' skills will be transferred to the child so you can make more powerful Pals by breeding.

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Catch Legendary Pals

legendary pal

There are also Pals called Legendary Pals in the game. You can try catching some of these Pals once you are ready. However, Legendary Pals are very strong and you will need to be around Lvl 45-50 if you want a chance against these Pals.

Legendary Pals Map Location

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