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Health - How To Heal & Recover Low HP?

Health - How To Heal & Recover Low HP?

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How to heal and recover health (HP) in Palworld. Check how healing works, revive downed Pals, regen incapacitated, regain HP, fix low health, recovery tips, healing items and more!

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How To Heal HP

Consume Food To Regenerate Health

health and food meter

Consuming food is the main method of healing in Palworld. Your HP heals every second little by little, so you can just wait until you fully heal. Make sure to always have enough food to restore to restore health.

Tips!Same as the Player, Pals heal by consuming food and regenerating HP over time. Hungry Pals have a chance to get injured and sick.

HP Reduces While Starving

StatusHunger Level / Effect
Hungry1 - 30
・Reduced Damage, Defense, and Workspeed by 20%
・Reduced Damage, Defense, and Workspeed by 50%
・Lose HP every second

When your Hunger Meter reaches 0, HP will rapidly decrease. You will not die from hunger as HP will not drop below 1 from starvation, but it does have adverse effects that can affect performance so make sure to heal as fast as you can.

How To Prevent Starvation

You Can Also Use Recovery Medicines To Heal HP

You can also use medicine items like the Recovery Medicine that can restore HP overtime while healing wounds which was recently added in the recent update. You can craft it in the Electric Medicine Workbench.

Recovery Meds & Effects

MedicineEffects & Required Materials
Low Quality Recovery MedsLow Quality Recovery Meds- Heals wounds over time.
- Low quality, but restores some Health.
Cavern Mushroom ×3
Red Berries ×5
Pal Fluids ×2

Recovery MedsRecovery Meds
- Heals wounds over time.
- Restores a decent amount of Health.
Cavern Mushroom ×5
Red Berries ×5
Pal Fluids ×5
High Quality Recovery MedsHigh Quality Recovery Meds- Heals wounds over time.
- High quality; restores a lot of Health.
Cavern Mushroom ×10
Red Berries ×20
High Quality Pal Oil ×5
Cotton Candy ×7
Sulfur ×5

How To Heal Pals Using-Medicines

Sleep In The Bed

bed at base

Daytime- HP will slowly heal
Nighttime- HP will fully heal
- Advance time to daytime

Sleeping in the bed will heal your health. You will slowly heal your health if you sleep during the day and will fully heal and advance the time to daytime if you sleep during night time. Increasing the quality of the bed will also increase healing speed, so make sure to build a high-quality bed in your base.

Tips!If you're playing multiplayer, everyone in the session has to go to sleep to skip to the next day.

Use Pals With Healing Skill

PalPartner Skil Effects
ChorozoTeafantWhen activated, spouts mysterious water that soothes wounds and restores the player's Health.
lawmanPromises While fighting together, grants the player and Lovander the life steal effect which absorbs some of the received damage and restores Health.

Some Pals have skills that can heal a player's HP. This can be very useful if you're low on HP during exploration.

Tips!Some Pals like Lifmunk drop Low Grade Medical Supplies, which can be useful for treating Pal ailments like Starvation, Cold and Sprains. You can collect them on your way instead of heading back to the base to craft.

Downed Pal Can Be Revived In Palbox

downed Pal in Pal Box

Incapacitated Pals can only be healed by placing them in a Palbox. It will take some time to heal so finish other tasks while waiting.

Low HP Effects

Risk Of Getting Knocked Out Increases

pal incapacitated

Having low HP in critical situations may risk your Character and Pals from getting incapacitated. It is important to heal quickly to prevent the HP gauge from turning red to avoid being defeated and losing progress.

Items And Pals Will Be Dropped Upon Character Death

death penalty

You will lose current items in your inventory and captured Pals when you have not set the Death Penalty to No Drop in the World Settings. You can later get them again after you respawn.

Note! Items dropped by players after death on a dedicated server can now be picked up by anyone after 24 hours of real-time have passed.

Will Be Transferred Back To Respawn Point

defeated image

If your character's HP reaches 0, you will need to respawn back to the starting locations. It may be a hassle if you have been traveling for quite some time, especially if the destination is far from the nearest Fast Travel location.

Fast Travel Locations

Low HP Pals Are Prone To Injuries

Pals that have been damaged from combat may suffer from injuries which can greatly affect their performance. They may also develop additional status ailments if not treated immediately.

How To Cure Status Ailments

HP Tips

Increase Health Stats

To enhance your character's or Pal's survivability in battle, you can prioritize enhancing the HP pool gauge in the early stages of the game. This will make your character and party more durable in combat.

Ways To Increase HP
Character- EXP Farming
Pals- Pal Condenser
- Pal Souls

Use Items Like Life Fruits

New consumable items like Life Fruit can enhance your Pal's HP stat when used. You can use this on squishy Pals to make them last longer in battle.

Best Stats To Upgrade & How To Reset

Life Pendant Can Boost HP When Equipped

There are certain accessories that you can find from chest which you can equip your character with, such as the Life Pendant, that gives your character a slight health buff.

Treasure Chest Locations

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