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Ore - How To Get & Base Farm Locations

Ore - How To Get & Base Farm Locations

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How to get Ore in Palworld. Learn Ore map locations, how to farm Ores fast, build Ore base, respawn time, how to automate Ore production, best mining Pals and get Coal & Ore drops.

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Best Ore Locations

Ore Map Location Tool

The map tool shows where you can collect a large amount of Ores. The numbers represent the quantity of ores that can be obtained.

Full Mining Location Map

Ore Respawn Time Is 35 Minutes

The Ore respawns after 35 minutes of in-game time has passed. The respawn time when the World Settings are normal is 35 minutes, so depending on the settings, the respawn time can be shortened to a minimum of 3 minutes.

Respawn Time IntervalsHow To Change Ore Respawn Time In World Settings

How To Increase Respawn Time

  • Select Start Game and choose a world
  • Select Change World Settings at the bottom of the screen
  • Open Custom difficulty settings
  • Set the day and night speed to 5 in the Custom difficulty settings
  • Set the Gatherable Objects Respawn Interval to 0.5

Set The Day And Night Speed To 5 In The Custom Difficulty Settings

Image of Day And Night Speed In Settings

During world selection, you can adjust the World Settings to increase the day and night cycle speed to a maximum of 5x to speed up the passage of time.

Day & Night Cycle - How Long Is 1 Day?

Set Respawn Interval To 0.5

Image of Respawn Interval Settings

In addition to adjusting the day and night cycle speeds, reduce the 'Gatherable Objects Respawn Interval' to the minimum to respawns in about 3 minutes. To further improve work efficiency, it is recommended to also increase the values of the 'Gatherable Objects Health Multiplier' and the 'Gatherable Objects Respawn Interval'.

Best World Settings

How To Get Ore Fast

Unlock & Build Ore Mining Site

TypeHow To Unlock
Required Materials
Ore Mining SiteOre Mining SiteCan be unlocked at Player Level 15 (2 Ancient Technology Points)
- Stone x50
- Ingot ×25
- Paldium Fragment ×20
Ore Mining Site IIOre Mining Site IICan be unlocked at Player Level 31 (3 Ancient Technology Points)
- Stone x100
- Ingot ×50
- Paldium Fragment ×40
Image of Ore Mining Site

Facility that produces an unlimited amount of Ore. This can be automated by having Pals with Mining work suitability in the base, and unlike normal ore, Pals with Mining suitability level 1 can mine ores as well.

Build An Ore Mining Base

Image of location that can be used as ore base

Setting up a base in an area where mineral veins are densely clustered allows for efficient gathering of Ore. You can also automate the base by assigning mining, transportation, harvesting, planting, and watering Pals aside from the necessary facilities.

▼How To Create An Automated Ore Base

Level 2 Or Higher Is Required

If you want Pal to mine Ore, a Mining proficiency of Level 2 or higher is required. If you want to create an automatic Ore mining base, start by gathering Pals with a Mining Work Suitability of level 2 or higher.

Best Mining Suitability Pals

Use A Pickaxe To Increase The Efficiency Of Manually Gathering Ores

Imag eof Metal Pickaxe in Technology

If you want to collect ores yourself, use a Refined Metal Pickaxe instead of the Stone Pickaxe that can be created from the start. The damage inflicted on ore veins will more than double, significantly reducing the time required to destroy them.

Aiming For Drops Is Not Recommended

You can also obtain Ore as a drop from defeating or capturing Digtoise. Relying solely on Pal drops for Ores is not advised, as it requires too much time and effort. Digtoise has Mining Lvl 3, you can assign it instead to mine ores directly from the resource to ensure a faster and more stable acquisition of ores.

Digtoise Day Habitat Ground
Digtoise Night Habitat Ground

How To Build Automated Ore Base

Pal with Mining Work Suitability Lv2 or higherRequired to mine Ore.
Digtoise is recommended since it specializes in mining
Other PalsCan be automated if there is Transporting
BuildingIt's fine to have only what's necessary for the base to function minimally.
- Palbox
- Feed Box
- Hot Spring
- Berry Plantation
- Wooden Chest
- Palbed

How To Make

  1. Decide on the location of your base
  2. Create the buildings necessary for your base
  3. Assign the Pals to complete.
Choose A Base
Southwest flat ground of Small Settlement
First, decide on a location that will serve as a candidate for actually establishing the base. The presence of ore veins is important, so the following locations are recommended.
Best Early Game Base Locations
Map LocationEnvironment Details
Recommended bases for ore 1
Ore/Wood ×8
[Enemy Lvl]
Approximately level 2 to 10
Potential Base Where Coal Can Also Be Obtained
Map LocationEnvironment Details
Recommended bases for metals 1
Wood/Ore ×8
[Temperature] Average
[Enemy Lvl]
Approximately level 20 to 26
Create The Buildings Necessary For Your Base
BuildingUnlock Conditions & Required Materials
PalboxPalboxRequires Player Level 2
Paldium Fragment ×1
Wood ×8
Feed BoxFeed BoxRequires Player Level 4
Wood ×20
Hot SpringHot SpringRequires Player Level 9
Wood ×30
Stone ×15
Paldium Fragment ×10
Pal Fluids ×10
Berry PlantationBerry PlantationRequires Player Level 5
Berry Seeds ×3
Wood ×20
Stone ×20
Wooden ChestWooden ChestRequires Player Level 2
Wood ×15
Stone ×5
Straw Pal BedStraw Pal BedRequires Player Level 3
Wood ×10
Fiber ×5

After deciding on a base location, prepare the building materials for the necessary facilities. If you have enough materials to construct another Palbox, you will be able to fast travel to and from the main base once the base has been established.

Place The Storage Chest Near The Palbox
Image of chest near the Palbox

It is recommended to place the chest near the Palbox so that you can easily fast travel and bring back Ore to the main base, even if you are unable to move due to being encumbered.

Carrying Capacity Guide - How to Deal With Overweight
Assign The Pals To Complete
Image of mining Pals in ore base

After constructing all the required buildings and setting up the base facilities, you can assign Pals with Gathering, Watering, and Planting skills to sustain food production in the base. Additionaly, if you want to focus in gathering Ore, you can automate this process by assigning a Pal with Mining and Transporting abilities. However, please note that your Pal must have a Mining work suitability of at least Level 2 to mine Ore.

How To Use Ore

Craftable Items

  1. Refined Ingot
    Refined IngotRefined Ingot
    How To Get
    Created with Improved Furnace

    Ore ×2, Coal ×2
  2. Ingot
    Unlock Lvl 10
    How To Get
    Smelt Ore in a furnace
    Dropped by Bushi

    Ore ×2
  3. Pal Metal Ingot
    Unlock Lvl 44
    Pal Metal Ingot
    How To Get
    Created with Electric Furnace
    Dropped by Shadowbeak and Paladius

    Ore ×4, Paldium Fragment ×2

Ore Basic Information

Image of Ore
DescriptionBecomes an ingot when refined using a furnace. Can be found in caves and other places. There are rumors of Pals capable of detecting ore.

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