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Marcus And Faleris Guide: How To Catch & Defeat

Marcus And Faleris Guide: How To Catch & Defeat

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Marcus And Faleris Guide in Palworld. Check for location, recommended level, how to defeat, best Pals to bring, how to capture Marcus And Faleris, and more!

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Marcus' Location & Recommended Level To Defeat

Recommended Level And Status

Recommended level and location of Marcus
Recommended LevelLvl 45

The recommended level for capturing Marcus is approximately level 45 or higher. If you have reservations about the equipment and combat strength of your Pal, it is advisable to level up to 50 before attempting the challenge. It is better to capture multiple Pals with Water-type to attack his weakness.

Best Way To Level Up Fast

Fight Marcus And Faleris At The PIDF Tower

MapImage Location
PIDF Tower
PIDF Tower Image

The PIDF Tower where Marcus appears is located in the Desert Ground Zone of the northeastern continent. Be cautious as the levels of Pals appearing in the vicinity have higher levels ranging from Lvl 30 to 40.

Tower Location Map

Prepare Heat-Resistant Gear For The Daytime And Cold-Resistant Gear For The Night

ItemRequired Materials
Heat Resistant Refined Metal ArmorHeat Resistant Refined Metal ArmorTechnology Lvl 40
Refined Ingot ×40
Leather ×20
High Quality Cloth ×3
Flame Organ ×12
Heat Resistant Metal ArmorHeat Resistant Metal ArmorTechnology Lvl 25
Ingot ×40
Leather ×13
Cloth ×8
Flame Organ ×8
Cold Resistant Refined Metal ArmorCold Resistant Refined Metal ArmorTechnology Lvl 41
Refined Ingot ×40
Leather ×20
High Quality Cloth ×3
Ice Organ ×12
Cold Resistant Metal ArmorCold Resistant Metal ArmorTechnology Lvl 27
Ingot ×40
Leather ×13
Cloth ×8
Ice Organ ×8

You can get high-temperature damage in the desert during the day and low-temperature damage at night. Therefore, try to unlock the fast travel location only after preparing heat-resistant and cold-resistant equipment.

Recommended Pals & Equipment

Recommended Pals Overview

PalElements / Features
- Element type is advantageous, and damage taken is minimal.
- Learn Hydro Laser at Lvl 40.
- The player's attacks are imbued with the water attribute.
- Element type is advantageous, and damage taken is minimal.
- Learn Hydro Laser at Lvl 40.
- Has the highest stats among the Water-type Pals.
- Element type is advantageous, and damage taken is minimal..
- Player's attack power increases while on hand.
- The Attack power of the Water-type Pals increases while on hand.
- Can be found in many locations, easy to catch.
- Can be used as a mount to move fast and easy to avoid attacks.
- Can be found in many locations, easy to catch.

Azurobe And Jormuntide Are Recommended

It is recommended to use Azurobe in combat as it can infuse Water Elements on your attacks while mounted and Jormuntide since it has high damage stats. Also consider adding Pals to the remaining slots that can provide additional buffs for the team while on hand.

Best Water Element Pals Tier List

Return Pals Back In Their Pal Sphere When It Uses Electric Attacks

Marcus is a formidable opponent that primarily uses Fire-type attacks but is also capable of using Electric-type skills that can counter Pals with Water elements. Watch for signs of an impending Electric-type attack and recall any Pals vulnerable to it if there's a likelihood of being hit.

▼Countermeasure For Electric Types

Assault Rifle Is The Best Weapon To Use

Image of Assault Rifle

Marcus is the second strongest enemy among the tower bosses and is additionally challenging to hit because he is flying with his Pal. It is recommended to use an Assault Rifle, to easily hit targets with precise attacks and high damage firepower.

Best Weapons Tier List

Recommended Equipment

Equipment ItemRequired Materials
Assault RifleAssault RifleUnlock: Technology Lvl 45
Refined Ingot ×40
Polymer ×10
Carbon Fiber ×30
Pump-action ShotgunPump-action ShotgunUnlock: Technology Lvl 42
Refined Ingot ×30
Polymer ×20
Carbon Fiber ×40
Giga ShieldGiga ShieldUnlocks Technology Lvl 28
Ancient Civilization Parts ×15
Paldium Fragment ×50
Hyper ShieldHyper ShieldUnlock Technology Lvl 43
Ancient Civilization Parts ×30
Paldium Fragment ×100

When using a Pump-action Shotgun, it is advisable to approach Marcus while gliding with Galeclaw and shooting. Creating a Hyper Shield makes it considerably more difficult to be knocked down, so if you find yourself taking too much damage and your HP is not holding up, be sure to craft one.

Marcus And Faleris Strategy

  1. Attack Marcus riding on his Pal.
  2. Attack from behind when not being targeted.
  3. It will charge forward after shooting tornadoes.
  4. Avoid the electric shocks and fire attack by moving sideways.
  5. Watch out and avoid the ranged electric attacks.
  6. Keep eye on the ground to avoid the erupting fire attacks.
  7. Attack that spits fire from the mouth is quick.
  8. The fireball attack is dangerous as it tracks its target.
  9. You can also change the damage multiplier.

Attack Marcus While Riding

Image of Marcus riding Faleris

While riding Faleris, Marcus is himself is the weak point. When you land an attack on Marcus, the damage is higher than usual, so always target Marcus during the battle.

Attack From Behind When Not Being Targeted

When not targeted, attack from behind.

Since there is only a 10-Minute time limit, you need to initiate attacks on your own as well. While Marcus is targeting your Pal, attack from behind with weapons to inflict additional damage. Conversely, when you are being targeted, focus on dodging the attacks rather than attacking.

Best Weapons Tier List

[Warning] It Will Charge Forward After Shooting Tornadoes

When it uses Phoenix Flare, after shooting the tornadoes and rotating its body, it will charge towards you. Roll sideways to avoid its charging attack.

List of Active Skills & Pals That Learn Them

Avoid The Electric Shocks And Fire By Moving Sideways

The lightning attack possesses the capability to pierce through pillars, so avoid it by moving sideways. Adding Galeclaw to the party and using it as a glider makes it easier to dodge. You can also avoid the flamethrower in the same way.

Watch Out And Avoid The Ranged Electric Attacks

A circle shaped red light will appear on the ground, signaling an incoming attack. Promptly move outside the marker to evade. If your Pal is a Water-type being targeted by this Electric move, put it back in its Sphere to avoid getting hit.

Keep Eye On The Ground To Avoid Erupting Fire

Move outside the range while keeping an eye on the area where Faeleris is summoning a fire pillar. Use the time to reposition yourself while the fire pillar is becoming active since Marcus and Faleris won't launch an attack while doing so.

Attack That Spits Fire From The Mouth Is Quick

You will notice a bright glow under Faeleris before it shoots fire. Take note that this attack occurs quickly and is difficult to evade, so be ready for it.

The Fireball Attack Is Dangerous As It Tracks Its Target

After a fireball appears above Marcus and Faleris, they will then attack by launching the fireball and causing an explosion upon impact. This attack will track you and can cause lots of damage, so time your roll right to dodge it.

You Can Also Change The Damage Multiplier

Configuration image for an easier defeat
Damage from Player MultiplierSet it to 5 (Maximum)
Damage to Player MultiplierSet it to 0.1 (Lowest)

For those who find it difficult to win or want to defeat enemies more easily, there's also the option to change the damage multiplier in the custom difficulty settings. Although it may feel less rewarding, it becomes much easier to defeat them.

How To Catch Marcus And Faleris

Fixed In Ver. And Now Unable To Be Captured

The bug that allowed the tower boss to be captured has been fixed with the v0.1.5.0 update released on February 27 (Tuesday). Although the fix was officially announced through X, stating that it was unintentionally implemented, it remains uncertain whether the boss can be captured again in the future.

Latest Updates & News - Roadmap

Marcus And Faleris's Capture Procedure (*Currently Unavailable For Capture)

  1. Unlock Fast Travel at the PIDF Tower Entrance.
  2. Enter the PIDF Tower after becoming Wanted.
  3. Direct the PIDF's attack on Marcus and Faleris.
  4. Capture the immobilized Marcus.
  5. Return to the title → Complete by logging in again.
Unlock Fast Travel At The Pidf Tower Entrance
Unlock Fast Travel At Tower Entrance

First, head to PIDF Tower and unlock the fast travel near the entrance. It is built on a snowy mountain directly north of the Plateau of Beginnings.

Enter The PIDF Tower After Becoming Wanted

Next, attack friendly NPCs such as villagers to trigger the Wanted status. Since you won't become a wanted Criminal when you let your Pal attack, so you will need to attack on your own using your hands or weapon. Once you become Wanted, use fast travel to head to the PIDF Tower and enter inside.

How To Get Rid Of Wanted Status
Small Settlement Is Close To Plateau Of Beginnings
 Map Image Of Small Settlement

There is no PIDF guard infantry near the PIDF Tower itself. There is an NPC (PIDF Guard) in the Small Settlement located west of the Plateau of Beginnings, so it is advisable to head there.

All Village & Town Locations
Direct The PIDF's Attack On Marcus And Faleris

When you start the boss battle this way, there will be a PIDF in the boss area, so make use of the PIDF's firepower to deal with Marcus. Start by directing Marcus and Faleris' attacks on the PIDF infantry, this will make the PIDF target them instead of you.

Minimize Damage Dealt By Pal
Image of Pal Damage Settings
Damage from PalsSet it to 0.1 (Lowest)

When the settings are set to normal, the PIDF infantry becomes unable to continue the battle because they are immobilized when Marcus and Faeleris' attacks hit them. Set 'Damage Dealt by Pal' to 0.1 in the World Settings to significantly reduce the damage PIDF takes. Be sure to configure this.

Difficulty Settings Guide
Capture The Immobilized Marcus

If you wait a bit after PIDF's Attack hits Marcus, they will run outside then stop and that's when you can capture them. But if they get stuck on a pillar in the middle and stops, you won't be able to catch them. Make sure to move to the edge of the field before throwing the Sphere.

Return To The Title → Complete By Logging In Again
Screen returning to title

If you have successfully captured them, open the menu and return to the title. When you log in again, you will start from outside the tower, and the wanted status will also be removed. You can then check to see if Marcus And Faleris is in your inventory to confirm a successful capture.

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