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Check out this Fire Emblem: Three Houses guide to learn more about how to efficiently raise the skill levels of units. Find out the best method to raise stats and the skill level of students & knights!!!

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How to Farm Skill Levels Indefinitely

Farm Skill Levels Indefinitely Procedure

1Wait for a Free Time without any special events
2Choose to battle and select a map with a forest
3Before fighting, equip a rusted or broken weapon to the character you want to raise skill levels
4As soon as the battle starts, head to the forest, and draw aggression from the enemy
5Keep on skipping your turn
6Once your health is low, retreat to reset the fight

2. Forests Lower The Chance Of Getting Hit

Forests Lower The Chance of Getting Hit

It is required for you to choose a map that has a lot of Forest tiles in order to increase your evasion against enemy attacks. This way, you are less likely to get hit with a dangerous attack.

3. Equipped Weapon Corresponds To Skill Level

Make sure that the rusted or broken weapon you are equipping your unit corresponds to the Skill Level you are aiming to raise.

5. Enemy Attack's Hit Chance Is Lowered

Enemy Attack

Since you are in the forest, the enemy's attacks will have a higher chance of missing your unit. By doing this, you will be able to engage the enemy unit for longer, and if you do hit, you will not do so much damage.

Gain Skill Level XP Every Encounter With The Enemy

You will gain XP that increases Skill Levels whenever the enemy engages your unit. You gain this XP regardless if you hit the enemy or not.

6. Retreating Carries Over XP

Retreating Carries Over XP

Once your HP is in critical condition, choose to retreat by choosing that option in the battle menu. All of the XP you gained during that fight is carried over, and you can choose to restart the fight, and continue farming.

How to Efficiently Raise Skill Level

Top Priority】Restore the Saint Statues

Restore The Saint Statues

You can then use the Renown earned from completing battles to restore the four Saint Statues in the Chapel. When restored, these statues will grant boosts to the rate at which your skill levels are raised!

Improve Skill Levels By Lecturing

Improve Skill Levels By Lecturing

Your student's skill levels can easily be raised by lecturing them during the start of the week. It is easier to raise a particular skill level by instructing them manually, so set their skill goals, and focus on those skill levels to quickly raise them.

Set Only 1 Skill Goal To Gain 1.5x XP

Set Only 1 Skill Goal To Gain 1.5x XP

When you manually set the skill goals to only one skill, you will immediately gain 1.5 times as much experience compared to when focusing on two skills. If you want to quickly raise a particular skill level, set that to the only goal of the student!

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Participate In Faculty Training (Byleth Only)

Participate In Faculty Training

If you want to raise the skill level of the protagonist, you can participate in Faculty Training during your Free Times. Please take note that you can only train once per week with other professors & knights, and the XP gained is a set amount.

Increase Faith & Authority Skills In Choir Practice

Increase Faith & Authority Via Choir Practice

Choir Practice does not only raise your motivation and relationship between characters, it also raises the Faith for the participants, and Authority for Byleth!

Raise Skill Levels In Battle

Raise Skill Levels In Battle

You can also raise the skill levels of your units when fighting in battles. Keep note that only skills being used will be raised in battle. Therefore, equip a sword if you want to raise the sword skill level when in fights!

How to Raise Skill Level In Battle

SkillHow To Raise
SwordSwordAttack enemies using Swords
AxeAxeAttack enemies using Axes
BowBowAttack enemies using Bows
BrawlBrawlAttack enemies when Unarmed or when using Gauntlets
ReasonReasonAttack enemies using Dark Magic
FaithFaithUse White Magic to assist allies
AuthorityAuthorityAttack using Battalions
Hvy. ArmorHvy. ArmorFight battles in Heavy Armor, and fight heavy armor enemies
RidingRidingFight battles as a Horse Riding unit
FlyingFlyingFight battles as a Flying unit such as Pegasus Knight, or Wyvern Lord

Fight Using Weaker Weapons

If you plan on increasing your Skill Level in battles, make sure to equip weaker weapons. This means that you will be attacking, or healing twice as much, allowing you to earn more XP to raise those Skill Levels!

Raising Skill Levels - Bonuses & Effects

Learn Useful Abilities

Learn Useful Abilities

Raising Skill Levels will allow a unit to learn abilities that can help them in battle. All of these abilities need to be managed and equipped, so make sure that the abilities you are using are in-line with the unit's weapon type, and play style.

Increase Chances of Certification

Increase Chances of Certification

Raising Skill Levels also increase your chances of passing the Certification Exam. Certification Exams let you and your units change their classes, but require those taking the exam to meet certain Skill Levels in order to pass.

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Required To Recruit Other Characters

Required To Recruit Other Characters

When recruiting other characters into your house, they will require you to meet a certain Skill Level before they can join your house. Raising your Skill Level will allow you to easily recruit them into your house!

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XP does not carry over *in hard mode*.

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XP does carry over.

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Xp is NOT carried over when you retreat. Says as much when you choose this option

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