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Breaking The Bank - Crimson Fleet Mission Walkthrough
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Breaking The Bank - Crimson Fleet Mission Walkthrough

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The guide on how to complete Breaking The Bank in Starfield. Includes walkthrough chart, Siren Of The Stars location, talk to Rokov, disable the Life Support System and kill Larry.

Table of Contents

Mission Overview

How To Unlock Echoes Of The Past
Locations Siren Of The Stars → The Key → UC Vigilance
Reward- 500 XP
- Credits: 10,000
- Additional 6,000 Credits for Earth Savior Award
Unlockable FeatureSiren Of The Stars
Crimson Fleet Mission (Quest) List

Full Objectives

Breaking The Bank Walkthrough
  1. Travel To The Siren Of The Stars
  2. Dock With The Siren Of The Stars
  3. Speak With Eugeny Rokov
  4. Ask Society Patrons About Larry Dumbrosky
    Optional: Kill Larry Dumbrosky
    Optional: Discover Location Of The ES Award
    Optional: Speak To Sheila About The ES Award
    Optional: Discover How To Access The Purser's Safe
    Optional: Acquire The ES Award Claim ID
    Optional: Steal The ES Award
  5. Speak To Klaudia Swist
  6. Speak To Gabriel Vera
  7. Return To Eugeny Rokov
  8. Speak To Chief Engineer Sandin
  9. Gain Entry To The Life Support System
  10. Disable The Life Support System
  11. Confront Gabriel Vera In His Room
  12. Confront Larry Dumbrosky
  13. Return To Eugeny Rokov
  14. Proceed To New Atlantis
  15. Enter The Galbank Archives
  16. Deal With The Galbank Guard
  17. Enter The Archives
  18. Deal With The Ecliptic Ambush
  19. Recover Information Regarding Galbank's Lost Transport
  20. Proceed To The Key
  21. Speak To Delgado
  22. Follow Naeva
  23. Speak To Naeva
    Optional: Give The ES Award To Naeva
  24. Report Mission Progress On The UC Vigilance
  25. Speak To Commander Ikande

Walkthrough Guides

Travel To The Siren Of The Stars

Starfield Breaking Bank

Set course for the Siren of the Stars that can be found in Aranae IV. This starliner's Captain, Rokov, is a former member of the Crimson Fleet you will need to talk meet.

Dock With The Sire Of Stars

The ship is not hostile and you would not need to hail it first to get permission so you can proceed to dock at the ship.

Speak With Eugeny Rokov

Starfield Breaking Bank Eugeny Rokov

You can easily find Captain Rokov inside waiting for you. Approach and talk to him to proceed with the quest. Captain Rokov is quite hesitant at first but he will help you get near Dumbrosky since he wants to get back into Crimson Fleet.

Get Information On Dumbrosky

Captain Rokov confirms that Larry Dumbrosky is a full-timer in the Siren of the Stars, which is currently hosting the "Terran Preservation Society" charity gala which Larry is expected to show up. You will need to attend the gala and talk to his fellow philanthropists to dig up some dirt on him.

Get Access Card To The Starview Ballroom

Starfield Breaking Bank Starview Ballroom

Captain Rokov will provide you with the access card for the ballroom where the gala is taking place. He'll also caution you that Trident equip all their Starliners with advanced sound-based threat detection systems, which will notify security if anyone is killed on board. You will need to keep this in mind if you would like to continue with the optional objective to kill Larry Dumbrosky.

Ask Society Patrons About Larry Dumbrosky

Starfield Breaking Bank Ask Society Patrons About Larry Dumbrosky

Go around the room asking Society Patrons for information regarding Larry Dumbrosky.

Discover Location Of The ES Award

Ask information regarding the Earth Savior Award. You will find out that Sheila Holbrooke is chair of the award committee this year and has the ES award hidden safely somewhere.

Speak To Sheila About The ES Award

Starfield Breaking Bank Sheila

You can find Sheila Holbrooke on the upper floor just right after the stairs and near the reception. Sheila insists that the Earth Savior Award is so precious that it should only be kept in the safest place in the ship and hints hiding it in the Master Safe at the Purser's Office.

Discover How To Access The Purser's Safe

Starfield Breaking Bank murata

When you talk to Chief Purser Murata, she will tell you that the only way to access the Earth Savior Reward from the safe is through the Claim ID.

Acquire The ES Award Claim ID

Head back to Sheila Holbrooke and Persuade her to give the Claim ID to access the safe where the ES Award is hidden.

Steal The ES Award

Starfield Breaking Bank Steal ES Award

Once you get the Claim ID, head back to the Purser and open the Safe Room Computer to open the door. Head inside the room and get the Earth Savior Award in the safe. You can also take the extra Credits in the safe.

Credits Guide - How To Get and Farm Money

Speak To Klaudia Swist

Starfield Breaking Bank Klaudia

Find Klaudia Swist and use their affair to blackmail her to talk about what she knows about Larry, particularly their Galbank scheme. She will tell you to look for the guy named Gabriel Vera to know more about the details.

Speak To Gabriel Vera

Starfield Breaking Bank Gabriel Vera

Gabriel Vera is standing at the sides of the ballroom. Even if you possess information from Vera, attempting to blackmail Vera publicly won't work as he has ties to UC Security. Go back to the Captain who is lounging at the upper level near the bar next to the stairs to find another way to get him to talk.

Return To Eugeny Rokov

Starfield Breaking Captain

Captain Rokov will suggest of an emergency standard procedure where all passengers will need to head to their cabins for lockdown which will be a great way to isolate Vera since its rather tricky talking to him in public.

Speak To Chief Engineer Sandin

Starfield Breaking Bank Sandin

Proceed to the Starview Ballroom and head towards the opening at the left side leading to the Engineering Deck. Upon entry, head to the left and open the door to the staircase. There, you'll discover Chief Engineer Sandin stationed next to the computer.

Gain Entry To The Life Support System

Starfield Breaking The Bank

Pay 1,000 Credits to get Chief Engineer Sandin's ID to gain access to the Life Support System. Open the Environmental Control Computer and click the Life Support Access.

Disable The Life Support System

Starfield Breaking The Bank  Disable The Life Support System

You'll need to activate three Reset Switches in order to disable the Life Support System and generate a false alarm, which will effectively direct passengers to return to their cabins. After successfully accomplishing this, proceed to the cabins and locate Vera in his designated room.

Confront Gabriel Vera In His Room

Starfield Breaking The Bank

Talk to Gabriel Vera again, this time in his cabin. Pay him 2,500 Credits to get the Galbank Plan Evidence and Gabriel Vera's Transaction Log as proof against Larry Dumbrosky.

Confront Larry Dumbrosky

Starfield Breaking The Bank Larry Dumbrosky

Once you got the evidence, head to Larry Dumbrosky and talk to him. You can choose to attack or negotiate with him at this point. However, its best to negotiate with him instead as to avoid further conflict and bounties.

Return To Eugeny Rokov

Starfield Breaking The Bank Captain Eugeny

Go back to the Starview Ballroom and approach Captain Eugeny Rokov. Report how your plan went well.

Proceed To New Atlantis

Starfield Breaking The Bank New Atlantis

Once you fast travelled back to New Atlantis, head to the Galbank and take the elevator to the Galbank Archives.

New Atlantis - Map & Shop Location

Deal With The Galbank Guard

Starfield Breaking The Bank Galbank Guard

Make your way to the reception area and talk to the guard stationed there in order to secure permission and access. Then enter the Archives that's just at the back.

Deal With The Ecliptic Ambush

Starfield Breaking The Bank Ambush

As you brace yourself for the imminent confrontation, make sure to ready your weapons and keep a sharp eye out for Ecliptics lurking within the Archives, poised to launch an ambush. Although they may be few in numbers, stay vigilant and maintain a tactical advantage.

Recover Information Regarding Galbank's Lost Transport

Starfield Breaking The Bank

Continue your way towards the computer console that holds the Galbank Archives. Once there, proceed to access the Lost Ship Registry.

Proceed To The Key

Starfield Breaking The Bank

Make your way out of Galbank and go to The Eye in Kryx. Once you arrive, dock your ship and get on board the Crimson Fleet.

Speak To Delgado

Starfield Breaking The Bank Delgado

Report back to Delgado regarding the data you got on the Galbank Archives. You can help Delgado and Naeva in making the choice to permit Rokov to rejoin the Crimson Fleet. Delgado will give Rokov another chance if you vouch for him.

Follow & Speak To Naeva

Starfield Breaking The Bank

Follow Naeva to the Ship Services area. Talk to her and choose if you would give or lie about the ES Award. You will get an additional 6,000 Credits for Earth Savior Award aside from the 10,000 Credits and 150 XP.

Report Mission Progress On The UC Vigilance

Starfield Breaking The Bank Commander Kibwe Ikande

Head back to the UC Vigilance in Aranae II-A. Report back to Commander Kibwe Ikande to complete the mission and unlock the next Crimson Fleet mission, The Best There Is.

Previous MissionNext Mission
The Best There Is Absolute Power

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