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Best Skills Tier - Priority & Best Early Skills
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Best Skills Tier - Priority & Best Early Skills

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The list of recommended skills in Starfield. Includes best skills to get first and later on, priority tier based on Skill Points, needs for Weapons, Outpost, and Spaceship.

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Best Skills In Early Game

Top Priority! Skills For Beginners

In the early stages of Starfield, players may struggle with limited carrying capacity and low damage output. We suggest upgrading durability while increasing carrying capacity using relatively few Skill Points.

Boost Pack Training Rank1 IconBoost Pack Training - Unlocks a Jetpack that enables you to move around swiftly.
- Extremely useful for both Exploration and Combat.
Weight Lifting Rank1 IconWeight Lifting - Increases your carrying capacity up to 100 kilograms.
- Helpful for gathering materials and prevents you you from being encumbered.
Security Rank1 IconSecurity - Crucial for locks beyond Novice-tier.
- Stores Auto Attempts for quicker lockpicking.
Persuasion Rank1 IconPersuasion - Increases the chance of successfully convincing NPC.
- Avoiding combat with it can greatly shorten time and save your ammo.
Stealth Rank1 IconStealth - Adds a Stealth Meter, making sneaking harder to detect.
- Allows you to sneak through areas and gain an advantage in early combat.
Ballistics Rank1 IconBallistics - Increases the damage dealt by Ballistic weapons.
- Works well with the most common weapon type and is easy to rank up.
Wellness Rank1 IconWellness - Increases your maximum Health.
- The simplest way to boost durability in early game.
Payloads Rank1 IconPayloads - Increases Ship cargo capacity up to 50%.
- Carrying more supplies can be advantageous for crafting.

Best Skills & Priority

Prioritize Boosting Damage and Efficiency

Other than those listed above, it's recommended to unlock and rank up the following skills as the game progresses. These skills will enhance the primary weapons' damage output and help you save time, credits, and items.

Pistol Certification Rank1 IconPistol Certification ★★★★★
- Increases the damage dealt by Pistols.
- Enhancing the most common weapon helps you deal with different situations.
Lasers Rank1 IconLasers ★★★★★
- Increases the damage dealt by Laser weapons.
- Essential for players who primarily utilize Laser Builds.
Shotgun Certification Rank1 IconShotgun Certification ★★★★・
- Increases the damage dealt by Shotguns.
- Enhancing the best CQC weapon helps you deal with high-difficulty combats.
Piloting Rank1 IconPiloting ★★★★・
- Enables thrusters and unlocks the ability to pilot Class B and C ships.
- Not only useful in space battles but also improving ship equipment, such as larger cargo holds.
Fitness Rank1 IconFitness ★★★・・
- Increases available Oxygen and reduces the consumption while sprinting.
- Makes it easier to explore between planets and prevents you from being Encumbered.
Commerce Rank1 IconCommerce ★★★・・
- Reduces the cost of buying and increases the sale price.
- A crucial Skill for money farming and easy to rank up.
Targeting Control Systems Rank1 IconTargeting Control Systems ★★★・・
- Unlocks ship's targeting mode and reduces the time to lock-on up to 60%.
- Significantly enhances combat performance during space battles.
Medicine Rank1 IconMedicine ★★★・・
- Increases the Health restored by healing items and speeds up the process.
- Not only enhances your survivability but also reduces the consumption of healing items.
Geology Rank1 IconGeology ★★★・・
- Allows you to get more rare inorganic resources from surface objects.
- Making materials more accessible improves the efficiency of Crafting and Outpost Buildings.
Outpost Engineering Rank1 IconOutpost Engineering ★★★・・
- Unlocks advanced modules and research projects of Outposts.
- A must-have for Outpost Building and resource extraction.

Skills To Get Later On

Sufficient Points Enables Effortless Exploration and Customization

In late-game, the relatively sufficient amount of Skill Points allows you to rank up potent skills, conduct further research and crafting, and customize the ship and armor for galaxy exploration. You can choose them depending on your playstyle.

Rejuvenation Rank1 IconRejuvenation - Regenerates Health automatically.
- Greatly reduces the need for healing items and can make you nearly invincible when fully upgraded.
Research Methods Rank1 IconResearch Methods - Significantly reduces crafting resource usage and research time.
- Lowering crafting costs is especially helpful for rare materials, saving time and effort in gathering them.
Leadership Rank1 IconLeadership - Enhances companions with increased Health, carrying capacity, and the ability to heal you.
- A companion becomes essential in late-game to support battles and share carrying burdens.
Boost Assault Training Rank1 IconBoost Assault Training - Enhances the combat capability while using a Boost Pack (Jetpack)
- Gives you an overwhelming advantage in combats by slowing down time at Rank 4.
Concealment Rank1 IconConcealment - Increases the damage of ranged and melee sneak attacks and allows you to become invisible and run while sneaking.
- Potent but costs too many points, making it unsuitable for early-game.
Astrodynamics Rank1 IconAstrodynamics - Increases grav jump range and reduces fuel cost.
- Traveling longer distances using less fuel makes exploring the galaxy in late-game effortless.
Spacesuit Design Rank1 IconSpacesuit Design - Allows you to research and craft advanced spacesuits and equipment.
- High-performance armor will become more crucial as the game advances.
Starship Design Rank1 IconStarship Design - Unlocks the installation of advanced ship modules.
- Gives a wider variety of modules in late-game.

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