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Research Project List - Required Materials & Skills
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Research Project List - Required Materials & Skills

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List of Research Projects for Starfield. See the materials and skills needed for each projects and useful tool when researching projects.

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Research Project List - Required Materials & Skills

Project NameSkillMaterials
Performance Enhancement 1NoneArgon x2, Tetrafluorides x2, Metabolic Agent x3
Performance Enhancement 2Chemistry Rank 1Solvent x10, Carboxylic Acid x10, Membrane x5, Hippolyta x5, Infantry Alpha x5
Performance Enhancement 3Chemistry Rank 2Ionic Liquids x10, Stimulant x10, Toxin x10, Squall x5, Synapse Alpha x5
Performance Enhancement 4Chemistry Rank 3Stimulant x20, Aurora x10, Cob-X x10, Squall x10, Whiteout x8
Medical Treatment 1NoneAntimicrobial x3, Amino Acids x2, Aluminum x2
Medical Treatment 2Chemistry Rank 1Amino Acids x10, Analgesic x10, Antimicrobial x10, Battlestim x5, Heart x5
Medical Treatment 3Chemistry Rank 2Sedative x10, Metabolic Agent x20, Antibiotics x10, Sealant x10
Medical Treatment 4Chemistry Rank 3Immunostimulant x5, Membrane x20, Heart x10, Trauma Pack x10
Innovative Synthesis 1Chemistry Rank 3
Special Projects Rank 1
Alien Genetic Material x3, Carboxylic Acids x5, Mercury x10, Solvent x5, Tetrafluorides x5
Innovative Synthesis 2Chemistry Rank 3
Special Projects Rank 1
Alien Genetic Material x5, Carboxylic Acids x10, Solvent x5, Dwarf Star Heart x5, Aurora x5
Innovative Synthesis 3Chemistry Rank 3
Special Projects Rank 1
Alien Genetic Material x10, Ionic Liquids x8, Solvent x10, Carboxylic Acids x10, Subgiant Heart x5, Black Hole Heart x5
Old Earth Cuisine 1NoneBread x3, Red Meat x2, Cheese x2
Old Earth Cuisine 2Gastronomy Rank 1Spice x5, Cheese x5, Egg x5, Butter x5, Poultry x5
Beverage Development 1NoneSpice x2, Fiber x3, Water x3
Beverage Development 2Gastronomy Rank 1Aromatic x5, Benzene x5, Spice x5, Metabolic Agent x10, Tranquilizer Sunray x5
Mixology 1NoneAromatic x2, Alkanes x2, Spice x3
Mixology 2Gastronomy Rank 1Aromatic x10, Spice x10, Liquor x5, Can-Uck! Poutine x5
Manufacturing 1NoneZero Wire x2, Adaptive Frame x3, Iron x3, Sealant x3
Manufacturing 2Outpost Engineering Rank 1Zero Wire x10, Reactive Gauge x5, Adaptive Frame x 10, Iron x30, Tungsten x20, Sealant x20, Lubricant x10
Manufacturing 3Outpost Engineering Rank 2Zero Wire x20, Reactive Gauge x10, Positron Battery x5, Adaptive Frame x30, Iron x40, Tungsten x30, Sealant x30, Lubricant x10
Resource Extraction 1Outpost Engineering Rank 1Drilling Rig x5, Mag Pressure Tank x8, Adaptive Frame x10, Aluminum x30, Copper x20, Chlorosilanes x10
Resource Extraction 2Outpost Engineering Rank 2Aldumite Drilling Rig x5, Microsecond Regulator x8, Adaptive Frame x20, Aluminum x40, Caesium x20, Chlorosilanes x20
Decoration 1NoneStructural x3, Fiber x3, Ornamental x2
Decoration 2Outpost Engineering Rank 1Structural x10, Aluminum x10, Fiber x10, Pigment x10, Adhesive x10
Decoration 3Outpost Engineering Rank 2Structural x30, Aluminum x30, Fiber x20, Nickel x20, Adhesive x30, Luxury Textile x5
Horticulture 1Outpost Engineering Rank 1
Botany Rank 1
Mag Pressure Tank x8, Adaptive Frame x10, Tungsten x10, Nutrient x10, Metabolic Agent x10
Horticulture 2Outpost Engineering Rank 2
Botany Rank 1
Mag Pressure Tank x10, Adaptive Frame x20, Tungsten x20, Nutrient x30, Matabolic Agent x30, Amino Acids x10
Domestication 1Outpost Engineering Rank 1
Zoology Rank 1
Molecular Sieve x5, Adaptive Frame x10, Aluminum x30, Sealant x10, Adhesive x10
Domestication 2Outpost Engineering Rank 2
Zoology Rank 1
Substrate Molecule Sieve x8, Adaptive Frame x20, Aluminum x40, Sealant x30, Adhesive x30, Hypercatalyst x10
Power Generation 1Outpost Engineering Rank 1Zero Wire x10, Isocentered Magnet x8, Adaptive Frame x10, Silver x30, Copper x20, Cobalt x10
Power Generation 2Outpost Engineering Rank 2Zero Wire x20, Tau Grade Rheostat x5, Supercooled Magnet x3, Power Circuit x3, Caesium x20, Beryllium x30, Titanium x30
Power Generation 3Outpost Engineering Rank 3Paramagnon Conductor x10, Tau Grade Rheostat x10, Isotipic Coolant x10, Nuclear FUeld Rod x10, Control Rod x8, Supercooled Magnet x5, Power Circuit x5, Tungsten x30, Lead x30
Power Generation 4Outpost Engineering Rank 3
Special Projects Rank 1
Tasine Superconductor x8, Tau Grade Rheostat x30, Isotopic Coolant x20, Vytinium Fuel Rod x10, Control Rod x10, Rothicite Magnet x5, Power Circuit x10, Tungsten x40, Lead x50
Robots 1NoneZero Wire x2, Aluminum x3, Beryllium x3
Robots 2Outpost Engineering Rank 1Positron Battery x8, Zero Wire x30, Austenitic Manifold x8, Titanium x30, Chlorosilanes x30, Cobalt x30, Polymer x10
Outpost Defense 1Outpost Engineering Rank 2Zero Wire x8, Positron Battery x3, Aluminum x30, Titanium x10, Copper x5, Fluorine x5
Outpost Defense 2Outpost Engineering Rank 2Positron Battery x8, Veryl-Treated Manifold x3, Power Circuit x2, Titanium x30, Aluminum x40, Copper x10, Neon x10
Helmet Mods 1NoneTungsten x3, Cosmetic x2, Polymer x3
Helmet Mods 2Spacesuit Design Rank 1Sterile Nanotubes x5, Positron Battery x5, Zero Wire x8, Titanium x10, Adhesive x10
Helmet Mods 3Spacesuit Design Rank 2Microsecond Regulator x8, Indicite Wafer x5, High-Textile Spidroin x8, Caelumite x10, Tungesten x30, Polymer x10
Spacesuit Mods 1Spacesuit Design Rank 1Polytextile x8, Copper x5, Cosmetic x5
Spacesuit Mods 2Spacesuit Design Rank 2Semimetal Wafer x5, Positrong Battery x5, Polytextile x10, Titanium x10, Adhesive x10
Spacesuit Mods 3Spacesuit Design Rank 3Microsecond Regulator x8, Indicite Wafer x5, Positron Battery x8, Caelumite x10, Tungsten x30, Lubricant x20
Pack Mods 1Spacesuit Design Rank 1Monopropellant x5, Mag Pressure Tank x5, Aluminum x10, Beryllium x10
Pack Mods 2Specesuit Design Rank 2Zero-G Gimbal x5, Monopropellant x10, Beryllium x10, Polymer x8, Sealant x10
Pack Mods 3Specesuit Design Rank 3
Special Projects Rank 1
Zero-G Gimbal x10, Monopropellant x20, Tay Grade Rheostat x10, Beryllium x20, Biosuppressant x10, Amino Acids x20
Barrel Mods 1NoneIron x3, Nickel x3, Sealant x2
Barrel Mods 2Weapon Engineering Rank 1Tungsten x5, Nickel x10, Lubricant x5
Grip and Stock Mods 1NoneAluminum x3, Nickel x3, Sealant x3
Grip and Stock Mods 2Weapon Engineering Rank 1Tungsten x8, Polymer x5, Adhesive x10
Grip and Stock Mods 3Weapon Engineering Rank 2Titanium x10, Polymer x10, Adhesive x20
Optic and Laser Mods 1NoneAluminum x3, Chlorosilanes x2, Sealant x3
Optic and Laser Mods 2Weapon Engineering Rank 1Zero Wire x8, Chlorosilanes x8, Aluminum x10, Adhesive x8
Optic and Laser Mods 3Weapon Engineering Rank 2Zero Wire x10, Vanadium x20, Iridium x20, Adhesive x20
Muzzle Mods 1Weapon Engineering Rank 1Titanium x5, Tungsten x10, Sealant x5
Muzzle Mods 2Weapon Engineering Rank 2Zero Wire x8, Tantalum x10, Titanium x10, Polymer x10
Muzzle Mods 3Weapon Engineering Rank 3
Special Projects Rank 1
Isotopic Coolant x10, Ytterbium x10, Titanium x20, Polymer x10, Adhesive x20
Magazine and Battery Mods 1Weapon Engineering Rank 2Titanium x5, Lead x8, Adhesive x5
Magazine and Battery Mods 2Weapon Engineering Rank 3Isocentered Magnet x8, Tau Grade Rheostat x8, Uranium x10, Lead x20, Adhesive x10
Magazine and Battery Mods 3Weapon Engineering Rank 3
Special Projects Rank 1
Positron Battery x8, Toxin x20, Ytterbium x20, Lead x30, Adhesive x20
Internal Mods 1Weapon Engineering Rank 2Zero Wire x5, Iridium x8, Tungsten x10, Sealant x10
Internal Mods 2Weapon Engineering Rank 3Isocentered Magnet x8, Zero Wire x8, Tantalum x19, Titanium x10, Adhesive x10
Internal Mods 3Weapon Engineering Rank 4Power Circuit x2, Zero Wire x10, Europium x20, Ytterbium x10, Titanium x20, Polymer x10
Receiver Mods 1Weapon Engineering Rank 3Isotopic Coolant x5, Microsecond Regulator x3, Ytterbium x10, Tiatnium x30, Lubricant x10
Receiver Mods 2Weapon Engineering Rank 4Isotopic Coolant x8, Microsecond Regulator x5, Ytterbium x20, Polymer x20, Lubricant x20

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