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Planet Gravity - Gravitational Effects & Power

Starfield | Planet Gravity - Gravitational Effects & Power

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Gravity in Starfield. Learn about zero gravity, zero g, planet gravity list, gravitational effects, gravity power skills, equipment, boost pack, oxygen and more tips in this guide.

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Planet Gravity

You Can Check The Planet's Gravity In The Starmap Description

The force of gravity on a planet provides us with a measure of its gravitational strength in relation to Earth's gravity, often referred to as 1G. This comparison helps us understand the intensity of gravity on that planet. When dealing with planets that have significantly higher or lower gravity levels, you can take into account these unique gravitational conditions for safe and efficient travel.

Comparison Of Gravitational Forces On Various Planets

Here's a comparison of the planets in Starfield. Keep in mind that there are over 1000 planets in the game, so this list may expand over time as more planets are discovered.

Planet & Moon Gravity Comparison List

Earth1.00 GStrong
Europa0.13 GLight
Io 0.18Light
Saturn 1.14 GStrong
Oberon 0.04Light
Venus 0.9Light
Titan 0.14Light
Volii Alpha1.47GStrong
Jemison 0.91GLight
Acturus III0.91GLight
Porrima0.52 GLight
Gagarin 0.89GLight
Triton 0.08Light

Gravity Effects

Consumes More Oxygen

In both lower and higher gravity environments, actions will deplete your character's oxygen more quickly. Moving takes more effort, so your character gets tired faster when doing different things. Keeping track of their oxygen levels becomes really important for doing well in these tough gravity conditions.

Gravity Does Not Affect Capacity

Regardless of the gravitational force on a given planet, your character's mass and carrying capacity remain constant. Gravity mostly affects how easily your character can move around. The stronger a planet's gravity, the harder it is for your character to move and do things in that place. So, it's really crucial to understand and adapt to the various gravities on different planets in the game if you want to explore the vast cosmos.

Jump Differs Depending On Gravity

You'll notice that you'll jump higher the more the lower the planet's gravity becomes. This happens because these planets have weaker gravity, making it easier for you to jump higher with less effort. Moving around in the lower-gravity environment can be exciting and demanding, as you need to adapt to the planet's unique gravity.

Outpost Build - Base Building & Create Items

Zero Gravity Or Zero G Battles

Starfield Gravity

Throughout your adventurous explorations in the cosmos, you will frequently find yourself in the midst of intense space battles. These thrilling encounters often unfold within the confines of boarding ships, and what adds an extra layer of complexity and excitement is the fact that these battles typically take place in environments with significantly reduced gravity.

Combat Experience Also Differs

Starfield Gravity

Moving around on low-gravity environments can offer some unique advantages. You'll discover that leaping from considerable heights is effortless, allowing for safe landings without taking any damage from falls. Additionally, you can maintain the ability to fire your weapons even while suspended in mid-air.

On the flip side, areas with stronger gravity offer heightened sense of stability and control over your movements, enabling precise and predictable actions. This enhanced gravity becomes a valuable asset when performing intricate maneuvers or maintaining a steady aim, making such planets an enticing choice for those in search of a more dependable experience.

Gravity Equipment

Boost Packs

Starfield Gravity

You will need your boost packs to maneuver quickly around areas with low gravity. These boost packs enable you to seamlessly transition between graceful floating and rapid bursts of controlled propulsion, granting you a significant edge precisely when it's most needed especially in combat situations.

Crafting - How To Craft Weapons & Armor?

Recommended Skills For Gravity

Prioritize Getting Boost Packs

To use boost packs, you must first unlock the Boost Pack Training skill. This will make it easier to move around without using up too much oxygen. Additionally, unlocking and upgrading the Fitness skill will increase your oxygen gauge and allow you to perform more actions.

Skill Details
FitnessRank 1: You have 10% more oxygen available.
Rank 2:You have 20% more oxygen available.
Rank 3:You have 30% more oxygen available.
Rank 4:Sprinting and power attacks now use significantly less oxygen.
Boost Pack TrainingRank 1: You can now utilize boost packs.
Rank 2: Using a boost pack expends less fuel.
Rank 3: Boost pack fuel regenerates more quickly
Rank 4: Doubles previous bonuses.
Planetary HabitationRank 1: You can build outposts on planets with extreme temperatures (Deep Freeze and Inferno).
Rank 2:You can build outposts on planets with extreme pressure.
Rank 3:You can build outposts on planets with toxic or corrosive atmospheres.
Rank 4: You can build outposts on planets with extreme gravity.
Best Skills Tier - Priority & Best Early Skills

Gravity Related Powers

You can harness the power of gravity to turn the tides of the battle with these Starborn Powers you can unlock by finding artifacts across the universe. This could involve using gravity to pull objects towards you or push them away, altering the trajectory of projectiles, or even immobilizing enemies by increasing the gravitational force around them temporarily.

Anti-Gravity FieldGenerate a localized field of intense low gravity, and behold a planet's true power.
Cost: 45 Power
Power Total: 60 Power
EarthboundChange the gravity around you to Earth gravity levels for a duration.
Cost: 25 Power
Power Total: 60 Power
Grav DashManipulate gravity to propel yourself forward, and briefly increase any damage you inflict.
Cost: 15 Power
Power Total: 60 Power
Gravity WaveLaunches a gravity wave in a cone ahead of you that staggers and knocks down enemies.
Cost: 25 Power
Power Total: 60 Power
Gravity WellCreate an area of dense gravity that pulls in and crushes everything and everyone in around it.
Cost: 45 Power
Power Total: 60 Power
Starborn Powers - All Powers List & How To Get

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