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Operation Starseed - Mission Walkthrough
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Operation Starseed - Mission Walkthrough

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The guide on how to complete Operation Starseed in Starfield. Includes walkthrough charts, find the Crucible Clones, fix the Facility, Franklin, Amanirenas and Genghis Khan choice.

Table of Contents

Mission Overview

How To Unlock Charybdis System
Locations Chardybois III → Crucible → Facility
Reward- 300 XP
- Credits: 6,020
Unlockable Feature- Revelation
- Secret Lives

Full Objectives

Operation Starseed Walkthrough
  1. Go To Crucible On Charybdis III
  2. Talk With Tobias
    L Activities: Deliver 150 Copper To Tobias
  3. Talk To Franklin
  4. Talk To Amanirenas
  5. Talk To Genghis Khan
  6. Talk To Franklin
  7. Go To The Facility
  8. Talk To Franklin
  9. Find Clues About The Facility
  10. Choose Which Society To Give Facility Information
  11. Talk To Ada Lovelace
  12. Investigate Bel V
  13. Follow The Beagle's Trail To Zelazny I
  14. Find The Facility's Override Code
  15. See If Ada Lovelace Can Decrypt Security Override Code
  16. See Franklin About An Emergency
  17. Attend Meeting With Crucible Leaders
  18. Deal With The Facility

Additional Side Quest

Secret Lives Walkthrough
  1. Talk To Wyatt Earp
  2. Meet Wyatt Earp At The Cave

Walkthrough Guides

Go To Crucible On Charybdis III

Starfield Operation Starseed

Head to the Crucible which can be found in Charybdis IIII in the Charybdis System.

Talk With Tobias

Starfield Operation Starseed Talk With Tobias

Talk with the robot known as Tobias that is located right outside the Crucible. This interaction will grant you access to a new activity that includes delivering 150 units of copper to Tobias. Ada will break into the conversation and direct you to speak with Franklin.

Talk To Franklin

Starfield Operation Starseed Talk With Franklin

Franklin is inside one of the hub just ahead. He reveals that everyone in Crucible is a clone of Earth's most renowned historical figures. Franklin explains that the robots have been cloning them for a purpose, which has led to disagreements among the Society members. Hew will then urge you to talk in with the other members, suggesting that you begin by speaking with Amanirenas and Genghis Khan.

You Will Meet Wyatt Just Outside

Starfield Operation Starseed Meet Wyatt

Wyatt Earp extends a warm welcome and also provides the option of accommodations for a reasonable fee. Additionally, you have the opportunity to purchase Aid and Resource materials from him.

Talk To Amanirenas

Starfield Operation Starseed Talk To Amanirenas

Talking to Amanirenas, you will learn about the Believers and the Mission. She will ask you to find the Facility somewhere in the east where the robots come from and ask to fix the problem with the machines.

Talk To Genghis Khan

Starfield Operation Starseed Talk To Genghis Khan

Prepare for battle against 3 Swarming Gliders that are attacking Genghis Khan. After defeating them, you can talk to him and learn more about what holds back the clones from getting out of Crucible. He will also instruct you to got to the Facility and set the clones free from the machines.

Talk To Franklin

Return to Franklin and he will ask you what are your thoughts on the matter. Franklin cautions you that the Facility has also cloned some of history's most stubborn and perilous individuals, each programmed to envision a Golden Age or their own interpretation of it. He emphasizes the potential calamity if all these clones were released.

Note! Keep this information in mind when deciding later.

Hear Out Franklin's Plan

Franklin mentions that the Facility is deteriorating, and it's not wise to maintain the current situation. Instead of just freeing them, he recommends that the residents should become self-sufficient. They should acquire skills in building, farming, and governing their community.

Secret Lives Mission

Starfield Operation Starseed Secret Lives

In Operation Starseed, the Secret Lives mission starts when Wyatt Earp approaches you again outside and ask you to meet him at the cave where he will admit his fear that the other clones will discover he's not the real Wyatt Earp but a clone of America's first serial killer, H.H. Holmes.

Persuade Pass: He will let you live and get 8,020 Credits (Recommended)
Fail: Will try to attack you by exploding then get 2,500 Credits
Attack Defeat him to get 2,500 Credits

At the end of the quest, you will receive 50 XP and a certain amount of Credits depending on your course of action.

Points of No Return - Missable Contents

Go To The Facility & Find Clues About The Facility

Starfield Operation Starseed Go To The Facility

Get ready to face off against numerous hunting roaches and critters both outside and inside the facility. Search for the 8 Audio Logs spread throughout the area to gather valuable clues.

Choose Which Society To Give Facility Information

Whichever you give the Facility Information to, they will ask for you to talk to Ada Lovelace for help to find the Beagle. However, choose to give it to Franklin if want to increase your companion's affinity , as this is the choice they prefer.

Talk To Ada Lovelace

She tells that you may find ship may be in the Bel System which is not far. The facility communicates via a secure frequency which you can tune into once you arrive.

Investigate Bel V

Starfield Operation Starseed Investigate Bel V
Starfield Operation Starseed Investigate Bel V

Bel V can be located in the Bel System. Although it is in bad repair, you will find the old navigation beacon still has the projected flight plan of the Beagle. Upon checking, you will find that the next planned stop after Bel V is Zelazny I.

Follow The Beagle's Trail To Zelanzy I

Starfield Operation Starseed
Starfield Operation Starseed Zelanzy I

You can Grav Jump into Zelazny I in the Zelany System. You will find the Beagle just ahead. But be careful, as it is positioned inside big chunks of floating rocks.

Find The Facility's Override Code

Starfield Operation Starseed Beagle Datacore

There's a MK VIII turret up ahead that's poised to launch an attack, so be sure to stay vigilant. Additionally, you can find a First Aid and Pharmaceutical Kit positioned on the right side of the wall which you can use in case you sustain any damage. Find the Beagle Datacore and download Security Override Code.

See Franklin About An Emergency

Franklin will tell you that the divergent convictions held by the Pragmatists, Believers, and Renegades could potentially escalate into a full blown war in Crucible. He will request your presence at the upcoming meeting, where you will join the other Crucible Leaders as a neutral mediator, given your outsider status.

Attend Meeting With Crucible Leaders

Starfield Operation Starseed Attend Meeting With Crucible Leaders

Kill Genghis Khan

You may find yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to eliminate Genghis Khan If negotiations falter and the quest for peace fails.

Kill Amenirenas & Franklin

Choosing to align with Genghis and committing to their cause will require you to eliminate the remaining two crucible leaders alongside the other Pragmatist members.

See If Ada Lovelace Can Decrypt Security Override Code

Starfield Operation Starseed See If Ada Lovelace Can Decrypt Security Override Code

Find and talk to Ada Lovelace to cipher the Enrypted Security Override Code.

Deal With The Facility

Starfield Operation Starseed Locate Facility Restricted Wing Computer

Head back to the facility and locate the Facility Restricted Wing Computer and open the Restricted Wing. Prepare to face off hostile medical robots and clones. Furthermore, also watch out for the MK Turrets inside.

Access The Facility Datacore

Starfield Operation Starseed Facility Datacore

Get the Facility Key just besides the Facility Datacore and access the computer and reboot the system.

Reboot System

Opting for the default settings will result in none of the Societies will win. Rebooting with a new Super-Admin, you will need to choose between Amanirenas and Franklin Roosevelt to have full control over all facility programs. However, initiating Full Project cleanse will wipe out the clones.

Acquire Epic Item

Starfield Operation Starseed Acquire Epic Item

You can acquire an Epic Liquid Cooled Refined Sysdef Pack in the Science Crate. It can provide you with +25 Thermal Resistance and Chameleon effect that enables you to blend with the environment.

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