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Skill systems in Starfield. Learn about the skill systems, how to get skill points, upgrade skill ranks including how to level up Physical, Social, Combat, Science and Tech skills.

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What Are Skills?

Skills Are Special Character Abilities & Actions

There's a total of 82 skills that makes up the five skill trees that can be used by the character on their starfaring journey to the cosmos. These skill abilities are important for your character's survival as you travel the vast cosmos where you will encounter other species in space, battle unusual alien creatures and face challenging tasks.

There Are Five Skill Trees

Starfield Skill Tree

Starfield has five skill categories that are classified as Physical, Social, Combat, Science and Tech skills. Each skill has four ranks within its skill tree that shows the mastery of a specific skill ability. As players use skills in a category, they earn experience points to level up. Reaching skill level thresholds grants Skill Points.

Starfield Skill Tree

Skill TreeOverview
PhysicalThe Physical skill tree centers on enhancing your character's physical prowess and survival capabilities. These skills empower you to navigate challenging terrains, endure extreme conditions and excel in physically demanding situations.
SocialThe Social skill tree delves into your character's interactions with NPCs and the game's social dynamics. Develop skills like persuasion, charm, and diplomacy to sway conversations and forge alliances.
CombatIn the Combat skill tree, you hone your combat abilities and become a force to be reckoned with in battles. From mastering various weapon types to learning combat techniques, you can specialize in offensive maneuvers, defensive tactics, or a mix of both, tailored to your combat style to your preferences
ScienceThe Science skills tree focuses on intellectual pursuits and problem-solving. You will be able to acquire knowledge in fields such as biology, chemistry, and engineering, allowing you to analyze environments, synthesize materials, and create tools.
Tech The Tech skills tree revolves around modern and futuristic technologies. Expertise revolves in hacking, robotics, and electronic manipulation which you can use to gain tactical advantages or overcome obstacles.

Each Skill Tree Has Four Ranks

Within each skills category, there exists a rank system that classifies skills based on their level of mastery, ranging from Novice to Advanced, Expert, and Master.

Mastery Level Details
Novice The basic skills given at first, which set the foundation for learning more advanced skills later on.
AdvancedAdvanced mastery signifies a more well-rounded skill set, enabling characters to tackle challenges with increased effectiveness.
ExpertExpert mastery often involves specialized skills and ability to perform complex actions with a high degree of success.
MasterReaching the Master level marks the peak of skill mastery. This grants access to exclusive abilities and unmatched expertise skills that sets them apart from lower skill levels.

Skill Mastery Is Required To Accomplish Certain Objectives

Skill Mastery In Starfield

Skills can come in handy in certain challenges like lockpicking treasure chests or doors where you may be required a certain skill mastery to open them. Novice skills are available at the start which you can level up to Master. This improves the skill and unlocks additional perks that enhance the effectiveness of a specific ability.

Skill Rank Comes With Bonus Perks

Starfield Bonus Perks

As you level up a particular skill rank, you'll gain access to a series of additional perks that serve to further increases the effectiveness of the skill. With each rank you achieve, you'll unlock a new tier of these perks, allowing you to tailor your skill to better suit your playstyle or tactical approach.

How To Get Skills

Unlocked by Spending Skill Points

You will need to use Skill Points to unlock a Skill. Take note that Skill Points are limited and given for reaching a specific milestones and gaining experience.

How To Get Skill Points

Level Up Your Character

You can earn skill points each time you level up. With the accumulation of experience points, your skill level increases as you progress the game. Completing main quests and challenges will likely give you experience points to level up quickly.

Use Skills Often

When you perform tasks associated with a skill, your skill level increases and when it reaches specific skill threshold, you can gain a skill point.

Reset Skills To Get New Skills

It's likely that you can get all your Skill Points back by changing jobs or resetting them in some way in the game. You can use this to get new skills that betters suits your current build and playstyles.

How To Rank Up Skills

Complete Challenges

Each skill has a set of challenges linked to it. These challenges are diverse tasks that test your abilities within that skill category. For example, for the Intimidation skill, the challenge involves successfully intimidating 25 people to flee. Using the Intimidate skill on characters below your level will be highly successful compared when used on higher level character.

Spend Skill Points To Rank Up A Skill

You can unlock higher tier skills in a specific skill category by spending skill points. Take note that skill points are limited and hard to come by later on as challenges becomes harder.

Skill LevelRequired Points
NoviceUnlocked from the beginning
AdvancedUnlocked after spending a total of 4 points
ExpertUnlocked by spending a total of 8 points
MasterUnlocked by spending a total of 12 points

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