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Starfield | XP Leveling - How To Level Up Fast & Best Way To Level Up

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Starfield |  XP Leveling - How To Level Up Fast & Best Way To Level Up - GameWith

How to level up fast in Starfield. Check out how to level up fast, XP leveling system, best way to farm experience points, maximum character level cap and more tips in this guide.

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How To Get XP?

Experience Points Are Earned

In the expansive universe of Starfield, you earn Experience Points, often referred to as XP, through a variety of actions, including defeating enemies, scanning resources, honing your skills, and engaging in other activities.

As you embark on your cosmic journey across uncharted planets and star systems, the accumulation of experience points becomes crucial to equip your character with the skills and abilities needed to confront the increasingly formidable foes ahead.

How To Level Up Fast

Defeat Enemies

Starfield Direct – Gameplay Deep Dive XP

The easiest way to earn XP is through defeating enemies. The universe is vast, and so does the array of enemies that you can encounter. You'll encounter many types of enemies, including aliens, humans, and robots, each with different forms and abilities. Depending the level differences in combat, some may be difficult to take down but gives more HP while some may be easier to knock out but gives fewer XP.

The level disparities in combat can influence the challenge you face and the XP rewards you gain. Some opponents may be tough to defeat but offer a higher HP reward, while others may be easier to overcome but provide fewer XP points.

Overview Of Enemies Base On The Official Preview

The enemies showcased in the Starfield Direct gameplay video offered a glimpse into the diverse and intriguing adversaries that players can anticipate encountering in the game.

EnemyXP Reward
Pirate 5 XP
Pirate Freebooter20 XP
Ecliptic5 XP
Pirate Brigand10 XP
Ecliptic Specialist25 XP
Ecliptic Agent11 XP
Ecliptic Commandant44 XP
Slayton Security25 XP
Spacer Punk5 XP
Va'Ruum Zealot25 XP

You'll Also Get XP From Talking Your Way Through Speech Challenges!

Dialogue OptionsXP Reward
Dialogue Options In Speech Challenge
Dialogue XP Reward In Speech Challenge

Speech Challenges is where you can put your Persuasion Skills to work. During these certain challenges, you have a limited number of "Turns" shown below in the dialogue options, which simply implies the number of chances you can talk your way through certain situations. There's also an "Auto-Persuade" option, but be cautious because your choices in the dialogue can lead to various results, so choose them wisely.

Skill System Guide

Destroy Enemy Ships

Starfield Starship

While specific details about these spacecrafts may vary, it's evident that Starfield aims to offer a rich variety of interstellar challenges. These ships may range from sleek and agile models to massive and heavily armed vessels, each potentially featuring unique capabilities and characteristics. Destroying them will not just give you XP but also useful ship loots you might be able to reuse on your ship.

Overview Of Enemy Ships

Ship TypeXP Reward
Spacer Racoon TBA
Crimson Fleet Haunt30 XP
Crimson Fleet Specter80 XP
Ecliptic StilettoTBA
Freestar Caravan IIITBA
UC DaggerTBA
Crimson Fleet Ghost IVTBA
Crimson Fleet Wight165 XP

Hunt Down Alien Creatures

Starfield Starship

You can anticipate engaging in thrilling space encounters with a wide variety of life forms as you explore the uncharted planets in the universe. Scanning them for surveys and defeating them gives you some XP and materials, so try to take them down or find a farming spot as you go through your surveys.

Survey Planets

Starfield Direct – Gameplay Deep Dive XP Survery

Whenever you perform a Planet Survey and thoroughly scan unregistered Fauna, Flora, and other Planet Resources, you will receive XP as a rewarding bonus. It's a great opportunity to capitalize on newly discovered planets and gather additional XP by thoroughly scanning their unique resources. So, make the most of these uncharted worlds to boost your experience points and enhance your progress in the game.

How To Scan & Increase Survey

Discover Locations

LocationXP Reward
Starfield Abandoned Mine
Abandoned Mine
Starfield Abandoned Mine EXP gain from discovery
20 XP

In addition to planet resources, you can also stumble upon various locations, such as buildings and infrastructures during your explorations. The initial discovery of these places will earn you XP points. Some of these locations might even have enemies, providing an opportunity to gain more EXP through combat encounters. Aside from these, you can also use them as Fast Travel Points later on with your Scanner.

Complete Quests

Starfield  Constellation Group

Most main quests revolves on a mysterious and elusive group of spacefaring explorers referred to as the Constellation. Your primary mission will involve locating lost "Artifacts" scattered across the vast reaches beyond settled systems. Successfully completing these quests not only awards you with substantial experience points but also opens up the potential to acquire unique Starborn Powers.

Leveling Up Fast Benefits

Starfield Has No Level Cap

There's no official announcement yet that there's a maximum level cap in the game, so your character's progression is virtually limitless. Without a maximum level, you can find increasingly challenging enemies to match your character's strength and capabilities. Leveling up quickly allows you to access additional content earlier in the game, expanding the range of available experiences and opportunities for your character.

Your Capabilities Expand As You Progress And Level Up

Also, leveling up quickly in the game comes with numerous advantages, but your main objective should be to unlock all the features that Starfield has to offer. This will greatly enhance your immersion and enjoyment as you embark on your cosmic journey in the universe.

CharacterBenefits Overview
StatsIncreased Health and Stamina
Increase survivability
SkillsGet Skills Points
Unlock Skills
Upgrade Skill Rank
Powers Activate Starborn Powers
Unlock more power abilities
EquipmentGet better armor and upgrade weapons to increase your combat capabilities
QuestUnlock high level quests
Discover new quest locations
Start Artifact Quest to unlock other build features andunlock abilities
EnemiesDefeat foes easier and faster
More challenging monsters
ShipGet your first Starship
Unlock access to the Ship Builder
More ship oprtions and upgrades
Explore farther in space
OutpostUnlock Outpost building
Build and customize outpost on planets

You can get access to powerful abilities, advanced equipment, and valuable resources that can give you an edge in your adventures. It may even allow you to tackle more challenging quests or adversaries earlier than others.

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