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All Skills for Starfield. Learn more about the types and categories of skills, skill trees, tier list, how to use them, what are skills and more!

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Skill System Guide

Physical Skills

*Information on rank 4

Boxing Rank1 IconBoxingOnce considered a "sport of kings," boxing is still practiced as a recreational competitive activity, but its combat applications can't be denied.
Fitness Rank1 IconFitnessIn space, the greatest commodity is oxygen, and the increased lung capacity gained by a regular physical fitness regimen is essential to survival.
Stealth Rank1 IconStealthFor a combatant who values discretion above all else, the ability to approach a target while undetected and kill with a silenced weapon is as terrifying as it is effective.
Weight Lifting Rank1 IconWeight LiftingWeight training can significantly increase one's ability to carry weapons and equipment, both in space and on the ground.
Wellness Rank1 IconWellnessBy embracing an active lifestyle and good nutrition habits, one may improve their overall sense of health, and even gain prolonged life expectancy.
Pain Tolerance Rank1 IconPain TolerancePain hurts - but only if you're not strong enough to take it.
Nutrition Rank1 IconNutritionAdvanced nutritional science is no substitute for good life choices, and knowing how much and when to eat can be just as important as the food itself.
Gymnastics Rank1 IconGymnasticsFrom navigating the elevations of alien landscapes to exploring derelict ships in Zero-G, gymnastic training is invaluable for improving both safety and maneuverability.
Environmental Conditioning Rank1 IconEnvironmental ConditioningIn the Settled Systems, even oxygen-rich planets and moons may have an atmosphere that is hazardous to human beings.
Energy Weapon Dissipation Rank1 IconEnergy Weapon DissipationConsidering the widespread use of energy weapons in the Settled Systems, specialized training to minimize damage is considered invaluable.
Cellular Regeneration Rank1 IconCellular RegenerationWhether through secret experimentation or just plain healthy living, boosting the body's ability to naturally recover from injuries can mean the difference between life and death.
Decontamination Rank1 IconDecontaminationThrough a deliberate regiment of conditioning and antibody therapy, one may effectively combat even the Settled Systems' unseen threats.
Martial Arts Rank1 IconMartial ArtsThere are currently hundreds of martial arts practiced in the Settled Systems, some originating on ancient Earth, some newly created, almost all effective in combat.
Concealment Rank1 IconConcealmentFew skills capture the imagination like the ability to remain undetected, used by assassins, special forces operatives, and simple thieves alike for centuries.
Neurostrikes Rank1 IconNeurostrikesOnce considered the realm of fiction, the ability to disable an opponent without using a weapon is terrifyingly effective when performed by a skilled practitioner.
Rejuvenation Rank1 IconRejuvenationUtilizing both ancient meditation techniques and newly developed breathing exercises, it's possible for one to actually trigger their body's natural healing ability.

Social Skills

*Information on rank 4

Commerce Rank1 IconCommerceIn the Settled Systems' free market economy, almost anyone with the right skillset can open and run a successful business.
Gastronomy Rank1 IconGastronomyAccess to brand new worlds means access to brand new ingredients, and there is almost no limit to the delicious foods and drinks a talented chef can prepare.
Persuasion Rank1 IconPersuasionIn the Settled Systems, the nuanced ability to listen and discuss can often accomplish far more than simply shooting first and asking questions later.
Scavenging Rank1 IconScavengingThere are those who can find just about anything, and their success is usually dependent on knowing how, and where, to look.
Theft Rank1 IconTheftWhile not entirely honorable, and certainly not legal, it is nonetheless occasionally necessary to discreetly remove property from someone's person.
Deception Rank1 IconDeceptionSmuggling and piracy are both immoral and highly illegal, and considered plagues upon the Settled Systems. But certain undercover work may require a certain criminal skillset.
Diplomacy Rank1 IconDiplomacyWhen a situation calls for words and not weapons, it’s best to rely on those trained in statecraft and de-escalation.
Intimidation Rank1 IconIntimidationThe ability to strike fear into an opponent, causing them to flee so that you can escape or attack first, can prove critical in a battle.
Isolation Rank1 IconIsolationBy eschewing team tactics and embracing the advantages of "lone wolf" operations, one can vastly improve their combat effectiveness.
Negotiation Rank1 IconNegotiationIn certain, more challenging communications, skilfully supplementing words with credits may help achieve the desired results.
Instigation Rank1 IconInstigationWhen combat is required, it can be advantageous to convince others to do the fighting for you.
Leadership Rank1 IconLeadershipTeamwork is the cornerstone of galactic survival, and nothing motivates a team more than a trained, decisive leader.
Outpost Management Rank1 IconOutpost ManagementWhile constructing an outpost offers its own challenges, properly managing that outpost takes a special personality type, and specialized training.
Manipulation Rank1 IconManipulationRecent studies have shown that suggestion is not an art, but a science, and as such can be weaponized to exert control over the susceptible.
Ship Command Rank1 IconShip CommandThey say a ship is only as good as its crew, but that is contingent upon that crew having the right captain to lead them.
Xenosociology Rank1 IconXenosociologyWhile sentient life has yet to be discovered, the galaxy's alien species are generally intelligent enough to be susceptible to the power of suggestion.

Combat Skills

*Information on rank 4

Ballistics Rank1 IconBallisticsCenturies of conflict have proven that when it comes to threat elimination, few things stack up to the reliable power of high-speed projectiles.
Dueling Rank1 IconDuelingConsidered by many to be a lost art, close attacks with a melee weapon can often be deadlier than ranged combat when carried out by a skilled practitioner.
Lasers Rank1 IconLasersPersonal laser weapons are in widespread use across the Settled Systems, and specialized training can greatly increase their effectiveness.
Pistol Certification Rank1 IconPistol CertificationConsidering the popularity of the personal sidearm in the Settled Systems, familiarity with such weapons is often considered essential.
Shotgun Certification Rank1 IconShotgun CertificationThe cornerstone of close quarters combat, or CQC, the shotgun has proven a simple, deadly weapon for hundreds of years.
Demolitions Rank1 IconDemolitionsWith the proper adjustment of chemical mixtures, coupled with modifications to the detonation mechanism, explosives can produce an even greater destructive yield.
Heavy Weapons Certification Rank1 IconHeavy Weapons CertificationOversized weapons may prove cumbersome to wield, but their excessive damage output can't be ignored, especially in the hands of a trained combatant.
Incapacitation Rank1 IconIncapacitationEM weapons are generally employed to damage robots, but can also be used to render human beings unconscious.
Particle Beams Rank1 IconParticle BeamsWhile considered by some to be exotic, particle weapons can be a devastating combat option, subjecting a target to multiple forms of damage.
Rifle Certification Rank1 IconRifle CertificationWhether used for combat, hunting, or some other deadly purpose, the rifle has become a mainstay of Settled Systems weaponry.
Marksmanship Rank1 IconMarksmanshipPerhaps no combat scenario is more frightening, or lethal, as a single-shot weapon wielded by someone skilled in critical shot placement.
Rapid Reloading Rank1 IconRapid ReloadingIn the chaos of combat, the seconds needed to reload your weapon could be the difference between life and death.
Sniper Certification Rank1 IconSniper CertificationOnly a trained sniper truly understands all the elements necessary to patiently and effectively neutralize a target at excessive range.
Targeting Rank1 IconTargetingWhile careful aiming is generally preferred in combat, "shooting from the hip" can prove a fast and deadly alternative with sufficient training.
Armor Penetration Rank1 IconArmor PenetrationBy identifying gaps or weak points in body armor, an attacker can often gain a tactical advantage in combat.
Crippling Rank1 IconCripplingSpecifically targeting the pressure points and nerves of various limbs can disable an opponent, limiting their combat effectiveness.
Sharpshooting Rank1 IconSharpshootingFor those who specialize in precise targeting that maximizes damage, combat is often a quickly efficient affair.

Science Skills

*Information on rank 4

Astrodynamics Rank1 IconAstrodynamicsAdvanced technology is one thing, but it takes skill, patience, and a little bit of love to coax even more capability out of a ship’s grav drive.
Geology Rank1 IconGeologyNewly discovered minerals mined from alien planets and moons have directly led to some incredible technological advancements.
Medicine Rank1 IconMedicineOnly through advancements in medical training and technology has humanity been able to withstand the galaxy's many dangers.
Research Methods Rank1 IconResearch MethodsBy skilfully employing both new and time tested methods, a researcher may complete projects faster, and even gain unexpected insights.
Surveying Rank1 IconSurveyingHumanity now has access to untold alien worlds, and the ability to decipher all that data while on the ground has become an essential skillset.
Botany Rank1 IconBotanyThe scientific study of flora, while important on Earth, became even more essential as humanity began exploring alien worlds.
Scanning Rank1 IconScanningWhile anyone can use a ship's scanner, it takes a specially trained operator to detect hard-to-find planetary resources, or uncover the details of nearby ships.
Spacesuit Design Rank1 IconSpacesuit DesignWhile a basic spacesuit can protect one from the vacuum of space, it takes a specialized design to withstand the rigors of many alien worlds.
Weapon Engineering Rank1 IconWeapon EngineeringLife in the 24th century can be exceedingly dangerous, and the ability to maintain and modify personal weapons can be essential to one's survival.
Zoology Rank1 IconZoologyNo one could have expected the number of new species encountered on alien worlds, or the Importance of those skilled in their behaviour and domestication. �
Astrophysics Rank1 IconAstrophysicsA ship's scanner receives vast amounts of data, but It takes a trained mind to efficiently analyze it all.
Chemistry Rank1 IconChemistryWhen crafted by the skilled and safety conscious, chems can be used to enhance health and performance across the Settled Systems.
Outpost Engineering Rank1 IconOutpost EngineeringProper construction of habitation modules is essential to one's survival on any alien world.
Special Projects Rank1 IconSpecial ProjectsBig guns are great, but in the Settled Systems, sometimes the best weapon is simply an old adage: "Knowledge is Power."
Planetary Habitation Rank1 IconPlanetary HabitationWhile outpost building is always challenging, doing so on a world with a dangerous environment requires specialized training.
Aneutronic Fusion Rank1 IconAneutronic FusionIt is possible to maximize a ship's energy output by specifically directing the unique nuclear processes that occur within its reactor.

Tech Skills

*Information on rank 4

Ballistic Weapon Systems Rank1 IconBallistic Weapon SystemsWhile there have been significant advancements in ship-borne weaponry, sometimes the simplest tool is the most effective.
Boost Pack Training Rank1 IconBoost Pack TrainingSpecialized training and innovations in personal mobility systems have allowed for unfettered exploration on alien worlds.
Piloting Rank1 IconPilotingAs more people journey into space, the number of those certified to effectively pilot various types of spacecraft has increased dramatically.
Security Rank1 IconSecurityWhile the standardized digital locking mechanism is renowned for its security, any code can be broken with the proper training.
Targeting Control Systems Rank1 IconTargeting Control SystemsMissile weapons are favored because they can lock onto an enemy ship, but an intimate knowledge of tracking systems can make them even more effective.
Energy Weapon Systems Rank1 IconEnergy Weapon SystemsIn the 24th century, advancements in energy weapons technology have revolutionized combat, as much in space as on the ground.
Engine Systems Rank1 IconEngine SystemsSpace is both vast and dangerous, and the ability to push a ship's engine to increase speed can be done safely and effectively, with the right training.
Payloads Rank1 IconPayloadsAny pilot can haul cargo, but it takes special determination and training to maximize cargo space.
Shield Systems Rank1 IconShield SystemsRegardless of the power allocated by the reactor, a ship's shields can be further bolstered by direct manipulation of the system's harmonics.
Missile Weapon Systems Rank1 IconMissile Weapon SystemsIn space, few weapons can match the range and destructive power of missiles, especially in the hands of a skilled tactician.
Particle Beam Weapon Systems Rank1 IconParticle Beam Weapon SystemsShip weapons utilizing particle beam technology are the preferred choice for captains who prefer to damage multiple ship systems at once.
Robotics Rank1 IconRoboticsIn an age where robots and autonomous turrets are employed in a combat capacity, the study of robotics can be instrumental in gaining a tactical edge.
Starship Design Rank1 IconStarship DesignAs with "car culture" on Earth centuries ago, there are those who pride themselves on the ability to modify their own spaceships.
Starship Engineering Rank1 IconStarship EngineeringIt takes skilled hands to not only make a ship's systems more resistant to damage, but to repair those systems efficiently when damage does occur.
Automated Weapon Systems Rank1 IconAutomated Weapon SystemsTurret weapons are known for their easy-to-use, autonomous nature, but they can be made even deadlier with some specific technical adjustments.
Boost Assault Training Rank1 IconBoost Assault TrainingCombat training with boost packs allows for more shock and awe tactics.
EM Weapon Systems Rank1 IconEM Weapon SystemsIn the hands of a capable pilot, no weapons can disable an enemy ship faster than those that deliver electromagnetic damage.

What Are Skills?

Skills Are Special Character Abilities & Actions

There's a total of 82 skills that makes up the five skill trees that can be used by the character on their starfaring journey to the cosmos. These skill abilities are important for your character's survival as you travel the vast cosmos where you will encounter other species in space, battle unusual alien creatures and face challenging tasks.

Best Skills Tier - Priority & Best Early Skills

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Best Skills

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