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Outpost Build - Base Building & Create Items
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Outpost Build - Base Building & Create Items

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Outpost base in Starfield. Learn how to build outposts, get resource materials, greenhouse, farm animals, cargo, transport items, robots, base build, skills and more in this guide.

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What Is An Outpost ?

You Can Create Your Own Base

Starfield Outpost

Outpost can serve as a base of operations, providing support, shelter, and resources. You can build these outpost bases anywhere as long as you have the necessary materials and skills to do so.

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Endgame Content

The outpost building is primarily a feature that becomes accessible and relevant during the later stages of the game. By this point, you will have likely accumulated valuable resources and honed your advanced skills. The introduction of the outpost building presents an opportunity to establish strategic outposts and unlock further content.

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How To Build An Outpost

1▼Find A Suitable Environment
2▼Secure A Power Source
3▼Build Extractors To Harvest Resources
4▼Add A Storage To Connect To Your Extractor
5▼Setup A Research Station
6▼Greenhouse Farming
7▼Husbandry & Organic Farming
8▼Cargo Link Inter System

Find A Suitable Environment

Starfield Outpost

Having the vast universe at your disposal offers an opportunity to explore, identify, and select the most suitable planet for establishing an outpost. Depending on your need on creating a base, you can start by checking the terrain as well as the available resources of a particular planet to see it can be extracted and used on your operations. Alternatively, you may prioritize a planet with a favorable climate and environmental conditions for habitation and agriculture.

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Check Planet Resources

Starfield Outpost Base Guide

To access the planet's resource map, click on the planet and simply press the 'R' key. The most effective approach to optimize resource collection is to strategically position your outpost near two or more nearby resource deposits.

Secure A Power Source

Starfield Outpost

Securing a reliable and sustainable power source is a critical especially when you will have multiple buildings and stations to setup as they consume a certain amount of Power. Depending on the planet's environment, you will need different types of power sources like solar panels and wind turbines to harnessing renewable energy sources or fueled generators.

Solar Arrays Best used on planets with plenty of supply of sunlight.
Wind Turbines You can harness the strong winds on harsh climates and convert it to power.
Fuel GeneratorsUse when there's no renewable energy sources available however it consumes fuel instead.

Build Extractors To Harvest Resources Continuously

Building and crafting items consumes item materials so you will need an Extractor to replenish your materials for production and operation. This is especially crucial if you are using a Fueled Generator as you will need to extract lots of Helium-3 to power up your base.

Check Scanner To Identify Resource Location

Starfield Outpost Base Guide

When you start to build your extractor on the surface, it will need to be built on top of a resource vein. You can use your Scanner to check area for available resource. The Scanner will identify and emphasize the specific resources present in the pinpointed location.

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Add A Storage To Connect To Your Extractor

Your extractor will continuously harvest resource materials so you will need to store it. The type of storage you connect to the Extractor depends on whether the material you're extracting is in solid, liquid, or gas form. You will also need other types of storage like Transfer Container and Warehouse as you expand your base.

How To Link Extractor To A Storage

1Right click or press RT on an extractor source target to create an output link.
Starfield Outpost
Drag the red line that will appear to the nearby storage.
Starfield Outpost
It will automatically store extracted resources once connected.

Setup A Research Station

Starfield Outpost Base Guide

You have the option to build Hab structures, allowing you to establish a personal laboratory and workbenches within your base. These facilities will enable you to establish a research station, which, in turn, will grant access to a wider range of crafting recipes.

Research LabAllows research to unlock all types of new crafting recipes.
Weapon WorkbenchAllows modification of all types of weapons.
Industrial WorkbenchAllow crafting of basic manufactures components.
Spacesuit WorkbenchAllows modification of all spacesuits, helmets, and packs.
Cooking StationCreate food and drinks
Pharmaceutical LabAllows crafting of medicines and other pharmaceuticals.

Unlock Other Building Items Through Researching

Starfield Outpost Base Guide

You can unlock more buildings and items to add to your outpost by completing Research Projects in the Research Lab. Unlock the Research Methods skill to complete researching for item recipes faster.

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Greenhouse Farming

Starfield Outpost Base Guide
Build RequirementsFluorine x2
Reactive Gauge x1
Adapative Frame x2
Sealant x1
Operating CostPower 3
Require SkillsBotany

You can build the greenhouse once you've unlocked the blueprint recipe from the Research Lab. You can grow inorganic lifeforms and plants which you can harvest materials from them. Take note that you will need the Botany Skill Rank 1 to build it.

How To Start Greenhouse Farming

Starfield Outpost Base Guide
Build the greenhouse once you have obtained the recipe and requirements.
You can also build a Solar Array next to it to power it up.
Starfield Outpost Base Guide
You can view the resource needed to harvest materials in the console located outside of the door of the Greenhouse.
Starfield Outpost Base Guide
Build a Water Extractor and Storage - Liquid next to the Greenhouse to continuously supply it with water.
Starfield Outpost Base Guide
Add a solid storage and connect it to the Greenhouse to store items.
Starfield Outpost Base Guide
You can wait to pass the time for the storage to be filled up with materials.

Husbandry & Organic Farming

Starfield Outpost Base Guide
Animal Husbandry Facility
Build RequirementsAluminum x8
Reactive Gauge x3
Adapative Frame x5
Sealant x3
Operating CostPower 3
Require Skills Zoology

You can start animal or fauna domestication by scanning through the area for creatures that have the 'Outpost production allowed' option. They can be usually found in herds so you'll spot them easily.

How To Start Animal Farming

Starfield Outpost Base Guide
Find an animal or creature with the "Outpost production allowed"
2Build an Animal Husbandry Facility to house animal creatures.
Starfield Outpost Base Guide
You can check the console for the Build List. You can also check the amount Water and Fiber materials needed to produce these materials.
4 Connect it to a nearby Greenhouse to supply it with the needed Fiber and an Extractor or Storage where it can get water
5Build a storage for the Animal Husbandry Facility and it will be automatically be filled with produce overtime.

Cargo Link Inter System

Starfield Outpost Base Guide
Cargo Link - Inter- System
Build RequirementsAluminum x12
Iron x20
Reactive Gauge x3
Comm Relay x1
Operating CostHelium-3 x5
Require Skills: None

You can setup multiple outpost on different locations to gather resources which you can send back home on your main base or ship through the Cargo Link feature. To start transporting extra materials, build a Transfer Container and connect all storage to it or directly connect it to an Extractor. Once connected to all supplies, link it to the Cargo Link Inter System and it will automatically send out materials.

Local Cargo Link

Cargo Link - Incoming
Build RequirementsZero Wire x2
Aluminum x12
Beryllium x2
Iron x20
Operating CostNo fuel required
Require Skills: None

You can build these Cargo Links in two different outpost to allow the transport of goods between them. Items in the outgoing container will be transporter to the incoming container in the other outpost and vice-versa.

Outpost Skills Required

Outpost Development Requires Some Skills

Project NameRequired Skills
Manufacturing 1None
Resource Extraction 1Outpost Engineering Rank 1
Decoration 1None
Horticulture 1 Outpost Engineering Rank 1
Botany Rank 1
Domestication 1Outpost Engineering Rank1
Zoology Rank 1
Power Generation 1Outpost Engineering Rank 1
Robots 1None
Outpost Defense 1Outpost Engineering Rank 2
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