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Ship Combat - Space Combat & Battle Spaceships

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Space combat in Starfield. Learn about space combat, how to win ship battles, combat ships, how to upgrade starter starship, spaceship controls and assign ship power in this guide.

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Space Combat

How Does Space Combat Works?

Space battle combat in starfield

In Starfield, you have the freedom to start space battles by engaging with other ships, factions, or combat with space pirates. However, if you approach too close to their territory, hostile starships may also initiate attacks on you. Additionally, specific quests within the game can trigger space battles as integral elements of the starfarer's story.

Ship Combat Mechanics

Ship WeaponsYour starship can have up to 3 different weapons which you can fire simultaneously.
Check Recommended Ship Weapons
Ship DockingIt's possible to dock and board a hostile ship, but you must disable its engine first. You will also not be able to board an enemy ship if there are other enemies engaging you.
Ship PowerYou can allocate power to your starship's systems to boost their effects.
Check Power Allocation
Auto-Turrets Your ship turrets will continue to fire automatically on other ships even if they are already disabled and can be boarded.
You will need to Power down Lasers ship system to prevent destroying them completely before you're able to board other ships.
Target LockLock will display on the enemy target when fully locked on.
Can be broken by boosting, moving out of range or maneuvering outside your targeting systems
Ship Skills You can target specific parts of an enemy ship when Targeting Control Systems skill is unlocked. This can be used to disable a ship's system.
Related Ship Skills
Ship CommunicationShip hailing, where you can choose to trade, engage in piracy or speak with the pilot is not available in hostile starships.
Ship DamageAny damage that is not absorbed by your shields is taken as hull damage.
Your ship will explode when your hull integrity reaches 0 that will result in death.
EM damage cannot be repaired and necessitates waiting for the effect to naturally dissipate.
Ship TakeoverYou must first board and defeat the crew to take over a hostile starship.
A captured ship cannot be sold or modified until it has been registered.

Spaceship Combat Controls

Ship Combat Controls

Select TargetE or A
Fire Weapon 1 Mouse 1 or RT
Fire Weapon 2 Mouse 2 or LT
Fire Weapon 3 G or Y

How To Win Space Battles?

May Vary Depending On Your Playstyle

Space battles in Starfield may vary in intensity and complexity so a well-upgraded ship enhances your combat capabilities. Before engaging, evaluate the enemy ships to better understand your adversaries so you can strategize your battle approach. Also, don't hesitate to disengage from hostile attacks or retreat if the odds are against you.

Things To Consider To Win In Space Battles

Space battles in Starfield are intense and challenging encounters that require strategy, skill, and effective decision-making. Make sure that you know your ship's strengths and weaknesses to leverage them effectively during battles.

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Recommended Combat Ship

Which Battle Ship To Choose

The Voyager seems to be the best recommend for both seasoned spacefarers and aspiring star captains. Its adaptability ensures it can excel in various combat scenarios, from intense dogfights to capital ship assaults. Whether you're a lone wolf seeking glory or a fleet commander leading your armada to victory, this ship offers the versatility and firepower required to conquer the challenges of deep space combat.

List Of Official Starships Shown In The Starfield Direct Preview

Ship Overview
Starfield Voyager III
Voyager III
Reactor: 40
Crew: 6
Jump: 30 LY
Shield: 1315
Bal: 74
Par: 58
Msl: 272
Celestial II
Celestial II
Jump:27 LY
Dragonfire II
Dragonfire II
Jump:26 LY
Slip Stream II
Slip Stream II
Jump:29 LY
Starfield Starship Space Battle Marathon
Jump:15 Ly

Ship Build Is Important To Consider

Starships SizeDetails
Starfield Starship Small
Small Starships
• Faster and quicker compared to other ships.
• Can disengage on space battles by outrunning most starships ahead.
• May not be able to deal damage and its shield may be overpowered due to the limited capacity.
Starfield Starship Medium
Medium Starships
• Offers a balanced amount of speed and firepower.
• You can equip more better and biggers weapons compared to small ships.
• Great for storing resource materials from looting.
• Has more space for cargo missions or smuggling.
Starfield Starship Large
Large Starships
•Huge space so you can add more powerful arsenal of weapons and shields.
• Also more space for your crew members and storage space.
• One of its major drawbacks can be its mobility, but this can potentially be improved by boosting its Grav or Engine Power instead.
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Recommended Ship Weapons

Starship Weapons Are Classified Into 4 Types

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, your choice of starship weapon can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Starship weapons come in four distinct types, each with its advantages and drawbacks. To make an informed decision on the best weapon type for your vessel, consider the following factors:

Weapon TypeDetails
Laser Weapons• Offer exceptional accuracy and precision, making them ideal for targeting specific components on enemy ships.
• Deliver high speed laser beams and minimize the chance of missing your targets.
• Require cooldown periods.
Ballistic Weapons• Deliver high damage with each shot, making them effective against armored targets.
• Various ammunition types provide flexibility in dealing with different threats.
• Relies on ammunition and resupply may be required during extended engagements.
Missile Weapons
• Missiles can be guided or unguided, allowing you to choose between precision strikes and area damage which is highly effective against larger vessels.
• Have wider AoE although target lock is required, which can be challenging in fast-paced battles.
• You can only have a finite number of missiles, so resupply is a concern during extended conflicts.
Particle Weapons• They can bypass enemy shields to some extent, making them effective against shielded targets.
• Particle weapons have minimal recoil, enabling accurate and rapid firing.
• Can sustain attacks although accuracy is needed which may be hard for fast targets.

You Can Equip Up To 3 Weapons

You can choose one type of weapon or you can get 3 different types of weapon. However, make sure to choose weapons that complement each other. You can improve your ship's weapon synergy by equipping one Laser Weapon, Missile Weapon, and Ballistic Weapon which can be helpful to cover a broad range of scenarios and versatility in combat situations.

Choose Weapons Based On Your Approach In Battle

Determine whether your starship will primarily serve as a fighter, bomber, or with a mix of both and more. Whether you enjoy close-range dogfights, long-range sniping, or hit-and-run tactics, your weapon selection should enhance your strengths. So don't be afraid to experiment with different weapon combinations to find what suits you best.

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Recommended Ship Skills

Ship Skills For Space Combat

Targeting Control Systems
Targeting Control Systems• Once you've unlocked the Targeting Control Systems skill, you gain the ability to pinpoint and target specific components of an enemy ship.
• This allows you to strategically disable crucial systems on the enemy vessel that may aid in Combat and Piracy.
EM Weapon Systems• Can shut down enemy ships temporarily when activated.
• Useful for boarding safely and taking over hostile ships.
• Can also be used as an escape means.
Automated Weapon Systems• Makes it easier to target and take down enemies.
• You ship will automatically attack hostile enemies which gives you more time to strategize your positioning in battle.
Shield Systems • You can use this to increase your ship's defenses.
• Provides additional protection against damage from attacks.
• Useful when your ship is targeted by multiple enemies at once.
Particle Beam Weapon Systems • You can do damage to multiple ship system at once.
Effective in alien groups.

Ship Related Skills

Ship CommandShip CommandThey say a ship is only as good as its crew, but that is contingent upon that crew having the right captain to lead them.
AstrodynamicsAstrodynamicsAdvanced technology is one thing, but it takes skill, patience, and a little bit of love to coax even more capability out of a ship’s grav drive.
ScanningScanningWhile anyone can use a ship's scanner, it takes a specially trained operator to detect hard-to-find planetary resources, or uncover the details of nearby ships.
AstrophysicsAstrophysicsAstrophysics A ship's scanner receives vast amounts of data, but It takes a trained mind to efficiently analyze it all.
Aneutronic FusionAneutronic FusionIt is possible to maximize a ship's energy output by specifically directing the unique nuclear processes that occur within its reactor.
Ballistic Weapon SystemsBallistic Weapon SystemsWhile there have been significant advancements in ship-borne weaponry, sometimes the simplest tool is the most effective.
Targeting Control SystemsTargeting Control SystemsMissile weapons are favored because they can lock onto an enemy ship, but an intimate knowledge of tracking systems can make them even more effective.
Engine SystemsEngine SystemsSpace is both vast and dangerous, and the ability to push a ship's engine to increase speed can be done safely and effectively, with the right training.
Shield SystemsShield SystemsRegardless of the power allocated by the reactor, a ship's shields can be further bolstered by direct manipulation of the system's harmonics.
Particle Beam Weapon SystemsParticle Beam Weapon SystemsShip weapons utilizing particle beam technology are the preferred choice for captains who prefer to damage multiple ship systems at once.
Starship DesignStarship DesignAs with "car culture" on Earth centuries ago, there are those who pride themselves on the ability to modify their own spaceships.
Starship EngineeringStarship EngineeringIt takes skilled hands to not only make a ship's systems more resistant to damage, but to repair those systems efficiently when damage does occur.
Automated Weapon SystemsAutomated Weapon SystemsTurret weapons are known for their easy-to-use, autonomous nature, but they can be made even deadlier with some specific technical adjustments.
EM Weapon SystemsEM Weapon SystemsIn the hands of a capable pilot, no weapons can disable an enemy ship faster than those that deliver electromagnetic damage.
Skill System Guide
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Best Power Allocation

Starfield Starship Space Battle Power Allocation

Efficiently managing the distribution of power across various ship systems is the key to survival and may be a game changer in battles. Power allocation isn't just about combat, it can also be a tool for strategic versatility especially during your travel and space explorations.

Ship Power Allocation Options

Shield Power
Strengthens your ship's shield against attacks.
Use before engaging in combat to lessen damage.
Missile Power
Ship missile attack damage and recharge rate.
Increase in combat to enhance the damage and performance of your missile weapons.
Laser Power
Ship laser attack damage and recharge rate.
Increase in combat to enhance the damage and performance of your laser weapons.
Ballistic Power
Ship ballistic attack damage and recharge rate.
Increase in combat to enhance the damage and performance of your ballistic weapons.
Engine Power
Allocate points here if you want your ship to go faster.
Travelling faster makes it easy to outrun enemies.
Grav Power
Shortens the amount time to make a jump.
Allocate points here to fast travel to destinations that are Light Years away.
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How To Upgrade Ship

You Can Upgrade Ship With The Ship Technician

Starfield Starship Space Specialist

Remember, your ship is not just a mode of transportation, it's your partner in exploring the cosmos and surviving the unknown. Regularly upgrading and modifying it will ensure you stay ahead of the game and conquer the mysteries of the universe in Starfield.

How To Upgrade Ships

1Find a Ship Services Technician
2Select " I'd like to view and modify my ships"
3Select from the available ships that you have registered
Press Q and T or the left and right toggle buttons to browse
4 Press the A or E button to select on the ship you would like to upgrade
5 Press X or U to open the Ship Builder Screen for further customization
Customizable Ship Parts

List Of Customizable Ship Parts

  • Cowling
  • Shield Generator
  • Docker
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Grav Driver
  • Weapons (Can add up to 3)
  • Hab
  • Engines
  • Cockpit
  • Cargo Hold (Storage)
  • Reactor
  • Bay
  • Landing Gears

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