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How To Build Your Ship - Ship Parts Upgrade
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How To Build Your Ship - Ship Parts Upgrade

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The Ship Building Guide for Starfield. Includes how to use Ship Builder, add Weapons, Cargo, and changes of Ship Modules Class.

Table of Contents

Two Types of Ship Building

1. "Upgrade Ship" For Boosting Stats

This mode enhances the performance of installed ship parts, allowing you to Upgrade and Change the individual parts without worrying about position adjustments or other details.

2. "Ship Builder" For Full Customization

Unlike "Upgrade Ship," this mode allows you to add or delete parts. Customizing your ship is highly flexible, but there are also restrictions on modification.

Modify Ship Parts With "Upgrade Ship"

How To Use Upgrade Ship

How to use Upgrade Ship
1Select the ship you want to modify.
2Press E button to enter Upgrade Ship mode.
3Select the part you want to modify.
4Select the option from the list.
5Cost credits to install it.

Starship Design Skill Is Required

To install certain advanced modules on your ship, you must unlock and rank up the Starship Design skill.

Priority To Upgrade Ship Parts


ReactorIncreases the power available to other ship components. Note that to pilot a ship with an upgraded reactor, you must also have a high Piloting skill rank.
WeaponsEnhances the combat performance of your ship.
CargoIncreases storage capacity.
EnginesBoosts the speed of your ship.


ShieldReduces incoming damage from enemies.
Grav DriveIncreases your jump range to other star systems.
Fuel TankAllows you to travel further without stopping.

Full Customization With "Ship Builder"

How To Use Ship Builder

How to use Ship Builder
RotateHold Right mouse buttonRotate the camera.
PanHold Mouse WheelMove the view as you want.
Pan UpW or UpMove the view upwards.
Pan DownS or DownMove the view downwards.
Pan LeftA or LeftMove the view towards the left.
Pan RightD or RightMove the view towards the right.
Zoom InMouse Wheel UpMagnify the view.
Zoom OutMouse Wheel DownSee a wider view.
Floor UpRNew module will appear on the upper level.
Floor DownFNew module will appear on the lower level.
OptionsL CtrlShows Undo, Redo, and Duplicate.
Flight CheckCView the Error messages.
AddGAdd a module
When Adding a Module
FlipZFlip the selected module.
AcceptEApply the changes you have made.
CancelTabExit without changes.
When Selecting A Module
ColorJShows the Color Adjustment menu.
DeleteDeleteRemove the selected module.
EditSpaceShows the Variants.

Start With Parts That Are Limited To One

MuduleHow To Choose
ReactorHigher power allows all components to be supplied.
Grav DriveHigher Grav Jump Thrust allows you to Fast Travel further.
ShieldHigher Health offer more protection.
CockpitHigher Hull provides higher durability for your ship.
DockerFor docking with other ships. No functional stats. Choose what you like.
Landing BayFor landing on planets. No functional stats. Choose what you like.

Starting with a set of non-negotiable components, each limited to one per ship, is essential when building a ship. This makes it easier to allocate the remaining components.

Use a Reactor of the Highest Possible Class

Since you cannot attach Modules of a higher class than the Reactor, you should start with the Reactor of the highest class available.

Modules (Other than Reactors) with a Class

Grav DriveHigher class increases the Jump Range but requires more Skills.
ShieldsHigher class reduces more incoming damage.
EnginesLimited to four.
Higher class doesn't result in higher Speed but more Health or less Required Power.
WeaponsLimited to three.
Higher-classed EM and PAR weapons offer better performance.

Add Functional Modules

MuduleHow To Choose
Fuel TanksHigher Fuel allows you to jump further.
CargoHigher Capacity provides more inventory space.
Shielded Cargo can be used to hide Contraband.
HabsRelated to Crew Slots and Interior Types. Choose what you need.
Landing GearsAt least two per ship.
Higher Lander Thrust supports more ship mass.

*There is no upper limit to the modules above.

Choose Modules With Higher Stats But Lower Mass

Mass refers to the weight of your ship, including all components. If Mass exceeds Thrust, Mobility will decrease, limiting speed and maneuverability. So, build a strong ship while keeping Mass in check.

See The Flight Check For Errors

See the errors from the Flight Check

It is crucial to learn the rules of shipbuilding. Any errors will be flagged in Flight Check with an explanation—press C to see how to fix the errors.

How To Fix Errors While Ship Building

Common Errors While Shipbuilding

Unattached ModulesShip has unattached modules.
→ Attach the modules properly on your ship.
Ship CostShip cost exceeds available credits.
→ Go for less expensive part.
Ship SizeShip exceeds max length, width, or height.
→ Redesign your ship within the 40m limit.
Low MobilityReduce mass or add engines to improve mobility.
→ Decrease the mass or enhance the engine.
Missing CockpitShip is missing a cockpit.
→ Install a cockpit.
Multiple CockpitsOnly one cockpit is allowed.
→ Remove the extra cockpits.
Missing Landing BayShip is missing a landing bay.
→ Install a landing bay.
Multiple Landing BaysOnly one landing bay is allowed.
→ Remove the extra landing bays.
Minimum Landing Gear CountShip has too few landing gears.
→ One Lander Thrust unit can support 200 ship mass. Add enough Thrust units based on mass.
Landing Gear MisalignedLanding gear touch down points must be aligned with landing bay.
→Reposition the gears to the right height.
Missing DockerShip is missing a docker.
→ Install a docker.
Invalid Docker Module PositionDocker modules need to be on an outside edge of the ship.
→Move the docker to the top of your ship.
Missing Grav DriveShip is missing a grav drive.
→ Install a grav drive.
Need More Grav Jump ThrustShip is too heavy to grav jump. Reduce mass or increase grav jump thrust.
→ Upgrade grav drive or decrease the ship mass.
Minimum Fuel Tank CountShip does not have at least one fuel tank.
→ Install a fuel tank.
Missing ReactorShip is missing a reactor.
→ Install a reactor.
Multiple ReactorsOnly one reactor is allowed.
→ Remove the extra reactors.
Missing ShieldShip is missing a shield.
→ Install a shield.
Multiple ShieldsOnly one shield module is allowed.
→ Remove the extra shield.
Minimum Engine CountShip has too few engines.
→ Install an engine.
Excess Engine Power UsageShip is using too much power for engines. Reduce engine count.
→ Change engines or upgrade the reactor.
Missing Weapon AssignmentShip is missing a weapon assignment.
→ Open Flight Check and assign a weapon to the spare slot.
Unassigned WeaponShip has weapons that must be assigned to a group.
→ Open Flight Check and assign the weapon to one slot.
Excess Weapon Power UsageShip is using too much power for weapons. Reduce weapon count.
→ Change to weapons with lower required power.
Cannot Reach Cockpit From Landing BayLanding bay needs to be connected to the cockpit.
→ Link the Landing Bay and the Cockpit via the Hab.
Cannot Reach Cockpit From DockerDocker modules need to have an interior connection to the cockpit.
→ Link the Docker and the Cockpit via the Hab.

Where To Get Ship Parts

Brand's Show Rooms

Stroud Eklund Show Room

The ship manufacturers, such as Taiyo or Deimos, sell their original Dockers, Cockpits, Habs, etc., and have their own stores in various cities where you can buy all the lineups, regardless of your level.

HopetechPolvo, Valo System
Nova GalacticTitan, Sol System
*Talk to the Ship Technician to access the lineups.
DeimosDeimos (Moon of Mars), Sol System
*You need to dock at the Staryard.
Stroud EklundDeepala, Narion System
*You need to dock at the Staryard.
TaiyoVolii Alpha, Volii System

Ship Technicians and Vendors

Red Mile Ship Services

Some towns have Ship Vendors and Technicians selling spaceship parts and new ships. Reactors, Weapons, and Engine lineups are available based on your level. You need to reach a certain level to be able to see advanced parts in the store.

Click the button below to see the detailed locations.

Ship Vendors - Locations & How to Go

How To Start Customization

Talk To Ship Services Technician

Ship Services Technician

Find the Ship Services Technician at the Spaceports and ask to view and modify your ships in the menu.

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