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Starfield Wiki Guide. Learn about Starfield's story walkthrough, beginner tips, best Background and Traits, weapon, armor, and ship database, crafting and resources, and more!

Table of Contents

Story Walkthrough & Quests - Starfield Guide Wiki

Starfield Quests & Missions

Main Quest

Main Quest List

All Faction List

All Faction Mission List

Misc Missions

Quest Related

Point Of No ReturnStory Branching
Post Game ContentNew Game Plus
How Long To Beat

Character Information & Builds - Starfield Guide Wiki

Starfield Character Information & Builds

Character Creation Guide

Character Creation - How To Change Appearance

Background Features & Builds

Combat Oriented
Combat Medic Cyberneticist Gangster
Ronin Soldier [File Not Found]
Exploration Oriented
Explorer Pilgrim Professor
Pirate Oriented
Bounty Hunter Cyber Runner Long Hauler
Trader Oriented
Diplomat Industrialist
Balance Oriented
Beast Hunter Bouncer Chef
Sculptor Space Scoundrel


Best Skills

Skill Lists


Character Related Articles

World & Planets - Starfield Guide WIki

Starfield World & Planets


City Maps

Weapons, Armor, and Mods - Starfield Guide WIki

Starfield Weapons,  Armor, and Mods


Weapon Customization GuideWeapon Types Explanation

Weapon Lists

  • All Weapons List
  • Legendary Weapons List
  • Unique Weapons List
  • Pistols List
  • Rifles List
  • Shotguns List
  • Heavy Weapons List
  • Laser Pistols List
  • Laser Rifles List
  • Particle Rifles List
  • Melee Weapons List

Weapon Mods

How To Get Weapon Mods

Weapon Mod Lists

  • All Weapon Mods List
  • Receivers List
  • Internals List
  • Optics List
  • Magazines and Batteries List
  • Muzzles List

Armor & Skin

How To Get ArmorHow To Get Skins
Armor Customization GuideMantis Armor Reroll

Armor & Skin Lists

  • All Armor List
  • All Skins List
  • Spacesuits List
  • Packs List
  • Helmets List
  • Apparels List

Armor Mods

How To Get Armor Mods

Armor Mod Lists

  • All Amor Mods List

Ships & Parts - Starfield Guide WIki

Starfield Ships & Parts
How To Get A ShipShip Building Guide
Ship Stats ExplanationGrav Jumping
Ship Cargo (Storage)Space Combat

Starship Models


Deimos StaryardStroud Eklund Staryard
Trident StaryardNova Gallactic Staryard

Related Lists

Exploration & Resources - Starfield Guide WIki

Starfield Exploration & Resources

Exploration & Crafting

Research LabOutpost
Gravity Temperature
Atomosphere Magnetosphere
Extreme Environment

Related Lists

Beginner Tips - Starfield Guide WIki

Starfield Beginner Tips

Recommended Articles to Read Before Purchasing

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