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Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to use the Slinger. Including info on best Slinger Ammo, Slinger features, and more!!!

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Slinger Features & Controls

Features Of The Slinger

The Slinger is a unique tool in Monster Hunter World that provides various advantages in hunting. You can load pods into it to deal damage, flash monsters, and even throw status effect knives that will impede monster movement.

Slinger Controls

How To Load [Pods On Ground]
Press ○ to pick up items
[Pods In Loadout]
Press □ to equip & unequip
How To Fire Sheathe weapon, press L2 to aim, then R2 to shoot the pod

You can only fire Slinger Ammo when your weapons are sheathed. If you're using Sword & Shield, you can fire pods even if your weapon is unsheathed.

Only One Ammo Type Can Be Equipped

You can only equip one type of Slinger Ammo per time. Unless you unequip or you run out of Ammo, this is the limit to what you can use.

Equip "Slinger Capacity" Skill To Carry More Ammo

You will be able to carry more Slinger Ammo if you equip the "Slinger Capacity" skill. This increases the number of pods you can pick up when they are dropped by monsters.

Uses Of The Slinger

Use To Attack Monsters

Use To Attack Monsters

Slingers can be used to attack monsters by equipping a type of ammo then shooting it towards a target. Depending on the type of ammo you equip, you can implement status effects, etc.

Specific Pods Are Effective Against Monsters

Certain Slinger Pods in the game are very effective against specific monsters. An Uragaan can be toppled by using a Crystalburst when it is rolling and Elder Dragon auras can be lessened by using Dragon Pods.

Can Be Used When Mounting A Monster

When you've mounted a monster, you can use Slinger Pods to attack. This deals much more damage than simple knife thrusts and makes it easier to topple the monster.

Use Slinger To Return When Knocked Off

If you have enough stamina, when the monster knocks you off during a mount, you can use the Slinger to return back to the mount. Be sure to press the button prompt to go back.

Throw Pods To Attract Monster's Attention

Throwing stones and other things around monsters will get their attention, so as long as you don't hit them directly. This is a great way to distract a monster when you're laying traps or bombs.

Swing Around Using Wedge Beetles

Swing Around Using Wedge Beetles
Move Press L2 to aim then press ○ to attach to Wedge Beetle
Jump Press X while hanging from Wedge Beetle

You can use the Slinger to get to higher places in Monster Hunter World by hanging onto Wedge Beetles. You can also jump this way which can lead to mounting a monster. Using the Glider Mantle will increase air time, allowing you to aim better when jumping.

Wedge Beetles Lets You Do Jump Attacks

When you hang onto a Wedge Beetle and then press the X button, you will jump and you can do a jump attack. As long as there are Wedge Beetles in the area, you can do jump attacks even if there are no ledges.

Travel Via Wingdrakes

You can also attach your Slinger onto Wingdrakes and use them to travel. If the Wingdrake doesn't come down, you can use Stones to bring it to the ground.

Activate Environmental Traps

Activate Environmental Traps

Slinger Ammo can be used to activate traps in the environment such as boulders, vine traps, etc. These are very effective in trapping monsters so make sure to utilize them a lot.

Best Slinger Ammo Vs. Monsters

Some Ammo Is Very Effective Against Monsters

Most Slinger Ammo deal damage against monsters but some of them deal special effects on specific monsters. Make sure to know which pods work best against what monsters.

Best Slinger Ammo Vs. Monsters

Monster Ammo Effect
Anjanath Anjanath Puddle Pod Hit head when on fire to deal heavy Water damage
Vaal Hazak Vaal Hazak Dragon Pod Implement Elderseal to reduce Miasma
Lavasioth Lavasioth Torch Pod Softens up Lavasioth's magma armor
Uragaan Uragaan Crystalburst Topples monster while rolling
Kirin Kirin Dragon Pod Implement Elderseal to reduce Thunder aura
Kushala Daora Kushala Daora Dragon Pod Implement Elderseal to reduce Wind aura
Kulu-Ya-Ku Kulu-Ya-Ku Scatternut Causes monster to drop what it's carrying
Jyuratodus Jyuratodus Puddle Pod Reduces mud on monster's body
Teostra Teostra Dragon Pod Implement Elderseal to reduce Fire aura
Great Girros Great Girros Torch Pod Drives away surrounding Girros
Tobi Kadachi Tobi Kadachi Puddle Pod Lessens charged aura
Paolumu Paolumu Brightmoss Drops Paolumu on ground when in flight
Barroth Barroth Puddle Pod Reduces mud on monster's body
Radobaan Radobaan Scatternut Topples monster while rolling
Rathian Rathian Brightmoss Drops Rathian on ground when in flight
Pink Rathian Pink Rathian Brightmoss Drops Pink Rathian on ground when in flight
Rathalos Rathalos Brightmoss Drops Rathalos on ground when in flight
Legiana Legiana Brightmoss Drops Legiana on ground when in flight
Shamos Shamos Brightmoss Drives them away from area
Vespoid Vespoid Stone Body can be carved when killed
Hornetaur Hornetaur Stone Body can be carved when killed

Slinger Ammo Monster Drops

Monsters Drop Ammo When Damaged

Some monsters in MHW drop Slinger Ammo when they're dealt a considerable amount of damage. These pods are unusual and very effective when used correctly.

Slinger Ammo Monster Drops List

Ammo Monster
Piercing Pod - Odogaron
- Kulu Ya Ku
- Tzi-Tzi Ya Ku
- Great Girros
- Great Jagras
- Tobi Kadachi
- Pukei-Pukei
- Radobaan
- Legiana
Bomb Pod - Anjanath
- Rathian
- Pink Rathian
- Rathalos
- Azure Rathalos
Slinger Thorn - Jyuratodus
- Diablos
- Paolumu
- Barroth
Dragon Pod - All Elder Dragons

Slinger Ammo Effects

Slinger Ammo Monster Effects List

Item Effect
Scatternut Spreads out when shot - can stun & suprise monsters
Stone Can be used to attack monster
Redpit Same effect & use as Stone
Brightmoss Can drop flying monsters & illuminate dark areas
Throwing Knife Deals damage to monsters
Paralysis Knife Can cause Paralysis on monsters
Poison Knife Can cause Poison on monsters
Sleep Knife Can cause Sleep on monsters
Bomb Pod Explodes when it lands on target
Slinger Thorn Sticks to monsters & explodes when hit
Flash Pod Blinds monsters and can drop flying monsters
Screamer Pod Stuns monsters sensitive to sound
Dung Pod Repels monsters & makes them move to another area
Torch Pod Used to scare small monsters or illuminate dark areas
Puddle Pod Cleans mud from monsters
Piercing Pod Pierces through monster armor to deal damage
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