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How To Beat Extreme Behemoth Solo - Tips and Recommended Gear
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How To Beat Extreme Behemoth Solo - Tips and Recommended Gear

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Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to defeat Extreme Behemoth solo. Learn Behemoth's weaknesses, recommended loadout, hunting tips, its moves and how to counter them!!!

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How Hard Is Extreme Behemoth Solo?

  • You need to deal 51800 damage in 30 minutes
  • Dealing 1700 damage per minute is needed
  • If Behemoth hits you a lot, you might run out of time

Deal 51800 Damage In 30 Minutes

Whether playing multiplayer or solo, the Extreme Behemoth has a health of 51800 HP. You need to deal as much damage as you can, about 1700 per minute to be able to defeat it. This is possible while playing solo, if you don't get hit a lot or make reckless moves.

Avoid Getting Hit A Lot

If you want to clear this quest while playing solo, it's important to not get hit by the Behemoth, by any of its moves. If you get hit, you'll have to heal your health and this will take up a lot of time.

Does Not Affect Main Story

The Final Fantasy XIV Behemoth quests are completely separate from the main story of Monster Hunter World. It is a challenge of your skill as a Hunter and will not affect your progress in the game.

How To Prepare For Solo Extreme Behemoth Fight

  • Use items that raise Attack Power
  • Can only use Flash Pod twice
  • Do not bring your Palico to the fight

Use Items That Increase Attack Power

Use Items That Increase Attack Power

Consumable items such as Mega Demondrug, Demon Powder, and Might Pill will increase your attack power during the hunt. Be sure to consume these before & during the fight to ensure your attacks will always be up.

Flash Pods Are Only Effective Twice

Flash Pods Are Only Effective Twice

In the Extreme Behemoth fight, Flash Pods will only work twice and should only be used in emergency situations. Check recommended times to use the Flash Pod below.

Use 1 - Cancel Enmity In Area 3

The Extreme Behemoth does not use Charybdis in Area 3 so getting its enmity will not be useful. It's best to use Flash Pod to remove the enmity in this area.

Use 2 - Counter Behemoth Attack

When the Behemoth's focus is on you, the next attack will surely be targeted towards you. To cancel the Behemoth's movement, hit it with a Flash Pod.

Leave Palico At The Camp

It's best to leave your Palico behind if you want to hunt the Extreme Behemoth solo. Having a Palico will switch the monster's aggression and make it difficult for you to hit its head or face.

Recommended Specialized Tools & Usage

The best tools to use during the Extreme Behemoth fight are the Temporal Mantle & Evasion Mantle. It's best to activate your Temporal Mantle right after you gain the monster's enmity.

Temporal Mantle Temporal Mantle Activate when you have monster enmity. Does not negate damage from Behemoth punches.
Evasion Mantle Evasion Mantle Increases invincibility window when dodging and is useful in keeping you safe from monster attacks
Impact Mantle Impact Mantle Adds stun to attacks on monsters and is best used when hunting solo

Extreme Behemoth Solo Battle Tips

Extreme Behemoth Battle Phases

Phase Recommended Min. To Spend
Stage 1 About 5 minutes
Stage 2 5-6 minutes
Stage 3 5-6 minutes
Stage 4 About 13 minutes

Keep Your Comet Protected

Keep Your Comet Protected

Make sure that the Comet that the Extreme Behemoth summons will not be broken as this is the only way you can avoid the Ecliptic Meteor, unless you've mastered the FFXIV Jump gesture.

Always Remember Where The Comet Is Placed

It's extremely important to know where the comet has dropped in this fight as the Behemoth can summon Ecliptic Meteor any time. Don't move too far away so you can quickly hide when the Ecliptic Meteor comes.

Quickly Take Enmity Of Monster

Quickly Take Enmity Of Monster

It's important to get the enmity of the Behemoth as fast as possible. Charybdis is casted pretty fast and it's important that it doesn't get casted at all. In Stages 2 and 4, it'll only take 5 Dragon Pods to get enmity so be sure to grab them from the floor.

Don't Return To Camp Often

Returning to your base camp often to replenish items will take time that you don't have in this short quest. Make sure to keep returning to camp to a minimum so you'll save time for the fight.

Area Changes According To Broken Parts

Moves To Volcanic Area When 1 Part Is Broken

Moves To Volcanic Area When 1 Part Is Broken
Stage 3 Stage 4
Area 12 Area 13

Moves To Volcanic Area When 1 Or Less Parts Are Broken

If you are confident in facing the Behemoth in the volcanic area, you can stop breaking Behemoth parts when you've already broken 1 or less.

Moves To Nergigante Area When 2 Parts Are Broken

Moves To Nergigante Area When 2 Parts Are Broken
Stage 3 Stage 4
Area 14 Area 15

Moves To Nergigante Area When 2 Or More Parts Are Broken

When you've broken 2 or more parts of the Behemoth, it'll move into the Nerginante sleeping area in Area 15. It has a difficult terrain to maneuver so it's only recommended to go to this area if you're confident you can take the Behemoth down here.

Early Stage Extreme Behemoth Solo Battle Tips

Always Hit The Boulders

Always Hit The Boulders

In the first phase of the fight, be sure to lead the Behemoth underneath the falling boulders. This will deal a big amount of damage that can help you chip off the Behemoth's health early in the fight.

Hit Boulders Last During This Stage

It's recommended to hit the boulders last to overdamage the Behemoth and make it move into the 2nd phase of the fight quickly. However, be careful as you might deal too much damage and go into the 2nd phase without using the 2 boulders.

Grab Dragon Pods Before Moving To Next Area

If you deal enough damage to the Behemoth in the 1st phase, it'll drop Dragon Pods. Make sure to pick them up and put them in your Slinger as these can help you gain enmity quickly during the 2nd phase.

2nd Phase (Area 9) Extreme Behemoth Solo Battle Tips

Grab Behemoth's Enmity Quickly

Grab Behemoth

With the Dragon Pods you've picked up, make sure to gain the Behemoth's enmity. This prevents it from casting Charybdis during this phase.

3rd Phase (Area 12/14) Extreme Behemoth Solo Battle Tips

Area 12

Area 12

In Area 12, there are no distinct landscape features that will hinder your fight, making it easier to face the Extreme Behemoth in this phase.

Area 14

Area 14

Area 14 has slopes and crystal towers, making it a challenge to fight the Extreme Behemoth. However, unlike Area 12, you won't need a Cool Drink to protect yourself from the heated environment.

Grab Dragon Pods Before Moving To Next Area

Grab Dragon Pods Before Moving To Next Area

If you deal enough damage to the Behemoth in the 3rd phase, it'll drop Dragon Pods again. Make sure to pick them up and put them in your Slinger as these can help you gain enmity quickly during the 4th phase.

4thPhase (Area 13/15) Extreme Behemoth Solo Battle Tips

Area 13

Area 13

Area 13 has magma cracks that can blow you into the air when they erupt. If you are hit, the damage is big and you're vulnerable to any of Behemoth's attacks. When you see the crack about to erupt, steer clear of it.

Area 15

Area 15

In Area 15, there are not many environmental hazards except for the falling stalactites when you fight the Behemoth near the entrance to the area. This area is challening as the space is small and you don't have enough room to run.

Pace Attacks In 4th Phase

In the 4th phase of the fight, the Extreme Behemoth will be very aggressive so it's best to pace your attacks. In this stage, survival is more important so watch the monster's movements carefully.

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