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How To Beat Behemoth - Tips and Recommended Gear
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How To Beat Behemoth - Tips and Recommended Gear

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Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to defeat Behemoth. Learn Behemoth's weaknesses, recommended loadout, hunting tips, its moves & how to counter them!!!

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Behemoth - Tips and Tricks

Form Party & Determine Roles

The Behemoth quest is unique because it needs hunters to play specific roles. In the 4-man team, 1 should be a tank, 2 should deal continuous damage, while the last 1 will work on healing the team & keeping the tank alive.

Recommended Party & Roles

Role Recommended Weapon
Tank Lance, Gunlance, Heavy Bowgun
Tasked to get Behemoth's Enmity
Damage Dealer Any
Deal continuous damage during fight
Healer Ranged
Use Lifepowders & Wide-Range skill to keep Tank & team alive

Tanks Should Hit Head To Gain Enmity

The main role of the tank is to gain the Behemoth's Enmity. This means the Behemoth will attack you for a period of time and its focus will be on you, allowing your team members to attack it openly.

Healers Should Have Wide-Range To Keep Party Safe

Healers in this quest should focus on keeping their whole party alive and safe. Using skills such as Wide-Range and using ranged weapons are recommended for Healers in this fight.

Always Know Where The Comet Is

Behemoth's Ecliptic Meteor will one-shot your HP bar and make you faint. It's best to keep track of where comets are on the field so you know which direction to run when he does this move.

Can Use FFXIV Jump But Not Recommended

You can use the Final Fantasy XIV Jump gesture to avoid the damage from the Ecliptic Meteor but this isn't recommended as the timing is very difficult to perfect.

Fight Behemoth Away From Comet To Avoid Breakage

When there are comets in the field, try to lure the Behemoth away from them. This will prevent the Behemoth accidentally breaking them with his moves.

Move To Corner When Charybdis Casting On You

When the Behemoth is casting Charybdis and the wind surrounds you, it's best to move to the corner of the field. This way, if your teammates don't use Flash on Behemoth, the tornado will not obstruct the battlefield.

Use Flash To Stop Behemoth Casting Charybdis

When the Behemoth is casting Charybdis and your teammates have not gained its Enmity, use Flash Pod to stop it from fully summoning the dangerous tornado.

Cut Tail To Lessen Behemoth's Hit Box

The Behemoth's tail can easily sweep you when its still attached. Try to cut its tail as soon as possible to avoid having to dodge through a larger hit box of damage.

Use Boulder In 1st Area To Damage Behemoth Immediately

During the 1st phase of the Behemoth, there are crystal boulders you can shoot to bring down on the monster. Wait until its positioned under the crystals then shoot to damage the Behemoth.

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Behemoth - Weak Spots & Effective Damage Type

Behemoth - Weak Spots & Effective Damage Type
Area Description
(Breakable Horns)
The head is a weak spot & its horns can be broken
Tail well be cut off when severed

The Behemoth has 2 weak points - its head and its tail. The head is a weak spot and its horns can be broken while its tail can be cut off.

Effective Damage Type Per Weak Spot

Part Sever Blunt Ammo
Head ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Tail ★★★ ★★・ ★★・

Behemoth - Element & Item Weaknesses

Elemental Affinity Reference Chart


Status Effect Resistance Chart


Item Weakness & Resistance Chart

Effective: ✓, Not Effective: ×!!!

Item Effectiveness
Flash Pod
Shock Trap ×
Pitfall Trap ×
Vine Trap ×
Dung Pod ×
Screamer Pod ×
Tinged Meat ×
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Behemoth - Recommended Loadout

Recommended Elemental Weapons

Being an Elder Dragon, Behemoth is weak against Dragon element weapons
With Fire-based skills, Behemoth has weaker resistance to Water & Ice elements

Tanks Should Use Lance, Gunlance Or HBG

It's recommended for the Tanks in the party to use Lance, Gunlance, or Heavy Bowgun. The Lance & Gunlance will allow you to guard from the Behemoth's attacks once you have its Enmity and the HBG can target the Behemoth's face to gain Enmity.

Recommended Skills

SkillParty Role
Recommendation Criteria
(Lvl 5)
Lessens knockback and stamina use when guarding against Behemoth attacks.
Guard Up [TANK]
Allows you to guard against the Behemoth's unblockable attacks.
(Lvl 5)
Applies consumed item effects to all those in party, recommended for healing & buffing.
Mushroom Mancer
(Lvl 3)
Use in combination with Wide-Range to apply mushroom effects to whole party.
Tremor Resistance
(Lvl 3)
Protects against ground tremors that can stun after Behemoth slams the ground.
Health Boost
(Lvl 3)
Increases HP bar to elongate survival during battle.
(Lvl 5)
Prevents stuns from Behemoth's roars.

Recommended Items

MHW FLASH POD Flash PodStuns monster for a few seconds with flash of light
MHW Lifepowder Lifepowder Recovers yours & your teammate's health
MHW Nulberry Nulberry Cures different status blights
MHW Cool Drink Cool Drink Reduces heat damage
MHW Mega Barrel Bomb Mega Barrel BombDeals explosive damage to monster when triggered

Loadout For Effectively Hunting Behemoth

This item loadout will help you survive your battle with the Behemoth. Flash Pods will disrupt his Charybdis move while Lifepowders will keep you and your team alive during the hunt.

Best Specialized Tools

ToolTool Effect
Temporal Mantle Temporal Mantle Automatically avoids fatal monster moves.
Vitality Mantle Vitality Mantle Increases & elongates your HP bar.
Rocksteady Mantle Rocksteady Mantle Reduces damage from attacks. Negates scream, wind, & tremor effects to an extent.
Evasion Mantle Evasion Mantle Increases invincibility window when dodging.
Impact Mantle Impact Mantle Adds stun to attacks on monsters.*Best for solo hunting.*

Behemoth - Moves & Counters

Ecliptic Meteor Insta-death attack. Hide behind comet or use Jump gesture to survive
Charybdis Summons tornadoes. Use Flash Pods to disrupt or Dragon Pods to gain Enmity
Tackle Drops shoulders to ground and rushes forward. Dodge to side to avoid damage
Body Slam Stands up and slams fists onto ground. Move behind or dodge to the side. Can cause heavy ground tremors
Meteor Summons rocks to fall from sky. Check ground then dodge when impact is imminent
Thunderbolt Shoots lightning bolts. Can cause Thunderblight. Dodge to keep safe
Comet Summons a comet to fall. Targets random player and ground will flash before impact. Dodge after 4th flash
Enmity Focuses damage on one player. Use Guard & Guard Up to protect from damage

Hide Behind Comet To Survive Ecliptic Meteor

Hide Behind Comet To Survive Ecliptic Meteor

When the Behemoth is entering its next phase, it'll do the Ecliptic Meteor move. This is an insta-death attack if you do not avoid it. Look for the comet in the field and hide behind it to survive the attack.

Hide Behind "Dark Side" Of Comet

When the meteor is crashing down, it'll emit a bright red glow. The best way to to know which side of the rock to hide is to go into the "dark side" where there is no bright red glow.

Hard To Time "Jump" To Avoid Meteor

It is possible to use Final Fantasy XIV gesture "Jump" to avoid the Ecliptic Meteor but the timing is very difficult so if you're not confident, it's not recommended to use this method.

Charybdis Summons Huge Damaging Tornado

Charybdis Summons Huge Damaging Tornado

When the Behemoth casts Charybdis, it will pick a random player and surround them with a tornado. When fully casted, the tornado will stay on the field and heavily damage you if you go near it.

Use Flash Pod Or Dragon Pod To Disrupt Charybdis

If you want to disrupt the Behemoth's Charybdis move, use a Flash Pod or fling 5 Dragon Pods on it to gain its Enmity. This will stop the summoning and keep your field clear of tornadoes.

Ground Glows Before Meteor Falls

Ground Glows Before Meteor Falls

When the Behemoth summons a Meteor, you'll know that it'll hit the ground soon when a circular patch glows orange. It's best to stay out of this area and dodge away as it also has an area-of-effect damage to those near it.

Enmity Is Gained By Hitting Behemoth's Head

In this quest, Tanks should continuously hit the Behemoth's head to gain its Enmity. This means that its attacks will be focused on a single player. This will make it open for attacks from the rest of the team.

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