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Check this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to unlock all Mantles. Know the effects of each Mantle and which quests you need to complete with this guide!!!

Table of Contents

Mantles - How To Use

Use For Buffs!

Monster Hunter Mantle

Mantles grant the hunter useful skills and effects that help in fighting monsters and completing quests. Some Mantles provide additional protection while others provide immunity to fatal status effects. Bringing the Mantle is important as it can make monsters and quests easier to beat.

Using & Equipping Mantles

Equipping Mantles

How To Equip Mantles

1Use the Item Box in camp or at the base
2Select Change Equipment
3Select the two slots for Specialized Tools and equip one for each
2In the field, select the Mantle in the item wheel

You can bring Mantles to the field by first equipping them to your loadout through the Item Box. You can activate their effects in the field by selecting them through the item wheel.

Watch Out For Cooldowns!

Although you can use Specialized Tools like Mantles multiple times whenever you're in the field, they do have recharge times that prevent their usage for a specific duration. You have to wait for the recharge time to finish before you can use them again. Becareful not to waste their effects and use them only when you need them!

One Mantle At A Time

You can only equip one Mantle at a time. Using another Mantle while another is still in effect unequips the current one and triggers its cooldown.

All Mantles List - Effects & How To Get

NameUsage Info / How To Get
Vitality MantleEffect:120/Rechaege:360
Negates a fixed amount of damage, after which the effect expires.
【How To Get】
Clear ★5 Assigned Quest: Into the Bowels of the Vale
Ghillie MantleEffect:120/Rechaege:300
Conceals you from enemy view temporarily. The effect expires if you perform an attack or take damage.
【How To Get】
Clear ★3 Assigned Quest: Sinister Shadows in the Swamp
Glider MantleEffect:180/Rechaege:210
Increases jump airtime and grants the power to ride strong winds. Also makes it easier to mount monsters.
【How To Get】
After exploring Coral Highlands
Challenger MantleEffect:180/Rechaege:300
Prompts monsters to attack you more often and makes them easier to lure.The effect expires if you are attacked.
【How To Get】
Clear ★7 Optional Quest: The Red and Blue Crew
Bandit MantleEffect:180/Rechaege:210
Causes monsters to drop rare trade-in items when you attack them.
【How To Get】
Clear ★5 Optional Quest: Redefining the "Power Couple"
Apothecary MantleEffect:60/Rechaege:210
Increases the probability of triggering status buildup when attacking with weapons that induce abnormal stasuses.
【How To Get】
Clear ★8 Optional Quest: The Winds of Wrath Bite Deep
Immunity MantleEffect:120/Rechaege:210
Removes and nullifies all abnormal status effects for the duration of the effect.
【How To Get】
Clear ★8 Optional Quest: Hellfire's Stronghold
Fireproof MantleEffect:180/Rechaege:210
Reduces fire damage, nullifies fireblight and blastblight, and prevents damage from hot enviroments.
【How To Get】
Clear ★7 Optional Quest: Talons of Ire and Ice
Waterproof MantleEffect:180/Rechaege:210
Reduces water damage, nullifies waterblight, reduces mobility restrictions in muck and negates them entirely for deep water.
【How To Get】
Clear Deliveries - Armor R&D: Waterproofing
Iceproof MantleEffect:180/Rechaege:210
Reduces ice damage and nullifies iceblight.
【How To Get】
Clear Deliveries - Armor R&D: Weatherizing
Thunderproof MantleEffect:180/Rechaege:210
Reduces thunder damage and nullifies thunderblight and paralysis.
【How To Get】
Clear ★5 Optional Quest: Gone in a Flash
Rocksteady MantleEffect:90/Rechaege:360
Eliminates damage reactions, prevents wind effects, protects your hearing, and grants tremor resistance. You also receive less damage from attacks.
【How To Get】
Clear ★9 Optional Quest: Stirrings from the Grave
Impact MantleEffect:90/Rechaege:360
Adds a stun effect to most attacks or increases the stun potency of an existing stun effect.
【How To Get】
Clear ★9 Optional Quest - Showdown: the Muck and the Maul
Evasion MantleEffect:90/Rechaege:360
Increases the invulnerability window while evading and grants a temporary attack boost for evading a monster attack at the very last moment.
【How To Get】
Clear ★9 Optional Quest: New World Sky, New World Flower
Dragonproof MantleEffect:120/Rechaege:300
Reduces dragon damage, nullifies dragonblight, and powers up your weapon's dragon properties.
【How To Get】
Clear ★7 Special Assignment: The Food Chain Dominator after spotting Deviljho
Temporal MantleEffect:90/Rechaege:300
Nullifies damage from powerful attacks by automatically evading.
【How To Get】
Assassin's HoodEffect:360/Rechaege:180
Increases movement speed and allows you to hide quicker. Lasts until you deal damage to a monster caught unaware.
【How To Get】
Health BoosterEffect:60/Rechaege:150
【How To Get】
Clear ★3 Assigned Quest: One for the History Books
Cleanser BoosterEffect:60/Rechaege:150
Places a smoker that removes any abnormal status effects and elemental blights.
【How To Get】
Clear ★4 Optional Quest: On Nightmare's Wings
Affinity BoosterEffect:60/Rechaege:180
Places a smoker that increases affinity.
【How To Get】
Clear ★7 Optional Quest: RRRRRumble in the Waste!
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