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Insect Glaive - Best Endgame Weapon Tier List
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Insect Glaive - Best Endgame Weapon Tier List

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Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Insect Glaive guide on the best weapon tier ranking & by elements. Find out info on stats, weapon skills, and why they're good!!!

【Iceborne Endgame Tier Ranking】

【MHW: Ranked By Elements】

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Iceborne Best Endgame Insect Glaive Weapons List

Notice: We are still investigating best weapon in Iceborne. Please wait for update.

Tier 1 Tier 2Tier 3
Best endgame Insect Glaive 1st - Electrorod iconElectrorodBest endgame Insect Glaive 2nd - Deadline iconDeadlineBest endgame Insect Glaive 3rd - Kadachi Vipertail II iconKadachi Vipertail II

Best Endgame Insect Glaive: Tier 1


Best endgame Insect Glaive 1st - Electrorod iconAttack PowerElementAffinity
775Blast 3600%
EldersealSlotsDefense Bonus
Electrorod sharpness
Kinsect BonusBlunt Boost

Good Raw Damage Plus Heavy Blast Damage

Electrorod's raw base damage is 775 plus a good 360 blast damage, making it one of the highest damaging Insect Glaive.

Long White Sharpness Gauge

Electrorod has a decently long white sharpness gauge which can be extended more with Handicraft, giving it an edge in damage retention.

Has 1 Slot

Addintional slots makes build making with Electrorod more flexible.

Good From The Get-Go

Electrorod requires no Free Elem/Ammo Up Skill to reach its full potential.

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Best Endgame Insect Glaive: Tier 2


Best endgame Insect Glaive 2nd - Deadline iconAttack PowerElementAffinity
744Dragon 30025%
EldersealSlotsDefense Bonus
Deadline Sharpness
Kinsect BonusSpirit & Strength Boost

No Handicraft Needed

Deadline already has its long white sharpness gauge fully provided, allowing you to forgo Handicraft & focus on something else.

High Affinity

With +25% Affinity, Deadline can be a good addition for any Crit-based builds.

Comes With Elderseal & Dragon Damage With No Extra Requirements

Unlike most endgame weapons that have Elderseal & Dragon Damage locked behind a Free Elem/Ammo Up skill wall, Deadline has everything ready from the start.

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Best Endgame Insect Glaive: Tier 3

Kadachi Vipertail II

Best endgame Insect Glaive 3rd - Kadachi Vipertail II iconAttack PowerElementAffinity
775Paralysis 24010%
EldersealSlotsDefense Bonus
Kadachi Vipertail II Sharpness
Kinsect BonusSpeed Boost

High Raw Damage And Much Utility

Kadachi Vipertail II has a high raw damage of 775, a 240 Paralysis, 10% Affinity with 2 slots tossed into a single bundle, giving it much utility and flexibility.

Has 2 Slots

Kadachi Vipertail II comes with 2 slots, making build customization easier.

Can Reach Purple & Decent White Sharpness With Handicraft

Though very short, Kadachi Vipertail II can reach purple sharpness gauge through the Handicraft Skill. It might give you a good boost if you know how to plan your sharpen timing.

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MHW: List Of Best Insect Glaives By Elements

Glaive Ⅱ
Kjárr Glaive
Taroth Glaive "Water"
Kjárr Glaive "Spark"Taroth Glaive "Ice"True Gae Bolg
Taroth Glaive "Paralysis"Empress Cane "Ruin"-

Best Elementless Insect Glaive

Tyrannis Glaive II

Tyrannis Glaive IIAttackElementAffinity
713(Ice 180)-30%
-② ― ―+15
w/o Handicraft
Tyrannis Glaive II Sharpness
Stamina Boost

Highest Attack Point

Insect Glaive with highest attack point of 713. On top of that, Non-Elemental Boost will add to its attack power. Since it's rarity 7, you can customize twice and erase Affinity -30% to erase its weakness.

Best Fire Attack Insect Glaive

Kjárr Glaive "King"

Kjárr Glaive KingAttackElementAffinity
589Fire 27020%
-― ― ―+20
w/o Handicraft
Kjárr Glaive King
Sever Boost
SkillCritical Element

Specialized In Affinity

In addition to its high attack power and affinity, it has high chance of critical hit due to the skill Critical Element and 20% Affinity. Sharpness will turn white when you reach level 3 Handicraft which goes very well with Master's Touch.

Best Water Attack Insect Glaive

Taroth Glaive "Water"

Taroth Glaive WaterAttackElementAffinity
620(Water 360)0%
-③ ― ―+20
w/o Handicraft
Taroth Glaive Water Sharpness
Element Boost

No.1 Water Attack Insect Glaive

Compared with Kjárr Glaive "Water", Free Elem is needed but Water Attack 360 is very appealing. You may also use it with Non-Elemental Boost depending on which element you would like to use.

Best Lightning Attack Insect Glaive

Kjárr Glaive "Spark"

Kjárr Glaive SparkAttackElementAffinity
589Lightning 30015%
-― ― ―-
w/o handicraft
Kjárr Glaive Spark Sharpness
Speed Boost
SkillElement Boost

Highest Attack Power

Highest attack point within lightning insect glaive. The sharpness will turn white with level 2 Handicraft as well.

Best Ice Attack Insect Glaive

Taroth Glaive "Ice"

Taroth IceAttackElementAffinity
527(Ice 390)0%
-③ ― ―+20
w/o handicraft
Taroth Ice Sharpness
Element Boost

High Element Point and Sharpness

Its 390 Ice Attack is the highest within insect glaive. Use it when the monsters weakness is ice such as Teostra and Lunastra. You can't miss that it has white sharpness and ③ slots from the beginning.

Best Dragon Attack Insect Glaive

True Gae Bolg

True Gae Bolg
589Dragon 300-20%
High② ― ―-
w/o handicraft
True Gae Bold Sharpness
Element Boost

Goes Well With Drachen Armor Set

High Affinity goes very well with Drachen armor's Level 6 Critical Eye. It's bit tough to reach white sharpness with Level 4 Handicraft but when it's effective, you can enjoy the longlasting white sharpness.

Grunge Storm Has Higher Attack

You may also think of Grunge Storm when it comes to dragon element insect glaive. Grunge storm will have white sharpness with only Level 1 Handicraft and it also has higher attack point.

Best Paralysis Attack Insect Glaive

Taroth Glaive "Paralysis"

Taroth ParalysisAttackElementAffinity
620(Paralysis 300)0%
-③ ― ―+30
w/o handicraft
Taroth Paralysis Sharpness
Sever Boost

Easily Bind Monsters

You can say it is very well balanced weapon with 620 Attack point and 300 Paralysis point. You can easily bind elder dragons by repeatedly attack with it.

Best Blast Attack Insect Glaive

Empress Cane "Ruin"

Empress Cane RuinAttackElementAffinity
620Blast 1200%
② ― ―-
w/o handicraft
Empress Cane Ruin
Speed Boost
SkillHasten Recovery

Powerful Stats And Skill

With it, You will have much higher chance of surviving with Hasten Recovery. It also has ② slots and white sharpness from beginning.

Empress Cane "Styx" Is Easier To Use

Epress Cane "Styx" has Razor Sharp which extend white shapness. If you want to shorten the time using whet stone and focus on attacking, you will probably prefer Empress Cane "Styx".

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