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Learn how to beat Operation Just Reward Spec Ops Mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (CoD: MW)! Includes walkthrough guide, how to beat, gameplay tips and tricks, and more!!!

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Operation Just Reward Walkthrough

Operation Just Reward Walkthrough Chart

1Ready up with your squad during the briefing
2Collect four phone contacts from enemies
3Secure a helicopter
4Use the helicopter to follow a convoy of trucks
5Once the convoy reaches the station, land the chopper
6Kill all enemies and secure the area
7Look for and interrogate the lieutenant
8Head to the crypto servers and hack them
9Once the hack is complete, take the Crypto Servers
10Head to the extraction point
11Mission ends once the whole team gets on the chopper

Operation Just Reward Tips

Things to Remember Before the Mission

Communicate With Teammates Through Voice Chat

It is highly recommended to turn on voice chat to better communicate with your team. Having voice chat on allows you and your squad to restrategize on-the-fly when an unexpected event occurs during the operation!

Select Roles for the Mission

Select Roles for the Mission

It's recommended to select roles that will help you and your team successfully pull off this mission. Roles are very useful thanks to the unique skill each role possesses.

Recommended Roles For Operation Just Reward

MedicRequired for the survival of the team. Team revive can get you out of sticky situations
HeavyProvides extra armor for the team. Useful for surviving waves of enemies during the mission
AssaultEquips the team with Stopping Power Rounds. Helpful for pushing past groups of enemies
DemolitionThermite Launcher deals tons of damage to vehicles and armored enemies

1. Ready Up - Tips

Use Weapon Rack to Change Loadout

Use Weapon Rack to Change Loadout

A weapons rack will be in the same room where you spawn in. Interact with this weapon rack to select a different loadout. It would be best to choose high damage weapons as this mission has tons of armored enemies.

2. Collecting Phone Contacts - Tips

Intel Drops From Fallen Enemies

Intel Drops From Fallen Enemies

When collecting phone contacts, make sure to dispatch enemies with markers on them. These enemies hold the intel that you need to proceed with the mission.

Watch Your Surroundings When Collecting Intel

Make sure to proceed with caution when you are about to recover the intel. Some areas may have laid down traps such as multiple sentry guns, or enemies with rocket launchers on roofs!

Shoot Down Suicide Bombers From Afar

Shoot Down Suicide Bombers From Afar

When you see a Suicide Bomber, immediately shoot them from afar. These enemies will run straight at you and detonate themselves, dealing massive splash damage that could endanger you and your team!

3. Securing a Helicopter - Tips

Head to the Red Brick Building's Roof

Head to the Red Brick Building's Roof

The Helicopter can be found on the roof of a red brick building. This building is close to a care package dropped for you and your team. There is also no need to worry about enemies as the chopper has only a few guards stationed near it.

4. Following the Convoy - Tips

No Need to Shoot Down Other Trucks

No Need to Shoot Down Other Trucks

While the mission explicitly says to shoot down the trucks, you do not need to. If you are having a hard time driving the chopper, focus on that instead of shooting the trucks. Having the trucks get away will fail the mission.

6. Securing the Station - Tips

Watch Out For Sentry Guns

Watch Out For Sentry Guns

The Station will be guarded by tons of enemies, and will also have sentry guns stationed at vantage points. It would be best to take out those Sentry Guns as these can riddle you with bullets in a matter of seconds.

Use Killstreaks to Secure the Area

It is recommended to use Killstreaks that deal area of effect damage to secure the station. Killstreaks such as the Precision Airstrike and Cruise Missile can be used to clear out a number of enemies, making your squad's objective easier.

8~9. Hacking Crypto Servers

Crypto Servers Must Be Hacked at the Same Time

Make sure that both of the Crypto Servers have been hacked. If one of the Servers is not hacked, the download will not begin.

Stay Close to the Servers

Stay Close to the Servers

While the hack is ongoing, make sure to stay close to the servers. Getting too much distance between you and the servers will cause an error, and will not progress the hack.

Watch Out For Juggernauts

Watch Out For Juggernauts

During the hack, Juggernauts may appear to harass you. These enemies can soak up a lot of damage, and are equipped with miniguns, making them a pain to deal with. Focus fire on these enemies first, or use Killstreaks to deal with them instantly.

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