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Armor Sphere - Farm Route & How To Get
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Armor Sphere - Farm Route & How To Get

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Armor Sphere is an item for Monster Hunter Rise Switch (MH Rise). Guide contains where to farm the material, locations, uses & how to get Armor Sphere in MHR!

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All Material List - How To Get

Armor Sphere - Best Farming Methods

Armor Sphere Farming Methods

★★★★★ ▼Farm From Lizards
★★★★ ▼Farm From Optional Quests
★★★ ▼Farm from Main Quests
▼Farm From Gastronome Tuna

Farming From Lizards Is The Most Cost-Effective


Farming the Endemic Life, Lizards, is the most efficient way to farm Armor Sphere. By following a certain route you can get lots of Armor Sphere quickly. This is recommended for players who needs Armor Spheres right away.

▼Details on how to farm from Lizards.

Accumulate Armor Sphere By Doing Optional Quests

Optional Quest

You can easily get Armor Spheres are rewards for Optional Quests. Since these Optional Quests are easy to accomplish, you can steadily collect Armor Spheres.

Follow Through Quest To Upgrade Quality Of Armor Spheres

You can get more rare version of Armor Spears from Optional Quest by following through the story. Focus on following through the story is recommended.

Obtainable From Quests

Some Quests gives Armor Spheres as a reward. When doing quest, it is recommended to not just do the quest but to do optional quest with it. For a more efficient method on collecting Armor Spheres.

Farm From Gastronome Tuna

Armor Sphere Sometimes Drop From Gastronome Tuna

Gastronome Tuna

▲ Looks of Gastronome Tuna

If you fished a Gastronome Tuna, you can sometimes obtain an Armor Sphere. However, the percentage is pretty low making it an inefficient method. This method is not recommended if you need Armor Sphere right away.

Farming Armor Sphere From Lizards

Armor Sphere Drops From Lizards


▲ Drops maximum of 3 items when attacked.

Lizards appear on every map. Once attacked, it will different materials such as Armor Spheres and Ores. Farming them is currently the most efficient way to farm Armor Sphere.

Hard Armor Spheres Drops At Lava Caverns

You can get the most rare form of Armor Sphere at Lava Caverns. Along with that, you can also earn money by selling ores that drop from the area. This makes Lava Caverns a really good place for farming.

Red Lizards Does Not Drop Armor Sphere

Drops Armor SphereDoes Not Drop Armor Sphere
Rock LizardRock LizardBoulder LizardBoulder LizardScale LizardScale Lizard

Among the three kinds of Lizards, take note that Scale Lizard (red) does not drop Armor Sphere. However, you can get monster items from it.

Lava Cavern Farm Route (Upper Floor)

Click to Enlarge

There is a chance that a lizard will not appear. If you cannot find any, just skip to the next area.

① Lizard Location

Climb the cliff in front of the campHead West
Lizard 1
Click to Enlarge
Lizard 2
Click to Enlarge

Head in-front of the camp and get the 1st lizard by climbing on the cliff of the Camp.

② Lizard Location

Head to the platform belowHead up to the platform
Lizard 3
Click to Enlarge
Lizard 4
Click to Enlarge

Head down the cliff and collect the lizard located in the circle indicated above then climb the platform ahead.

③ Lizard Location

Head to the first platformHead back to the platform above
Lizard 5
Click to Enlarge
Lizard 6
Click to Enlarge

Head to the platform below just right in front of the huge hole. After collecting the lizard, head back up and head to the next location.

④ Lizard Location

Head to the first platformHead back to the platform above
Lizard 7
Click to Enlarge
Lizard 8
Click to Enlarge

Head to upper floor and follow. After collecting the lizard, head a bit towards south and follow the way to the 5th location.

⑤ Lizard Location

Follow the arrowDrop from the hole pointed
Lizard 9
Click to Enlarge
Lizard 10
Click to Enlarge

Follow the path from area 4 and you should be able to arrive at this location. Upon collecting, jump down the hole to the lower floor.

Lava Caverns Farm Route (Lower Floor)

Click to Enlarge
Tap To Jump!

⑥ Lizard Location

Head EastAt the spot beyond the cliff
Lizard 11
Click to Enlarge
Lizard 12
Click to Enlarge

Follow any path and head east. It should be easy to find so long as you are following the ⑥ icon from the pic.

⑦ Lizard Location

Follow the pathClimb the cliff to a platform
Lizard 13
Click to Enlarge
Lizard 14
Click to Enlarge

Follow the path to the marked location above. The lizard is located near the entrance of Area 14 to the west. Climb the cliff to find the lizard. After this, end the quest and start again!

Uses Of Armor Sphere

Used To Upgrade Armors


To upgrade armors, you need to use lots of Armor Spheres. Using Armor Spheres will increase points of the equipment leveling them up. The higher the quality of Armor Sphere, the greater the points the armor will receive.

Armor Sphere List

Name Effect
Armor SphereArmor SphereIncreases Armor points by 1
Armor Sphere+Armor Sphere+Increases Armor points by 5
Advance Armor SphereAdvanced Armor SphereIncreases Armor points by 20
Hard Armor SphereHard Armor SphereIncreases Armor points by 20

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Anonymous 1

Ah scale lizards do in fact drop armor spheres, i just booted one up the **** and got one and it was indeed the red lizard so I'm not mistaken

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