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A Walkthrough with Map Guide & Fastest Order for Elden Ring. Includes the quickest and most efficient walkthrough strategy for the Main Story Missions & recommended Side Quests!

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Elden Ring Main Story Fastest Walkthrough

Fastest OrderQuest Location (Map)
Stormveil CastleLimgrave
Raya Lucaria AcademyLiurnia
Leyndell, Royal CapitalAltus Plateau
Destroy Fire GiantMountaintops of the Giants
EndingCrumbling Farum Azula
Altus Plateau

Stormveil Castle Fastest Walkthrough

ストームヴィル城toof Quests Walkthrough
Stormville Castle (Limgrave) Walkthrough Chart
  1. Fight with Grafted Scion at the Chapel of Anticipation
    └ It's fine even you lose the boss fight (You can try fighting again later)
  2. Proceed with Stranded Graveyard, the area you automatically warped to
    └ You can pass on fighting with boss Soldier of Godrick
  3. Rest at the Site of Grace: Gatefront Ruins and talk to Melina
     └ Unlock ability to level up and gain access to the horse
  4. Head to the Site of Grace: Castleward Tunnel and fight with boss Margit
    └ You'll be able to go to Roundtable Hold if you defeat the boss once and rest at the Site of Grace
    You'll need to defeat this boss to be able to go to Stormveil Castle
     └ This is the first difficult battle so if you're having a hard time, do some rune farming (leveling up)
  5. Beat boss Godrick at Stormveil Castle
  6. Proceed to the next area Liurnia of the Lakes

Recommended Side Quests Near Limgrave

Recommended Side Quests Location
A [Church of Elleh]
・Unlock horse and if you visit at night, you'll be able to meet Rennala
 └ Obtain Spirit Calling Bell that will enable you to summon Spirit Ashes
Renna won't appear anymore after you visit Roundtable Hold even just once
 └ In this case, you may purchase the Spirit Calling Bell from the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold
B [Stormhill Shack]
・Talk to NPC Roderika and unlock upgrading Spirit Ashes through the event
C [Third Church of Marika]
・Obtain Flask of Wondrous Physick to unlock mixing custom flasks
Limgrave Map & Walkthrough

Liurnia Of The Lakes Fastest Walkthrough

Raya Lucaria Quests Walkthrough
Raya Lucaria Academy (Liurnia) Walkthrough Chart
  1. Check Liurnia Lake Shore","class":"bolder"}] to get a Map Fragment.
    └ Recommended to purchase Lantern from a wandering merchant
  2. Examine the Portal (Gateway) near the Laskyar Ruins
    └ Get the Meeting Place Map at the destination
  3. Search for the key in the Crystalline Woods
    └ You don't have to fight the dragon, Glintstone Dragon Smarag
    └ Examine the corpse behind to get the Academy Glintsone Key
  4. Defeat the Boss Rennala of Raya Lucaria Academy
    ※ Clearing will unlock the Change Attribute Points (Rebirth)
     └ One Larval Tear is required to get Reborn each time
  5. Proceed to the next area's strategy location, Altus Plateau
Liurnia Map & Walkthrough

Leyndell, Royal Capital Fastest Walkthrough

Leyndell, Royal Capital Quests Walkthrough

To enter the Capital Royal, Leyndell, you will need two or more Great Runes after going to Roundtable Hold once. You must defeat at least 2 (two or more) boss from either Godrick, Lenara, Queen of the Full Moon and Radahn to obtain these Great Runes.

Leyndell, Royal Capital
(Altus Plateau) Walkthrough Chart
  1. Activate the Grand Lift of Dectus with the Dectus Medallion (Left / Right)
    └ (left) Location: Fort Haight Southeast of Limgrave
    └ (right) Location: East of Fort Faroth in Caelid
  2. Head to the Battlefield Ruins of the Outer Corridor and defeat the Draconic Tree Sentinel boss
    ※You can skip this if you use the Deeproot Depths Portal (Gateway)
    └ However, it is not recommended because it takes time and effort
  3. Get to Leyndell, Royal Capital and defeat the boss Morgott
    After defeating, go left from the Site of Grace by the side of the main street of Dewtable to the Forbidden Lands.
  4. Proceed with the strategy to the next area, "Mountaintops of the Giants"

Recommended Side Quests Near Altus Plateau

Recommended Side Quest In The Area
A Mt. Gelmir
Obtain the Map Fragment, Altus Plateau
Boss Battle:Ulcerated Tree Spirit
└ Get the Cerulean Hidden Tear and Leaden Hardtear.
※The Cerulean Hidden Tear can temporarily eliminate FP consumption
Altus Plateau Map & Walkthrough

Fire Giant (Mountaintops of the Giants) Fastest Walkthrough

Mountaintops of the Giants Walkthrough Chart
  1. Activate the Grand Lift of Rold and enter the Forbidden Lands
    └ Medallion is obtained from Melina after clearing Leyndell, Royal Capital
  2. Go to the Foot of the Forge to beat the Fire Giant
  3. Head to the Foot of the Forge and proceed to Site of Grace to get to Crumbling Farum Azula
  4. Proceed To the "Ending" Strategy

Recommended Side Quests Near Mountaintop of the Giants

Recommended Side Quests Location
AChurch of Repose
Agressive NPC: Blood Finger Okina
└ Drops a powerful weapon, Rivers of Blood and armor, Okina Mask
Unavailable after further conversation with Melina at Foot of the Forge
Mountaintops of the Giants Map & Walkthrough

Ending Quests Fastest Walkthrough

Ending Walkthrough Chart
  1. Proceed to Crumbling Farum Azula and defeat the boss with the Maliketh, The Black Blade
    ※Note that some maps are changed after deafeating Maliketh
    └ Leyndell, Royal Capital turn into Leyndell, Ashen Capital
    └ You will not be able to to access the burning Roundtable Hold during this time and many NPC Questline are impossible to continue
  2. Defeat the last boss in Leyndell, Ashen Capital to reach the ending
    └ After defeating the last boss, choose one from the 3 endings
    After that, you can choose when to start the second round by yourself.
Maliketh & Beast Clergyman Boss Guide

Side Quests Walkthrough

※Contains a strategy chart up to a powerful boss with Great Rune, although it is not required for the storyline.

Radahn (Redmane Castle) Walkthrough

Radahn (Redmane Castle) Guide
Radahn (Redmane Castle) Walkthrough Chart
  1. Head to the Three Sisters in Liurnia
  2. Talk to Blaidd the Half-Wolf in Ranni's Rise
  3. Head to Siofra River Bank and talk to Blaidd
  4. Return to the Three Sisters and go to "Seluvis's Rise" in the South
  5. Talk to Seluvis in the tower
  6. Talk with Sorceress Sellen at the end of Waypoint Ruin in Limgrave
     └ You need to defeat the boss in the cellar before proceeding
  7. Head to Siofra River again and talk to Blaidd
     └ Radahn Festival will be held from this point (Radahn appears).
  8. Proceed to the square towards Redmane Castle in Caelid
    └ There are few enemies on the road (only during Radahn festival)
  9. After talking with "Jerren" in the plaza, go to the back and fight "Radahn"
Click Here For More Strategy Information On Radahn

Rykard (Volcano Manor) Walkthrough

Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy Boss Image Location
Rykard (Volcano Manor) Walkthrough Chart
  1. Head to Altus Plateau and go to the location of the Volcano Manor
  2. Tanith will explain to you how to become a member of the Volcano Manor
  3. Enter the guest room at the end of the hallway with the key you received and obtain the "Letter from Volcano Manor"
  4. Defeat "Old Knight Istvan" in Limgrave and talk to Tanith again
  5. Get the "Letter from Volcano Manor" again from the table in the drawing room
  6. Defeat "Dusk Riley" in Altus Plateau and report back to Tanith
  7. Again, get the "Volcano Manor from Letters" from the table in the drawing room
  8. Defeat Juno Hoslow in the Mountaintops of the Giants and speak with Tanith
  9. Select "Looks like a king" in the dialogue to go to the Rykard battle
Tanith Questline - Location & Knight

Mogh (Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum) Walkthrough

Head to Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum

Go to the map's left end (Portal (Gateway) Location of Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum
Mohg (Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum) Walkthrough Chart
  1. Obtain the Haligtree Secret Medallion (left/right)
    └ Location (left): Get from Albus in the Village of the Albinaurics
    └ Location (right): Clear "Saul's Fortress" in the Mountaintops of the Giants
  2. Use the Secret Medallion at the bottom of the Grand Lift of Rold in Altus Plateau
  3. Go to the west side of the map to the location of the Portal (Gateway)
  4. Defeat Sanguine Noble on the way.
  5. Use the Portal (Gateway) at the bottom of the cliff to get to the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum

Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum To Mohg Battle

Mohg Walkthrough Chart
  1. From Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace, turn left and go straight down the red lake.
  2. When you reach the ruin, go to the left and get the Map Fragment from the corpse before heading back to the Site of Grace
  3. Climb the stairs and enter the building.
     └ Recommended to use either Torch or Lantern in the middle and dark
  4. Touch the Site of Grace at the end of the building and go further to use the Lift
  5. Continue through the open space to battle Mohg

Malenia (Miquella's Haligtree) Walkthrough

Miquella's Haligtree
Malenia (Miquella's Haligtree) Walkthrough Chart
  1. Obtain the Haligtree Secret Medallion (left/right)
    └ Location (left): Get from Albus in the Village of the Albinaurics
    └ Location (right): Clear "Castle Sol" in the Mountaintops of the Giants
  2. Use the Secret Medallion at the bottom of the Grand Lift of Rold in Altus Plateau
  3. Go north and enter the Ordina Liturgical Town and set fire at 4 pedestals
  4. Go to Miquella's Haligtree using the transfer device located in the city
  5. Strategize for Miquella's Haligtree and go to the deepest area to fight the boss Melania
Elphael & Miquella’s Haligtree - Location Map & Walkthrough

What If I'm Stuck On A Storyline Strategy?

Sacred Flasks Can Increase FP And Healing Power

List of places to obtain Golden Seed

If you get lost in the storyline strategy, start by reinforcing the Sacred Flasks, which may be used as a recovery item. Golden Seed can be found at the bottom of shiny branches in various locations, and Sacred Tear can be found in various locations of churches. Please refer to the individual articles below for detailed locations.

Golden SeedGolden Seed Increases the number of Sacred Flasks
※The number of pieces required increases with each upgrade
Sacred TearSacred Tear Enhances the potency of the Sacred Flask
※Use one to level up (up to +12)

Raise Your Level And Stats

Eldenring is an Instant Death game, but it also has a strong RPG aspect to it. In other words, it is possible to raise the level and push the stats to some extent, so if you feel restricted, explore each place and raise your level (by rune farming). If you want to quickly raise your level, refer to the following article.

▶Click Here To Learn How To Earn Runes Efficiently

Gather Powerful Equipment And Spirit Ashes

If you can't win even if you trained, it's best to rely on the most powerful equipment and ashes scattered all over the map. Surprisingly, there are many powerful equipment that can be obtained even without advancing the storyline. So, let's strengthen it by referring to the above articles.

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