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Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum Location Guide & How To Get

Elden Ring | Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum Location Guide & How To Get

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Elden Ring | Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum Location Guide & How To Get - GameWith

Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum is a location in Elden Ring. Guide includes how to get to Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, map fragment locations, boss, items, and secret medallion location.

Table Of Contents

Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum Map Overview

Interactive Map

ShopGracesNPCGolden Seed
ShopGracesNPCGolden Seed

Great Area To Earn Runes

Great Area To Earn Runes

In the area just beyond the Palace Approach Ledge-Road by the entrance, You can collect a large amount of Runes in an instant by defeating the enemies with wide-range skills and sorceries. The area is the most efficient way to earn Runes even at early game. It's recommended to come here to earn Runes when you are low on them.

Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum Rune Farm Guide | Fastest Way To Level Up

How To Get To Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum At Early Game

Early Game~Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum
  1. Talk to White-Faced Varre at the FIrst Step
  2. After defeating Godrick and seeing the Two Fingers, head to Rose Church
  3. Talk to Varre after three invasions
  4. Go to the Chapel of Anticipation and dye the cloth with a maiden's blood
  5. Using the Pureblood Knight's Medal given by Varre, head to Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum

Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum Walkthrough

  1. Talk To White-Faced Varre
  2. Talk To White-Faced Varre

    After clearing the Stranded Graveyard at the start of the game, you will find a masked man near the Site of Grace: The First Step. When you talk to him, he will ask you if you want to become a member. He will then ask you to defeat Godrick the Grafted so defeat him.

    Varre Questline, Location & Offline Mode
  3. After Seeing The Two Fingers, Go To Rose Church
  4. MapTalk To Varre
    After Seeing The Two Fingers, Go To Rose Church
    After Seeing The Two Fingers, Go To Rose Church

    After defeating Godrick the Grafted and you've gone to see the Two Fingers, go to back to the First Step and Varre will be gone. Head to the Rose Church and talk to him there, answer that you "Felt Strange", and you will given a Finger. The Quest will then progress.

  5. Talk To Varre After 3 Successful Invasions
  6. Talk To Varre After 3 Successful Invasions
    LevelRecommended Invasion Location
    10 - 40Stormveil Castle,The First Step
    50〜65Slope outside Bestial Sanctum, Auriza Hero's Grave

    Use the Festering Bloody FInger you received from Varre to succesfully invade three times. There is no requirement to beat the host, just invade 3 times whether you win or lose. Then talk to Varre.. If you choose to "Become a Knight", you will receive the Lord of Blood's Favor.

  7. Go To The Chapel Of Anticipation & Dye The Cloth With A Maiden's Blood
  8. Go To The Chapel Of Anticipation & Dye The Cloth With A Maiden's Blood

    Head to the Chapel of Anticipation from the Four Belfries in Liurnia. After defeating the Grafted Scion, go to the church to find the dead pristess, which you can interact with to dye the cloth with blood.

    Killing Irina or Hyetta and using their blood can also be done, but it's not recommended. It's better to go to the Chapel of Anticipation since it will not interfere with any NPC Quest Line.

  9. Use The Pureblood Knight's Medal After Receiving It From Varre
  10. Use The Pureblood Knight's Medal After Receiving It From Varre

    After dyeing the cloth with blood, talk to Varre twice and he will give you the Pureblood Knight's Medal. You can then use it.

Directions From The Consecrated Snowfield To Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum

Consecrated Snowfield to Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum
  1. Obtain the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left/Right)
  2. Use the Secret Medallion from the Grand Lift of Rold
  3. Go to the left end of the map to find the Portal (Gateway)
  4. Defeat the Sanguine Noble on the way there
  5. The Portal (Gateway) to the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum is under the cliff

Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum Guide From The Snowfield

  1. Obtain The Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left/Right)
  2. Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left)Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left)
    Beyond Altus Plateau, you can find the Mountaintops Of The Giants at the end of the Lift from the Site of Grace: Castle Sol Rooftop
    ※ Boss: Required to beat Commander Niall
    Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right)Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right)
    Get it by attacking Albus who is disguised as a pot at the back of the Vilage of the Albinaurics

    Obtained At Castle Sol

    You can obtain the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left) by first unlocking the Mountaintops Of The Giants then clearing Castle Sol. The route in the video above is from the Site of Grace: Castle Sol, Rooftop.

    Route To Village Of The Albinaurics

    The video above will show how to get to the Village of Albinaurics. Walk up along the wall and talk to the person mimicking a jar at the far end of it.

  3. Use The Secret Medallion To Rise The Grand Lift Of Rold
  4. Use The Secret Medallion To Rise The Grand Lift Of Rold
    Use The Secret MedallionFollow The Map

    After collecting both sides of the Haligtree Secret Medallion, use the Secret Medallion to use the lift. Follow the road to get to the Consecrated Snowfield.

  5. Go To The Left End Of The Map To Get To The Portal (Gateway)
  6. The area can be reached using the Portal (Gateway) found at the bottom of the cliff on the west side. Since there is a Site of Grace and a Map Fragment on the way, it is recommended to go to the Portal after getting them.

  7. Defeat The Sanguine Noble On The Way
  8. On the way to the Portal (Gateway), the Sanguine Noble will invade and you must defeat him. The Portal (Gateway) cannot be used unless you've defeated him.

  9. Portal (Gateway) Is At The Bottom Of The Cliff To Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum
  10. Since the Portal (Gateway) at the bottom of the cliff is somewhat hard to find, check the video above showing the route from the big tree to the Portal (Gateway). After this, you can use the Portal (Gateway) to get to Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum.

Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum - Map Fragment Location

Body In The Square In Front Of The Entrance (Near Site Of Grace: Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance)


The Map Fragment can be found near the Site of Grace: Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance. Head down the hill and turn around to Palace Approach Ledge-Road.

How To Get To Palace Approach Ledge-Road

Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum Walkthrough Chart

The Shortest Route To The First Site Of Grace

Walkthrough Chart
  1. Go down to the left from the Site of Grace to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road after teleporting
  2. Go straight through the red lake
  3. When you reach land, go left
  4. Obtain the Map Fragment from the corpse
  5. Climb the stairs and rest at the Site of Grace

Shortest Route To The Boss Battle

Hpw To Get To The Boss
  1. From the Site of Grace at the entrance, take the two stairs on the right
  2. Follow the road
  3. Enter the building on the left at the top of the hill
    Having a Lantern or Torch is required since it is dark inside
  4. Head straight then turn left
  5. Go up the hill and turn right
  6. Proceed to the left
  7. Once outside the building, rest at the Touch of Grace
  8. Go up the stairs and take the lift on the right. The boss will be there.▼ Mohg, Lord of Blood

How To Beat The Boss - Mohg, Lord Of Blood

Mohg, Lord of BloodCocoon of the Empyrean
Mohg's Great Rune
Remembrance of the Blood Lord

Use Purifying Crystal Tear To Counter Large Attacks

▲Flask Of Wondrous Physick Can Be Edited At The Site Of Grace

Mohg changes his form at less than 50% HP and will deal 3 hemorraging attack. The damage from those attacks can be reduced by drinking the mixture of Flask of Wondrous Physick available through Yura's Questline. Get it first.

The Flask Of Wondrous Physick Should Be Consummed Before The Fight

The Flask of Wondrous Physic that contains the Purifying Crystal Tear should be consummed before entering Mohg's area. The effect will not wear off until you hemorrhage.

Stanching Boluses Make The Fight Easier

Mohg in his second phase greatly increases the accumulation of Hemorrhage. Since it's more difficult during the second phase, the accumulation becomes even more powerful. The fight becomes easier by using Stanching Boluses to reduce the Hemorrhage accumulation.

Mohg's Shackle Is Effective

Mohg's Shackle, available at Forsaken Depths, can be use to stop the movement of Mohg up to 2 times during the fight. It is possible to hit him with a skill during this time, although it only has a small window. Note that it does not work during the second phase.

▼ Tap to see Mohg's Shackle location

Mohg's Shackle Location

The Site of Grace: Leyndell, Royal Capital can be located by entering the well under the giant dragon. Head down the stairs from the platform from the main street
Ignore the large number of rats and proceed to the Forsaken Depths
From the ladder at the end of the road, head down to the left and after a short distance, there is a door to the left and inside is the Site of Grace: Underground Roadside
Go down from the ladder and head left of the Underground Roadside to the area with the pipes
If you look down from the pipe, you will see a pipe at a height where you can jump down to
Ignore the crayfish and go to the wall where you will find a corpse. Inspect it to get Mohg's Shackle

Wait For The Thrust To Break In A Series Of Blows

Since Mohg performs a unique series of strikes, it is easy to midjudge the chance to counterattack. However, the barrage often ends with an outward swing then a thrust, after which the movement stops for a moment. Let's start by aiming for the gap after the thrust.

Heal Carefully Due To The Long Reach

▲ The distance is within range

Mohg has a very long reach and a relentless barrage of attacks. If you need to heal, it should be done when you're from a distance from him or when there's a gap between the attacks.

Golden Seed Location In Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum

The Swamp Ahead Of Site of Grace: Palace Approach Ledge-Road


The Map Fragment for Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum is located in the swampy area close to the Site of Grace: Approach Ledge-Road and around to the left. The enemies are strong, and you will be severely damaged so leave as soon as you collect the Golden Seed.

Item Locations & How To Get Them

Obtained Items
▼ 1st RouteAsh of War: Blood Tax, Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [24], Stonesword Key, Haligdrake Talisman +2
▼ 2nd RouteSwarm of Flies (Incantation)
▼ 3rd RouteStonesword Key
▼ 4th RouteSomber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone

1st Route

Blood TaxBlood TaxThe attacker spins around and then delivers a barrage of thrusts, dealing damage and accumulating Hemorrhage
Nomadic WarriorNomadic Warrior's Cookbook [24]Increases the number of items that can be crafted
・ Swarm Pot
・ Roped Fly Pot
Stonesword KeyStonesword KeyBreaks the seal on an Imp Seal Statue, but is consummed upon use
Haligdrake Talisman +2Haligdrake Talisman +2Increases the Holy Damage Negation by 17%
  1. Go To The Left From The Site Of Grace: Palace Approach Ledge-Road
  2. Go Down The Slope And Continue Through The Road
  3. Haligdrake Talisman +2
  4. After Entering The Red Lake, Go Further And Enter The Wall Opening To The Right
  5. Defeat The Teardrop Scarab To Get The Ash Of War: Blood Tax
  6. Turn Around And Go Straight
  7. At The End Of The Street, Turn Left
  8. Go Straight
  9. Turn Left And Go Straight
  10. After A Short Distance, Turn Left Again
  11. Loot The Cookbook From The Body To The Right
  12. Proceed Northwest Along The Cliff From The Location Of The Body
  13. Go From The Red Lake And Get To Land
  14. Obtain The Stonesword Key From The Corpse
  15. Haligdrake Talisman+2 Is On The Grave On The Left Hand Side

2nd Route

Swarm of Flies(Incantation)Swarm of Flies (Incantation)Blood fly swarms are released to attack enemies
  1. From The Site Of Grace

3rd Route

Stonesword KeyStonesword KeyBreaks the seal on Imp Seal Statues, but is consummed upon use
  1. Start At The Site Of Grace At The Entrance
  2. After A Short Distance, Turn Left
  3. Go Straight, Turn Right And Go Up The Hill
  4. Turn Right When You Go Up The Slope
  5. Get The Stonesowrd Key From The Corpse

4th Route

Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing StoneSpecial Weapons can be enhanced to +10
  1. Go Up The Stairs From The Site Of Grace: Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint
  2. Go Straight And Turn Left
  3. It is good to kill the enemies with the Hoarfrost Stomp or other methods because of the large number of frogs.

  4. Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone Is In The Treasure Chest

Imprisoned Merchant Location & Inventory

Near The Site Of Grace: Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance

InventoryStockPrice (Runes)
Rune Arc18000
Stanching Boluses31200
Festering Bloody Finger102000
Stonesword Key55000
Lost Ashes of War15000
Dwelling ArrowUnlimited160
Burred BoltUnlimited200

From the Site of Grace: Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance, go up to the building and take the left path. You will find a captive Merchant among enemies. You can purchase a Rune Arc and Stonesword Key from him, both of which are rarely available, if necessary.

How To Get To The Merchant's Location

What To Do If You Can't Return From The Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum?

Try Switching Between Underground/Aboveground Maps

You can switch between the underground and abovehround maps. If you have trouble changing the map after moving underground for the first time, press R3 (Playstation Controller) to switch between them.

If You Are In A Dungeon, Go Outside

If you are in a dungeon, fast traveling to any Site of Grace will be disabled. If you want to move places, exit the dungeon you are in to be able to fast travel to any Site of Grace you want to go to.

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