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Giant Crusher Build - Recommended Stats

Elden Ring | Giant Crusher Build - Recommended Stats

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Check out this Giant-Crusher Build - Recommended Stats Guide for Elden Ring. Includes weapon details, recommended class, stats, equipment, tips, and more!

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Giant-Crusher BuildHow To Get Giant-Crusher
Best Build & Stats For Each Class

Giant Crusher Build Details

Boasts High Physical Attack Power

This build focuses on Strength, which takes advantage of the Giant-Crusher's high attack power and seeks to provide more attack power by dual-wielding the weapon. In addition, this build is very effective against opponents who are immune to status conditions.

Limited To One Giant-Crusher Per Run

You can only get one Giant-Crusher per new game. Unless you receive one from a friend online, you will have to start a New Game+ to get another one.

How To Give Items

During multiplayer, select the item you want to give from the inventory and choose "Leave Selected." The delivery of the item is successful once another player picks it up.

Giant-Crusher Stats

Type: Affinity:
Colossal Weapon Strike
Attack Guarded Damage Negation
Physical: 155 Physical: 88.0
Magic: 0 Magic: 52.0
Fire: 0 Fire: 52.0
Lightning: 0 Lightning: 52.0
Holy: 0 Holy: 52.0
Critical: 100 Guard Boost: 69
Str 60 C
Passive Effects
Affinity & +25 Enhancement Scaling

Scaling At +25

Affinity Attack Attribute Stats Scaling
Standard 379 - Str B
Heavy 330 - Str S
Keen 352 - Str E
Dex A
Quality 307 - Str B
Dex B
Magic 292 Magic 292 Str D
Int B
Fire 255 Fire 255 Str C
Dex E
Flame 292 Flame 292 Str D
Fai B
Lightning 255 Lightning 252 Str E
Dex C
Sacred 292 Holy 292 Str D
Fai B
Poison 322 - Str A
Arc D
Bleed 322 - Str A
Arc D
Frostbite 270 Magic 203 Str A
Int C
Occult 337 Magic 203 Str B
Arc B

How & Where To Get

Obtained from a treasure chest south of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree in Altus Plateau.

Giant-Crusher How To Get & Stats

Recommended Class & Stats

Hero Class

Recommended Class
Lv Vi Mi En St De In Fa Ar
7 14 9 12 16 9 7 8 11

^ Preferential | Optional | Unnecessary

The most recommended class for this build is Hero. It has the highest stat value for Strength and Endurance among all of the classes. Those stats are also required to efficiently make use of the Giant-Crusher build.

Stat Points Allocation

At Level 50

Stat Point Enhancement
Vigor 30 ・Raise to 30 to increase HP & durability
Mind 9 ・Initial value
Endurance 15 ・Increase Stamina according to your preference
Strength 40 ・To dual-wield the Giant-Crusher
Dexterity 9 ・Initial value
Intelligence 7 ・Initial value
Faith 8 ・Initial value
Arcane 11 ・Initial value

With 40 Strength, you will be able to wield Giant-Crusher as a two-handed weapon. It is recommended to use Radagon's Soreseal and the Great-Jar's Arsenal to raise the equipment load since the weight of the equipment can be quite heavy.

At Level 120

Stat Point Enhancement
Vigor 45 ・Ensures durability
Mind 9 ・Initial value
Endurance 43 ・If combined with one of the Talismans, you can dual-wield the Giant-Crusher and equip a set of armor for medium equipment load
Strength 60 ・You can equip a Giant-Crusher in one hand
Dexterity 9 ・Initial value
Intelligence 7 ・Initial value
Faith 15 Flame, Grant me Strength Incantation can be used
Arcane 11 ・Initial value

Here are the recommended stats for dual-wielding the Giant-Crusher. With an Endurance of 43, plus the Radagon's Soreseal and Great-Jar's Arsenal talisman, you can still be at Med. equip load with a full set of armor, which includes the Raptor's Black Feathers armor and talismans.

At Level 150

Stat Point Enhancement
Vigor 45 ・Initial value
Mind 10 ・Initial value
Endurance 43 ・Initial value
Strength 80 ・Increases attack power of Giant-Crusher
Dexterity 9 ・Initial value
Intelligence 7 ・Initial value
Faith 25 Golden Vow Incantation can be used
Arcane 11 ・Initial value

Take note that the increase in attack power diminishes after 81, so it is recommended to have the strength stat stop at 80. If you have allocated the rest of your stats to Faith, then you will be able to use a powerful support incantation called Golden Vow.

Recommended Equipment

Recommended Weapon

Name Details
Giant-Crusher [ Right-hand or left-hand ]
・S scaling with Heavy affinity
・The jumping attack while dual-wielding is powerful
・Ash of War can be replaced
You can only get one per run
GreatswordGreatsword [ Two-hand wield ]
・Main weapon substitute for early game
・Ash of War can be replaced

Recommended Armor

Name Effect
Mushroom Crown [ Head ]
・Raises attack power by 1.1x for 20s when something nearby suffers from poison or rot
・Best when used with Raw Meat Dumpling
Haligtree Knight Helm [ Head ]
・Increases Faith by 2
omensmirk maskOmensmirk Mask [ Head ]
・Increases Strength by 2
RaptorRaptor's Black Feathers [ Chest Armor ]
・Enhances jump attacks

Recommended Talisman

Name Effect
RadagonRadagon's Soreseal ・Increases Vigor, Endurance, Strength, & Dexterity by 5
・Increases damage taken by 1.15%
Great-JarGreat-Jar's Arsenal ・Increases equip load
ErdtreeErdtree's Favor +2 ・Increases HP by 4%
・Increases Stamina by 9.6%
・Increases Equip Load by 8%
Claw Talisman ・Enhances jump attacks
Kindred of Rot's Exultation ・Raises attack power by 20% for 20s when something nearby suffers from poison or rot
・Best when used with Raw Meat Dumpling
Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman ・Boosts physical damage negation by 20%
(20 - Physical damage negation increases by x 0.2)
Ritual Sword Talisman ・Raises attack power by 10% when HP is at maximum.

Recommended Ashes Of War

Name Effect
Bloodhound's Step ・Easily avoid attacks using its long invulnerability period
・Recommended for right-hand weapon skill
Golden Vow ・Increases attack and defense for you and your allies.
・Recommended for left-hand weapon skill
Seppuku ・Used together with Lord of Blood's Exultation and White Mask
・Recommended for right-hand weapon skill
Royal Knight's Resolve ・Increases the power of your next attack by 1.8x
・Jump attack is powerful when done upon activation of this skill

Recommended Incantation

Name Effect
Flame, Grant me StrengthFlame, Grant me Strength [ FP Cost / Req. Faith / Slots ]
FP 28 / FAI 15 / 1 Slot
[ Strengths / Features ]
Increases physical attack power by 1.2x
Golden VowGolden Vow [ FP Cost / Req. Faith / Slots ]
FP 47 / FAI 25 / 1 Slot
[ Strengths / Features ]
Increases attack power & defense for self and nearby allies by 1.15x

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